Book 6 Chapter 23.1

Book 6 Chapter 23.1 - Start of Hell

When Persephone woke up, she immediately saw Su. The world suddenly became just that perfect, as if she was in a dream. She looked at him quietly. Su didn’t move either, his smile just as warm as in the past.

Persephone also began to smile, charming like a little fox, and also like a dazzling young lady, saying, “Beautiful?

Su was stunned, time seemingly turning back. When they first met, he was standing at the mountaintop, face with the grassland and sea. Back then, Persephone had her hands clasped behind her back, also saying just like this: Beautiful?

Back then, Su’s reply was to aim the Magnum at himself, moreover pressing the trigger. However now, he instead said, “Of course you are, and I want to look at you forever.”

Time could change many things, what was unchanged was only Su’s passion towards life. No, in reality, this was also changing.

Persephone’s eyes lit up, her grayish-green pupils sparkling brilliantly like gemstones. She gently raised her hand to touch Su’s face, smiling sweetly as she said, “You aren’t going to kill yourself this time?”

“Do I look like someone that stupid?” Su smiled even more enchantingly.

“Only now did you become smarter! Did you know, if you choose to kill yourself again, I will…” Persephone glared at Su, her eyes gradually becoming dangerous, her beauty also increasing proportionately. After pausing for an entire half minute, Persephone suddenly clenched her teeth, squeezing out the most important words from the gaps in her teeth, “Rape you first!”

Her hand suddenly turned into a claw, grabbing towards Su’s throat, forcibly moving his head lower, immediately sealing Su’s mouth! Then, her body bounced up, and with enough power to overturn a tank, she successfully flipped Su over, pressing him below! Her right hand grabbed Su’s remaining left hand, smashed it heavily against the ground, and then began to undo her own clothes.

The moment their lips made contact, an incomparable wave of attractive force swept out, almost making Persephone suffocate! Su’s body suddenly erupted like a volcano, directly making Persephone fly up. Then, Su grabbed her combat clothes, slammed her heavily into the ground, and then his right leg moved, pressing down her legs with nine levels of power. His right hand casually tore about, the sturdy combat clothes becoming even weaker than paper, the center completely torn off by Su with a single motion!

Persephone resisted like she was going mad, struggling about, using all of the combat skills she learned ever since she was young, to the extent where many vicious killing methods that were learned from battles of life and death were displayed, her knee that carried enough force to smash apart steel plates struck towards Su’s lower stomach! Su calmly received this strike, his underbelly sticking forward, the powerful collision making that knee fly out at a speed even faster than when it struck over! Persephone’s body was shockingly beautiful, but it possessed incomparable power. She bounced up from the ground again and again, battering at Su’s body like a firetruck. However, even though Su was missing his right arm, almost every part of his body that had clear edges and corners was a weapon, incomparable strength and impenetrable defense the greatest technique. He used the simplest method to violently crush all of Persephone’s elaborate attacks, tearing everything covering her body as much as he pleased.

Combat clothes, long pants, and even the military boots were just that weak and brittle, all of them scattering like butterflies.

Persephone’s heavy injuries had yet to heal, while Su exhausted all of his stamina, now even losing a right arm, their situations could be said to be equal. However, during the course of the battle, Persephone, who took the initiative to challenge him, suffered a crushing defeat, with almost no energy left to retaliate.

Time, as expected, changed many things.

When Su’s body that was burning like volcanic magma crushed down and entered, Persephone’s entire body went taut, a rough shout that had been suppressed for many years in the depths of her throat was released! That bit of heat immediately set her aflame, moreover completely burning her to nothing!

The impacts were continuous and powerful, but there wasn’t any rhythm at all. Su also went crazy, futilely trying to cover every inch of her skin. The flame-like passion was everything; apart from this, there was nothing else. Persephone’s body became completely soft, her arms moving around Su’s body, quietly experiencing every part of the fierce and heavy strike, moreover using her face to gently rub against Su’s cheek.

When the volcano erupted, magma flowed everywhere.

Su held Persephone’s body, breathing heavily, sweat still continuously surging out, soaking both his and her body. Deep fatigue overwhelmed his mind, making him only want to sleep. He already lost track of how long it had been since he had slept. This body didn’t need sleep, so this was the first time he wanted to. Just this feeling alone was already enough happiness. Su supported his body, then looked at Persephone, suddenly realizing that happiness could actually be just this simple.

“Do you like it?” Su asked quietly.

Persephone nodded, holding Su’s forehead and cheeks that were covered with sweat. Her gentle expression suddenly changed, gradually becoming a fox-like craftiness as she said, “You’re finally on top, the feeling is quite good, hmm?”

Su had a vague feeling that things weren’t quite right, but he still replied as things were, saying, “It has never been better, just feel a bit tired.”

“Is that so?” Persephone was already no longer hiding her mischievous smile. Her bright and clean arms and thighs moved together, tightly tangling around Su, using her teeth to grind his ears, spitting out some words that were barely loud enough for Su to hear clearly, “Then let’s continue, I’ve only just begun!”

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