Book 6 Chapter 22.1

Book 6 Chapter 22.1 - Inescapable Silence

The bar had unknowingly when become completely empty, even the elder behind the counter leaving. The lightning and music continued, but they seemed to be getting closer and closer to Persephone. On the counter and the chairs below, there were already seven or eight empty alcohol bottles, the one held in her hands having a large half emptied as well. However, she still felt as if her body was becoming colder and colder, the burning alcohol unable to bring her any warmth either. Her head drooped lower and lower, fatigue and sleepiness surging insuppressible. She really wanted to sleep, to stop thinking about all those distressing things. Before sleeping, she only needed to do one last thing, and that was to pull the trigger, let the flames produced by the Magnum ignite the fuel, letting the raging flames decorate a beautiful ending.

The ground suddenly began to tremble, and then a faint rumbling sound could be heard, as if a tsunami was sweeping over. The rumbling sound arrived from the distance, arriving outside the bar in the blink of an eye. Persephone raised her head with difficulty, the expression in her eyes a bit vacant, her sluggish consciousness still unable to differentiate what exactly happened.

The outer wall suddenly silently collapsed, the roof also collapsing into ruins soon afterwards, moreover pressed into the ground through a strange gravitational field. The bar was quietly destroyed just like that, even the woman’s body crushed underneath. It was as if an invisible border of destruction pushed forward, annihilating everything in its path. The border continued all the way until it reached Persephone, and only then did it stop. As a result, when Persephone raised her head, her view was already incomparably vast. Not only the bar, but also half the inhabited area before her was completely flattened!

This was true destructive power!

Only, right now, not even her instinctive reaction when facing danger or powerful enemies couldn’t pull her together, only her consciousness becoming a bit faster. Who had this type of power? She searched through her memories with difficulty, and then a few names appeared. After these names, she suddenly thought of something. “I won’t allow this! Even if it’s death, it has to be a prettier death!”

This thought immediately put her in high spirits. She straightened her waist, slightly adjusted her posture, charm immediately radiating all around her. In the distant darkness, two individuals walked over. That were an elder and a child, a rather strange combination, but those who were familiar with the Blood Parliament’s higher levels definitely wouldn’t find it laughable. When Lagerfeld and Haydn walked together, anyone who faced this duo wouldn’t be able to utter a laugh.

However, Persephone could.

Behind Lagerfeld and Haydn, numerous figures appeared. From the orderly attire and cold killing intent, she knew that these were the elite special forces under the chairman’s command. Only, was this really necessary?

When she saw Lagerfeld and and Haydn, Persephone asked with a smile, “Two great figures, I really want to ask if there is a need for this! However, since you all came to send me off, I am quite surprised, but also quite happy!”

Haydn said, “I don’t feel like there is a need, but teacher Lagerfeld believes that many unexpected things will happen during this final stage, so we have to do everything we can to be sure, which is why we all came, moreover even bringing so many people.”

While speaking, Haydn then gave the oil barrel Persephone stepped on a look, saying fiercely, “Do you feel like you have a chance to ignite the fuel before us? Even if you really could, I can still instantly extinguish it.”

Persephone released a light sigh. “That is why you are still a child! If you were the only one who came, I obviously can’t ignite the fuel, but since teacher Lagerfeld also came, then not only can I light it, it can also burn to its end.”

Haydn’s brows locked together, taking a step forward and saying coldly, “What do you mean? Are you saying teacher will stand at your side?”

However, Lagerfeld’s hand was placed on Haydn’s shoulder, stopping his following movements. Haydn was shocked, asking, “Teacher?! She is one of our most important enemies, so it is best if we capture her alive!”

The elder gave Persephone a look, and then with a heavy sigh, said, “You truly are someone who has left me in astonishment again and again, actually able to understand these reasons. Haydn is still young, his abilities only reaching a bottleneck, so he still doesn’t understand respect. However, I still wish for you to wait a bit, to not rashly make a decision, to the extent where I advise you to accept my treatment. This will temporarily ease your injuries, prevent them from worsening, and not leave behind any regrets after today. Don’t worry, I do not plan on bringing you back alive, but rather that the one who wishes to help you is arriving soon. Even though I don’t believe they can successfully bring you back, as long as you are alive, then there is hope, isn’t that so?”

Persephone looked at the elder’s snow-white hair and eyes full of intelligence. She smiled somewhat sluggishly, placed the Magnum that controlled her fate on the counter, and then reached out her right hand towards the elder. Lagerfeld walked over, grabbed Persephone’s hand, and then produced a small and exquisite golden syringe from his bosom, stabbed it into her upper arm, and then slowly emptied the medicine within. The syringe didn’t contain ordinary rescue medicine, but rather a laboratory good that possessed several tens of times the medication effects and even carried genetic repair functions.

Haydn watched everything indifferently, but his eyes carried clear contradiction and struggle. Eliminating all other elements, in the Blood Parliament, Persephone was still someone he felt like should be attached great importance to, as well as one of the few people he admired. Only because of this did Haydn understand how dangerous she was, moreover willing to capture her as soon as possible to eliminate potential hidden danger. In addition, the value of capturing Persephone was extremely great. However, Lagerfeld clearly didn’t feel this way, he seemed to rather want to give up such clear benefits. However, all decisions the elder made were backed by reason. Perhaps outsiders didn’t think so, but in Haydn’s mind, his figure was great to the point of almost matching the chairman.

The medicine’s effects were extremely clear, relief quickly brought to the injuries in Persephone’s body. Under the stimulation of the medication, there were even countless warm streams that flowed through her body. What made Persephone surprised was that her strength was actually unwittingly increasing, the evolutionary points she collected from the continuous intense battles already reaching a critical point, naturally forming a new ability. It was clear that the medicine Lagerfeld gave her was far from as simple as ordinary rescue medications.

The snow-white silver haired Lagerfeld, regardless of when he was smiling or in deep thought, every movement he displayed was full of charm. His body leaned forward slightly, carefully observing Persephone, while Persephone still had an indifferent smile on her face.

“Truly never expected you can increase levels at this time, moreover producing a new ability. This brilliance seems a bit familiar, but I am still a bit off, unable to grasp it. Can you tell me what your new ability is?” Lagerfeld asked.

Persephone revealed a faint smile, not concealing anything as she said, “Ten levels of Mysterious Fields, Transcending Luck!”

“Truly an ability worthy of admiration!” Lagerfeld clapped his hands, one could see that he was feeling sincere fondness and appreciation. “Transcending Luck… never expected this ability to truly appear, moreover before my eyes. Right now, your friends have already arrived.”

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