Book 6 Chapter 23.10

Book 6 Chapter 23.10 - Start of Hell

At this time, the entire private hospital began to silently tremble, dragging Helen back to reality. She immediately knew that this was the ending of the battle between Su and Lafite, and this was Su’s way of telling her this. Only, Helen smiled bitterly, hoping that when Su truly encountered Bevulas, he could still maintain his own way of thinking.

Under the cover of night, the burning silver-haired Lafite returned to the private hospital with a frost covered face. Curtis cut a cigar that was stolen, while in his hands he carried half a bottle of stolen strong alcohol, a ruminating look on his face as he watched Lafite.

Under Curtis’ gaze, the expression on Lafite’s face became more and more ugly. He looked straight at Curtis, roaring out, “What are you looking at? I didn’t lose!”

En.” Curtis used this word to express his agreement, only, his words didn’t really match the expression on his face.

“I really didn’t lose!” Lafite clenched his teeth, squeezing out his words one after another.

“I got it, I got it!” Curtis’ mouth cracked open into a smile. In the darkness, those teeth were blindingly white.

When he saw Curtis’ expression, Lafite suddenly became quiet. He grabbed the bottle in Curtis’ hands, and then emptied the entire bottle into his mouth. After the large mouthfuls of strong alcohol entered his stomach, his mood calmed down considerably, his head of silver hair also gradually calming down. Lafite remained silent for a bit, and only then did he pat Curtis’ shoulder and say, “Thanks!” He knew that Curtis saved this bottle specially for him.

Curtis revealed a grin, chuckling and saying, “We previously fought until we were within an inch of our lives, so there’s no need for thanks. Only, I just feel like it’s a bit strange, you didn’t lose right? Even if you lost, you still wouldn’t look the way you do now.”

Lafite sighed, his face suddenly darkening. “Su is extremely formidable, but I’m not some sore loser. Only… Su’s combat method is actually just like Helen’s, the exact same! Do you understand?”

Curtis put away his smile. He looked at Lafite, only releasing a sigh and shaking his head, not saying anything.

Without him saying it directly, Curtis could already imagine the scene of the battle. The ‘Clairvoyance’ ability Helen imitated was already enough for Lafite to feel restricted, so if Su also had a similar ability, together with his Combat Domain strength that was equivalent to eight levels, then it was very likely that he could resist or even defeat Lafite. After witnessing that battle, Curtis deeply felt the suffering one faced when fighting an enemy with this type of Clairvoyance ability. If one didn’t have an overwhelming advantage in strength, every single act of offense and defense would be a serious trial for both the body and mind, and it was a trial that was almost impossible to pass. That type of feeling was like having a wet and sticky spider web tangled all around one’s entire body, not even someone like Curtis who had experienced countless life and death battles was willing to personally experience it.

However, Helen had previously said that ‘Clairvoyance’ was a twelfth level ability. Eleventh level abilities were already known as the domain of gods, so these twelfth level abilities that were even above this, regardless of which domain they were from, were as crazy and ridiculous as they could be. However, Helen’s Clairvoyance was imitated, and there were many imperfect areas. Su definitely wouldn’t be copying something, so could it be that he truly did have twelve levels of ability, all obtained in this short year of time?

As if he could read Curtis’ mind, Lafite then said, “Su didn’t completely grasp ‘Clairvoyance’, only occasionally, through some type of eruption method, he would display something similar, and the amount of time that it could persist for isn’t long. However, this is already annoying enough! Every time I seized the advantage, about to deliver a fatal strike, he would erupt with Clairvoyance, crumble all of my offense. That is why I said I didn’t lose, but I can’t win either.”

“If that is the case, then the day will come when Su will fully grasp ‘Clairvoyance’.” Curtis said. He patted Lafite’s shoulder, saying in a meaningful and heartfelt tone, “Just give it up, you and Helen aren’t the same type of people. She and Su are the same type!”

With a pa sound, Lafite slapped away Curtis’ hand, saying fiercely, “Helen can only be mine!”

“You should just forget about it!” Curtis didn’t give Lafite any face, continuously trying to discourage him. In his opinion, Lafite previously was only somewhat playfully saying that he was going to chase after Helen, but now, it was much more serious, to the extent where he was charging forward without any regard for consequences. This was not to mention that if Helen really was touched, then who knew what kind of fury Morgan who was behind her would erupt with? Even Helen herself, was she that easy to provoke? Even if we were ignoring the rage of the Black Dragonriders and Helen’s retaliation, if Lafite continued like this, would it even be worth it?

“You need to think it through carefully. Are you truly infatuated with her to this degree? I feel like it seems more like you are trying to prove yourself by conquering her! Just for this bit of laughable vanity, you are going to throw your life away too, do you feel like it’s worth it?”

Curtis’ words made Lafite calm down. He thought about it quietly for a bit, and then he revealed a bitter smile, saying, “It isn’t only to conquer her, sigh, let’s not talk about it anymore!”

Under the darkness of night, Su walked southward with large steps. He didn’t deliberately increase his speed, so he was just jogging like a normal person. He wasn’t in a rush to fight a decisive battle against Bevulas, because time was forever on his side. With each day, with each passing hour, Su’s strength was steadily climbing. In addition, in a few more days, the biological army from the southern continent should reach the Blood Parliament’s borders as well.

However, Su still felt a vague uneasiness. This was partly because of what what Helen wanted to say but hesitated, partly because there seemed to be something extremely dangerous that was happening. However, Su discovered that right now, his intuition seemed to have been wrapped within a layer of membrane, thick and rough, even if he felt something, it was still extremely indistinct, many times even wrong. This made his intuition already something that couldn’t be trusted at all, but when he could only rely on rationality to make decisions, there seemed to be some crucial part missing, thus preventing him from reaching a proper conclusion.

Su knew that he had definitely forgotten or overlooked something, but there was no way he could figure what this was right now. He knew that this was the result of being hated by the will of the world. The will of the world was already imperceptibly affecting his judgment and perception.

When he thought of this, a wave of ice-cold killing intent suddenly surged within the depths of Su’s heart. Since this world had a will, then that meant that the world could be viewed as some type of living body as well, and as long as it was a living body, then it could die. Since the world’s will already hated Su so much, then once Su’s own abilities reached a certain level, he didn’t mind destroying this will of the world, regardless of what kind of form it was. At the very least, from his current point of view, the areas this so-called world will could affect were extremely limited, no matter how much it loathed him, it still couldn’t kill Su, at most adding a few obstacles to his path. Meanwhile, from his instincts’ ice-cold consciousness, Su understood clearly that the world’s will wasn’t inextinguishable, and he indeed had the ability to destroy the will of the world, on the premise that he increased his assimilation rate with his instincts.

However, Su suddenly realized something. Maybe this was precisely the reason why the world’s will hated him?

While taking steps that weren’t all that relaxed and and carefree, carrying endless questions and confusion, Su walked towards the castle Bevulas resided in. 

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