Book 6 Chapter 22.2

Book 6 Chapter 22.2 - Inescapable Silence

Lagerfeld straightened his body. In that instant, his aura surged into the heavens, as if he was the true center of this entire world! His loftiness disappeared with a flash. He said gently to Persephone, “Sit here properly, don’t move, and don’t interfere in the following battle. Your battle has already come to an end, you need to believe in your own luck.”

Haydn also sensed something, the expression on his face becoming serious. He walked over towards Persephone. However, Lagerfeld stopped him, the elder saying slowly while looking at Haydn, “Could it be that you already lost the bravery to fight your enemies head-on?”

Haydn was stunned, his expression changing several times, and then the tenderness and anger on his little face completely disappeared, replaced with an icy coldness. At this moment, he was no longer like a child who hadn’t grown up yet, but rather a similarly great and mighty man! He suddenly turned around, and then said to Persephone, “The ones who came are Lafite and Curtis, quite difficult to deal with. However, I will defeat them for you to see!”

After speaking, Haydn turned around, walking with large steps towards the distance.

The fiery light and brilliance displayed by the release of abilities shattered the darkness of night, while there weren’t that many gunshots. The special forces soldiers in the distant horizon already engaged the incoming enemy, and then fell in large batches.

Faint flames suddenly erupted around Haydn’s surroundings, and then they suddenly increased speed, drawing out a ring of light that tore through the darkness, directly smashing into the center of the battlefield! Following a world-shaking explosion, Haydn’s small body appeared in the fiery light, staggering as he took a few steps back. Meanwhile, in front of him, an enormous body flew out into the distance, shooting out several dozen meters before smashing heavily into the ground! A muffled sound rang out, clearly audible even from so far away; one could imagine just how heavy the landing was.

In the distant darkness, a blast of glaring silver flames surged, drawing out a perfectly straight shining silver thread in the air, smashing fiercely towards Haydn. Under the night sky, Lafite’s angry roar rumbled like thunder. “When this old one unleashed a great slaughter in Blood Colored Dusk, you weren’t even born yet! What are you acting all arrogant for?!”

This time, there wasn’t a direct collision. The two began to tangle and fight each other with exceptional speed. Haydn’s light blue flame and Lafite’s silver flame hair interweaved, interweaving into a brilliant sphere of light in the night sky!

When she heard Lafite’s aggressive roar from the distance, Persephone was first stupefied, and then she seemed to have understood something. When she saw Lafite’s rear figure, she said, “How could it be Lafite? If it is him, then Haydn might be in quite the trouble… let alone that there is still Curtis. Even though I can’t see too clearly, only someone like him can create such a disturbance with his fall. Only, it is just a bit too fake.”

Lagerfeld said with a smile, “Indeed, only through danger can one toughen themself. Haydn still needs to experience a bit more tempering. Without the bravery to stand between life and death, one will never truly grow. Actually, this is another area where I admire you. I recall that when you were still young, you already dared to challenge battles that would almost undoubtedly result in your death. And now, for Su, you are willing to take on almost all of the Blood Parliament.”

Persephone said with a rather carefree expression, “Su… either way, I already paid so much for that fella, too late to even feel regret! When I think about it sometimes, I really do feel like I’m on the losing end. However, are you still not going to make your move? Haydn might be beaten to death here.”

“If I make my move, then the battle will end.” Lagerfeld said indifferently. “Blood Colored Dusk, hmm? Turns out those two little fellas who made it out alive from that time can now use that as an achievement.”

Everything Persephone said now already no longer went through any filter. “But in my opinion, the time for you to take action is about to come.” As soon as this sentence left her mouth, only then did she realize she seemed to have spoken incorrectly. Her injuries and increase in ability levels seemed to have made her thought processing speed slow down once more. She gave Lagerfeld a look, discovering that the elder’s aura was currently changing.

“Teacher Lagerfeld, no, it should now be Mr. Westwood…” Before Persephone finished her sentence, the battlefield situation suddenly changed, faint blue flames surging, unexpectedly turning into a terrifying several dozen meter tall pillar of flame! What was even more resounding than the pillar of flame was Haydn’s roar of fury!

His small body was flung out from the pillar of flame, helplessly flying out several dozen meters, and only then did it smash heavily into the ground. Haydn coughed, producing a blast of blue flames from his mouth with each cough. When those flames made contact with the ground, they didn’t go out, instead continuously burning. Even if there was nothing that could be burned on the ground, they still similarly burned.

“How could it be like this?” Haydn’s eyes were empty as he gazed into the clouds of radiation in the night sky, muttering to himself like this.

A dark, square figure walked out from the pillar of flames, one could tell from a single look at this unique figure that it was Curtis. Right now, the weakness of being sent flying from a single strike had long disappeared, instead strutting over towards Haydn, not scared that he was giving the other party time to recover at all. Lafite silently appeared from behind Curtis, his burning silver hair looking more and more striking.

“How could this be?” Lagerfeld’s aura already completely changed. Even though there wasn’t a hint of killing intent that could be found from his entire body, the invisible pressure still made one feel like they were suffocating. His brows were tightly locked together. The battlefield course of events completely exceeded his expectations; Lafite and Curtis didn’t display abilities greater than what they expected, yet through almost supernatural coordination, they instantly seriously injured Haydn. The battlefield situation changed too abruptly, to the point where he didn’t even have time to react.

Curtis stood still in front of Haydn, but didn’t take action. With Haydn’s current injuries, there was already no need to take any further action. Lafite stood still next to Curtis, watching Haydn whose eyes were gradually becoming listless, saying with a voice that was completely devoid of emotional fluctuations, “Truly an unexpected result, not even Lagerfeld able to intervene in time.”

Curtis also withdrew his previous relaxed appearance. He gave the distant elder a look, his pupils suddenly contracting as he said, “Right now, it is already Westwood, the time for playing games is over. Just prepare for battle!”

Westwood slowly undid his overcoat’s buttons, starting to walk forward. With each step he took, there wasn’t even a footprint left behind on the ground, yet it made the entire earth tremble slightly. Persephone instantly captured the range of these vibrations, the radius actually stretching a kilometer out!

This was true might and prestige!

The elder’s orderly silver hair suddenly burst, the black ribbon holding it in place turning into butterflies. If the Lagerfeld just now was the embodiment of gentle and refined, then the current Westwood was a human shaped male lion.

The several kilometers of distance, under his feet, were nothing more than a few steps.

Lafite and Curtis’ expressions immediately changed. They only had time to assume defensive postures, and then they felt as if they were smashed by a giant bell, bodies flying backwards fiercely! Only when the two individuals’ bodies flew out a hundred meters, falling onto the ground in sorry states did Westwood pass by their original positions. He didn’t continue attacking, instead walking directly towards the darkness’ depths. Lafite and Curtis’ expressions completely changed, but right now, they couldn’t stand back up. When they completely eliminated the foreign energy that invaded their bodies, successfully standing back up, they were both stunned.

Westwood already tore open the curtain of this dark night, arriving before Helen.

While looking at Helen’s machine-like face, Westwood released a light sigh, saying, “It was you after all! I was still feeling that it was strange, why Haydn would lose so quickly and miserably. Since you are here, then anything might happen, even though I still don’t know how you were able to interfere with this level of battle.”

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