Book 6 Chapter 23.10

Book 6 Chapter 23.10 - Start of Hell

At this time, the entire private hospital began to silently tremble, dragging Helen back to reality. She immediately knew that this was the ending of the battle between Su and Lafite, and this was Su’s way of telling her this. Only, Helen smiled bitterly, hoping that when Su truly encountered Bevulas, he could still maintain his own way of thinking.

Under the cover of night, the burning silver-haired Lafite returned to the private hospital with a frost covered face. Curtis cut a cigar that was stolen, while in his hands he carried half a bottle of stolen strong alcohol, a ruminating look on his face as he watched Lafite.

Under Curtis’ gaze, the expression on Lafite’s face became more and more ugly. He looked straight at Curtis, roaring out, “What are you looking at? I didn’t lose!”


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