Book 6 Chapter 23.11

Book 6 Chapter 23.11 - Start of Hell

Up north, the pretense of tranquility was instantly and suddenly shattered!

Scorpion Nest continuously shook and rumbled with noise, the center starting to cave in. Large amounts of earth and stone began to flow inwards, as if they would never fill that bottomless pit, to the extent where even the surrounding factories began to lean inwards.

At the center of the pit, a blue beam of light suddenly shot out, condensed, practically lighting up all of the low-hanging clouds of radiation in the sky!

A strange and low droning voice could be heard from within the Scorpion Nest. The concocted workers all stopped their work, looking at the parts and tools that suddenly began to float upwards, while those who could still maintain self-awareness watched in fear as this pit continuously expanded. In addition, large amounts of earth and rock began to float upwards from the center of the crater, the gravity field clearly currently changing. In the blink of an eye, the giant crater already became a catastrophe for all of Scorpion Nest!

The force field was unstable, and the degree of fluctuation was quickly increasing. Factories and giant constructs toppled over towards the pit, and then they suddenly flew high up, gravitational force only restored when they flew several dozen meters into the air, thus flinging them randomly in all directions. Rocks and streams of mud even more so continuously erupted upwards!

The droning noise became stronger and stronger. It was extremely soft, many times outside of a human’s normal hearing range. However, as this droning sound became more powerful, many concocted workers and soldiers couldn’t focus on running anymore, instead grabbing their heads and screaming in pain, even those who had their sensations of fear weakened no exception!

Within the flying rubble and earth, a blue and purple, streamlined bow of a starship that was full of a future era feel rushed out. Just the very tip alone already exceeded twenty meters in length, while the ship body that was even more enormous was hidden beneath the earth, still hasn’’t shown itself!

The gravitational field already completely changed, the electrical sparks and distorted light and shadows drawing out the edge of the force field. This was a giant hemispherical force field, the radius several kilometers, already covering all of Scorpion Nest. Only the nuclear power plant at the edge of the city narrowly escaped disaster.

Gravity seemed to have completely lost its effect on everything inside the force field. Crushed rock and building remains floated about in disorder in all directions, to the extent where buildings over ten stories tall were slowly moving across! Compared to the massive force field, this part of the buildings was like a small pencil. At the edge of the force field was no longer a pure low gravity environment, but instead a coarse and wild gravitational storm belt. Even if steel reinforced bars entered this zone, they would quickly be crushed into lump. If a large piece of concrete floated in, then it would immediately shatter. Large blasts of smoke and dust were moved to the outer areas, and only after they entered the areas where gravity was normal did they scatter down bit by bit.

The speed at which the concocted humans ran was far slower than the expansion speed of the force field. Those that were caught by the force field’s pursuit were first suddenly pulled into the air, and then their bodies suddenly warped and deformed, many even directly becoming blasts of scarlet red mist. Those who were lucky enough to truly pass through the chaotic gravity belt unharmed entered the inside of the force field. Their life instincts already exceeded the limits of the computer chips’ suppression, an unprecedented fear gripping the hearts of everyone. They shouted crazily, futilely struggling. However, not even they could hear their own screaming sounds!

Within the cover of the force field was a peaceful world, quiet without a bit of sound. Everything, the ruins, rubble, remains, even the chunk of earth that carried half a factory, all of it was silently floating.

Tens of millions of tons of earth and rock were dug out from the earth by the gravitational field, and then thrown in all directions. The deep pit’s range continuously enlarged, and it quickly reached downwards, stopping only when it reached the flickering metal outer wall of the underground base. The Scorpions of Disaster underground base’s outer wall was particularly sturdy. When faced with the corrosion of the gravitational force field, it actually remained perfectly unharmed.

After the starship emerged from the pit, it no longer moved. As the earth was dug up, its entire body gradually appeared. Suddenly, the several hundred flowing curves lining the ship’s exterior lit up at the same time, the droning sound in the air thus increasing several times again. The thousand meter long ship body began to vibrate, shaking off the rock and debris covering its surface. A streak of light lit up from the bow of the starship, shining all the way to its tail. It jumped a few times, and then like a ferocious beast that struggled free from its restrictions, it rushed into the sky. After making a few flowing and agile turns in the air, it finally calmly floated thirty meters above the ground.

Only now did its full appearance appear before the eyes of this world!

This was a thousand meter giant ship, the sharp fifty meter long bow at the front of the ship looked like a thin and short needle point. Below the ship’s bow was an enormous woman’s face. She was extremely beautiful and dignified, and even though her eyes were closed, that formless pressure would make even the slowest person immediately realize that once she opened her eyes, the only result was destruction.

If one was familiar with the Scorpions of Disaster’s history and inner details, they would discover that this woman’s face was completely identical to that of the underground base’s ultra intelligence system Naxu’s.

The ship’s surface was of varying depths, a constantly fluctuating blue color, the corners and edges outlined by purple lines. Apart from the enormous female face at the bow of the ship, there were over a hundred female faces embedded at both sides of the ship, only, they were much smaller than the one at the very front. Even though all of their eyes were closed, their expressions were different, some of them clearly tilting their heads to the side, as if they were listening attentively to something. These women, if they didn’t only have a face, one would feel the misconception that they possessed their own lives. However, who could say confidently that they didn’t have their own lives? After all, this type of starship already far exceeded this planet’s current era. 

All of the women had a single appearance: Naxu.

Above the starship’s body stood a lotus flower petal-like construct, forming a gorgeous, magnificent, and somewhat strange futuristic style. A several hundred meters long blade-like fin stretched out diagonally, the tip suffused with flowing purple radiance.

Even though it was calmly floating there, its imposingness, beauty, and the invisible pressure it gave off purely from its size was enough to terrify countless creatures.

This, was the Starship Valhalla.

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