Book 6 Chapter 22.3

Book 6 Chapter 22.3 - Inescapable Silence

Helen removed the sensor sticking to the side of her head, saying indifferently, “There is no need for you to know either. Eleven levels is deserving of its title as a divine level, not something one or two tenth level ability users could face. Just do your worst!”

Westwood looked at Helen, staring at her for a few whole seconds before saying, “Just leave, bring those two little fellas with you. Tonight’s matters are already outside your ability. The reason I am here is not because of you all, but rather to see if any of those old friends will appear. Right now, to give Morgan face, I will pretend that I never saw you all tonight.”

Helen combed at her hair, saying, “I am extremely grateful, however, there is no relationship between General Morgan and myself. Your distinguished self does not need to feel any misgivings towards him.”

Helen spoke towards the communications device on her wrist, saying, “The battle has been lost, you all can return first.” The communication device were directly connected to Lafite and Curtis’ earpieces. When they heard Helen’s words, Lafite and Curtis looked at each other in dismay, but Helen was never someone they could doubt, they were already used to obeying her. That was why even though they carried doubt, they still slowly withdrew into the darkness. After all this time, they actually already developed a deep-rooted way of thinking, which was that there was nothing a monster like her couldn’t handle.

Westwood waited quietly, appearing extremely patient. However, those who understood him all knew that when he used the name Westwood, he was completely a cold, bloodthirsty demon. Patience? That was not something he would have at all. As individuals who both experienced Blood Colored Dusk, Lafite and Curtis naturally understood Westwood’s temperament, and as such, quickly withdrew out of fear of making things more difficult for Helen. In reality, if the two of them worked together, it wasn’t like they didn’t have any chance of victory.

“Why aren’t you leaving?” Westwood looked at Helen, asking coldly, his voice carrying a trace of impatience.

Helen didn’t reply, instead suddenly clenched her teeth, pulling out a gun. Both hands clenched this weapon, suddenly pulling the trigger! Her movements were swift and accurate, without the slightest mistake, the shot made without any warning. The motion of drawing the gun was also extremely swift, but when the muzzle released flames, two fingers already reached in front of the gun, gently pressed against the bullet that had just left the barrel!

After giving the bullet a look, Westwood effortlessly pinched his fingers, and then the bullet became a thin sheet of metal. After flicking out the bullet, Westwood coldly said, “Helen, what are you trying to do? Perhaps that fella Lagerfeld might feel some misgivings towards Morgan, but I definitely do not. The reason why I do not want to kill you is only because I had previously fought by his side, and also because I don’t want to personally end your life, kill our Blood Parliament younger generation’s most promising genius. However, this isn’t all that great of a reason, something you should understand.”

“I understand it clearly!” Helen fiercely pulled the trigger, continuously releasing tongues of flame! Only, this time, Westwood felt that it was beneath him to even block it, allowing the bullets to hit him in the chest. The bullets deformed one after another, bouncing off. Even though the shots deviated less than a millimeter, they didn’t even touch his clothes. Meanwhile, Westwood’s defensive force field was always like his current style, domineering to the extreme without the slightest bit of leeway. When the bullets blasted against its surface, they were either bounced back, or they would have their power destroyed, there was definitely no hope of making the force field absorb the slightest bit of energy. 

Helen also knew that the shots wouldn’t be affected, which was why after emptying the magazine, she directly threw away the pistol, saying with an unchanging voice, “Wishing to kill Phoney in front of me, do you think that’s possible?”

“You aren’t leaving?” Westwood’s two eyebrows slowly stood up vertically.

“I won’t just watch Phoney die.” Helen calmly persisted.

Westwood suddenly laughed coldly. “You wish to use your death to trigger a battle between Morgan and our side? A good idea, let me help you accomplish your goal!”

He raised his hand to grab towards Helen’s neck, the speed not that fast, but Helen definitely couldn’t avoid it. Right at this time, the corners of Westwood’s eyes twitched, turning to look to the side.

In the darkness, three sharp needles fired in a single file line, shooting with speeds five times the speed of sound! This type of power was something not even he could completely overlook.

The one whose expression changed was not only Westwood, but also Helen. She opened her mouth, wanting to cry out, but the sharp needles flew over too quickly. Regardless of whether it was Snow or Westwood, their speed of attack and defense were fast to the point where Helen didn’t have time to speak. Perhaps the speed at which her mind worked could keep up, but her body’s reactions definitely couldn’t.

Westwood’s right hand shot out like lightning, flicking three times in the air. Metal pounding sounds rang out in the air from time to time, and then what followed was a great explosion of fiery light! The sharp needles were too fast, directly comparable to the newest electromagnetic rifles. After the three needles flew out, Westwood retracted his hands, bringing them before his eyes to examine them. The fingertip of his right hand’s middle finger was dripping with blood, quite the opening produced. This type of attack gave even him some minor injuries.

Westwood remained silent for an entire second, and then he suddenly released a loud shout, forcefully stamping on the ground! Everything within a range of a kilometer, apart from the area where him and Helen stood, the earth suddenly began to violently shake, earth and soil moving about chaotically!

A mournful sound rang out from the distance. Snow bounced up from the ground, its small body rolling about sluggishly, movements extremely rigid, clearly receiving injuries that weren’t light. It fell onto the ground, and only after struggling a bit did it crawl back up. When it had just supported itself, Westwood’s large hand already appeared above, grabbing the back of its neck and lifting it up.

There were more than ten bony outgrowths sticking out of Snow’s body that were incredibly sharp, moreover coated in poison, but they couldn’t penetrate Westwood’s hand that was well maintained. In addition, as soon as it was grabbed, the powerful Snow already lost all ability to resist, its blades hanging limply to its side.

While looking at this little thing, Westwood’s eyes lit up. Two fine beams of light unexpectedly shot out from his pupils, landing on Snow’s compound eyes. In that instant, he seemed to have seen an extremely terrifying scene, the silver hair on his head standing up strand by strand!

“Turns out to be like this, even if just a specimen is preserved, it is still extremely dangerous. Then I cannot leave you behind!” Westwood said slowly, power starting to gather at his right hand. When the power finished gathering, everything around his right hand would be destroyed, not a single one of Snow’s cells left over, the most thorough destruction.

Helen still bit her lower lip, blood continuously flowing down from her lips, yet she was totally unaware. She already raised the sniper mode assault rifle with the greatest speed possible, took aim at the back of Westwood’s neck, and fiercely pulled the trigger!

When the bullet reached a centimeter from the back of his neck, it deformed, bouncing off, not displaying any use. Helen crammed another bullet in, fired, but the bullet still bounced off. Forget about an ordinary sniper rifle, even if it was a tank that blasted Westwood straight on, it wouldn’t be able to injure him.

However, Westwood suddenly stopped the gathering of energy, a rare serious expression appearing on his face. He raised his head towards the southern night sky.

Only an entire minute later did Helen hear the faint rumbling sound of an engine from the night sky.

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