Book 6 Chapter 22.3

Book 6 Chapter 22.3 - Inescapable Silence

Helen removed the sensor sticking to the side of her head, saying indifferently, “There is no need for you to know either. Eleven levels is deserving of its title as a divine level, not something one or two tenth level ability users could face. Just do your worst!”

Westwood looked at Helen, staring at her for a few whole seconds before saying, “Just leave, bring those two little fellas with you. Tonight’s matters are already outside your ability. The reason I am here is not because of you all, but rather to see if any of those old friends will appear. Right now, to give Morgan face, I will pretend that I never saw you all tonight.”

Helen combed at her hair, saying, “I am extremely grateful, however, there is no relationship between General Morgan and myself. Your distinguished self does...

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