Book 6 Chapter 22.5

Book 6 Chapter 22.5 - Inescapable Silence

Westwood reached out a foot. The ground began to vibrate again. Su’s incoming body became sluggish, the force fields he ran into visible with the naked eye. All of the muscles covering Su’s body swelled, and then with an angry roar, he abruptly exerted force, using his body’s power to directly shatter all of the force fields, instantly charging up before Westwood’s face.

Westwood immediately understood Su’s intentions, raging flames finally surging in his eyes. Ever since Blood Colored Dusk, when had he ever been challenged head-on by someone like this before? His surging anger already couldn’t be suppressed. He threw Snow who was now only a hindrance into the distance. His body leaned down, arms covering his chest, and then released a low roar like a vicious beast, body suddenly swelling a size, the muscles in front of his chest even more so bursting!

Westwood walked forward with large steps, unexpectedly running...

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