Book 6 Chapter 22.4

Book 6 Chapter 22.4 - Inescapable Silence

The old-fashioned airplane swayed about, gasping for breath like an old cow that had exhausted all of its strength, but it still squeezed out a final bit of strength from the gaps between its bone, struggling to crawl forward. Two of the four propellers had already stopped working, with one that was currently stopping, the last one ready to give out soon as well. The oil tank was already empty, the entire airplane only relying on the last bit of fuel left in the fuel path to fly. The night was extremely dark, only a faint outline of the great earth visible. Ruins were scattered about like lotus flowers over the boundless earth, silently recounting the olden era’s glory.

However, this land didn’t lack life, on the contrary, the aura of life was shockingly rich. The countless small creatures had long adapted to the powerful radiation, changing their own bodies, but the process of evolution didn’t stop here. Their biological activity were increased hundreds to thousand of times, their lifespans correspondingly shortened to just a few years, a few months, or even a few days, the process of evolution that used to take millions of years was similarly shortened to within a century. Radiation no longer signaled inevitable death, to the extent where it became some new life forms’ nourishment. In an era that lacked sunlight, many herbaceous species already began to absorb radiation as a means to replenish energy.

This was an era of change. For the human race, the age of turmoil was full of hunger, bloodiness, and death. The war, as well as the few years after it, originally caused over 90% of humans to die, calling it the end of the world wasn’t too much of an exaggeration. However, if one looked down on this world from above, one would discover that this world was full of life, everything destroyed by the world currently recovering hundreds to thousands of times faster. Life, was incomparably tenacious.

What if it was just a change of the masters of the world? Apart from the human race, intelligent creatures’ numbers and species were currently growing at unprecedented speeds. Meanwhile, the human race, at the very least, already stepped down from the divine altar.

While sitting in the airplane’s cockpit, Su’s eyes were closed, his body not moving at all like a lifeless sculpture. However, the temperature on the surface of his body was currently climbing at a rhythmic pace, his skin that was white like jade also producing a bit of redness. Compared to a year ago, Su’s appearance didn’t change all that much, only as his abilities increased, his skin began to release a glow, thus giving him a bit of a mysterious feel, his charm also becoming more deadly. His beautiful appearance had previously brought Su many problems, but his body tenaciously continued in this direction, not even Su himself understanding why this was.

When the last propeller began to slow, Su suddenly knew that it was already time. This didn’t come from his intuition, but rather a fury that had long been suppressed within the depths of his heart. It merged with an ice-cold murderous intent, producing some type of mental state even Su himself couldn’t explain clearly.

This… will tentatively be called eruption.

He slowly opened his eyes. Under the heavy darkness of night, the two emerald-like lights were extremely clear. He suddenly stood up, his head smashing heavily into the roof of the cockpit. What was sent flying was the cockpit’s lid, his movements flowing natural as if nothing had happened.

Su walked onto the head of the plane. Under the powerful night winds, his light blonde short hair fluttered about like a flame.

Su suddenly jumped off, shooting into the darkness like a rocket! The old-fashioned plane suddenly sunk, and then smashed towards the ground several hundred meters out, immediately erupting with a dazzling sphere of flames on the great earth, completing its final mission.

Su’s body moved recklessly through the air. Finally, after falling close to a thousand meters, he stepped back onto the ground. He didn’t make any decelerating maneuvers, standing there perfectly straight just like that!

With a muffled boom sound, the ground below Su’s body completely caved in, earth surging in all directions like an ocean wave, forming an enormous shallow crater. He smashed into the earth in almost a perfectly straight manner, his knees not even buckling in the slightest!

Su looked forward. At the limits of his view, he saw Westwood, Snow, and Helen. Finally, his eyes landed on Persephone, stopping for an entire second, and only then did they pull back.

His Panoramic View suddenly swept out, the radius even more so an unprecedented three kilometers, covering the entire battlefield. 

In the area covered by the Panoramic View, the night seemed to have become even darker!

Westwood’s expression changed slightly, all of his killing intent withdrawing, no longer spilling outwards. During the era of Blood Colored Dusk, everyone knew that the calm Westwood, was the most terrifying Westwood. All of Snow’s compound eyes suddenly lost radiance, completely stopping their movements. Westwood who was holding Snow gave it a look, feeling a bit surprised inside. He obviously saw that Snow was scared, moreover giving up all resistance due to its extreme fear, but it clearly wasn’t scared of him. However, even a terrifying biological form like Snow knew fear? Westwood raised his head, his deep gaze meeting Su’s.

Persephone still looked languid and beautiful, to the extent where she didn’t even sense Su’s arrival, only wantonly enjoying the final moment’s peace and happiness. Helen remained silent for a bit, put away her gun, wiped at the blood at her lips, and then recollected her machine-like icy coldness and trademark expression. Meanwhile, in the distance, Lafite and Curtis who returned after leaving, the moment they stepped into the Panoramic View’s range, the two of them became sluggish, coincidentally stopping their footsteps at the same time.

“Why do I feel like someone is looking at us? Don’t tell me it’s that old fella Westwood?” Lafite said with a frown.

“He’s a Mental Domain user, never heard of him having high levels of Perception Domain abilities. However, the higher level abilities of the Mental Domain are extremely mysterious, so they might have something similar. However, regardless, we have to make things difficult for him.” Curtis shook his head, and then began to walk forward with large steps.

Lafite followed behind him, shaking his head. “Even you are going to stake it all? This isn’t like your style!”

Curtis released a heavy snort, saying, “And when did you suddenly understand me?”

Lafite didn’t argue with him, only laughing and saying, “Ever since Blood Colored Dusk.”

This time, they didn’t obey Helen, instead returning, unknown which one of them was the first to have this thought. However, as for their inherent nature, even though they treasured life, they definitely didn’t fear death. It was because Helen’s occasional lie, this time, was unexpectedly seen through.

However, as soon as they entered the battlefield, the intense battle already began!

Su stared at Westwood, his beautiful eyes narrowing slightly, looking extremely alluring, but the silver hair of Westwood who was being watched began to float strand after strand! Su suddenly tore off the clothes covering his body, revealing his perfect physique. Then, he bent down, exerted force, and then charged at Westwood.

He didn’t use Extreme Assault, but ran like a human, every step just that powerful, the earth and stone beneath his feet rippling like ocean waves. Meanwhile, with every movement, all of the muscles on his body would tremble and move, the perfect coordination of power and beauty, enough to make the most well-known sculptors of the olden era thousands of years ago go crazy!

Even though he didn’t use Extreme Assault, with a few steps, Su similarly reached his greatest speed! This distance of a kilometer, under Su’s charge, didn’t even need a second! As he ran, the energy crystals covering his body lit up one by one.

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