Book 6 Chapter 21.8

Book 6 Chapter 21.8 - Soar

Unlike Lafite whose mind was all over the place, Curtis was much calmer. He gave Helen who was walking silently this entire time a look, and then asked, “Where are we going this time? There’s no way we are going out just to seize some stuff, right? From the things you prepared, it seems like we are about to fight a great battle.”

“We might need to kill a lot of people.” Helen replied.

“Why? I know you definitely have a reason, but I still like knowing a bit more.” Curtis asked with a frown.

Helen gathered the strands of messy hair before her forehead, continuing to walk forward at a steady pace. Only her voice carried a bit of killing intent as she said, “Persephone has been injured, moreover extremely seriously.”

Curtis’ small eyes immediately narrowed to a crack, his words almost squeezed from the gaps between his teeth. “Is that so, good! Where?”

“You just need to follow me.”

Curtis took an extra step, now walking next to Helen, saying, “Need me to give you a hand?”

Helen shook her head and said, “There’s no need, we still have some time. No matter who she is facing, Phoney will always be the type that is the most difficult to defeat. Also, I need to gradually adapt to high intensity battles as well.”

When he saw the sweat flowing down Helen’s forehead, Curtis wanted to say something, but didn’t open his mouth, instead quietly walking next to her. Lafite didn’t say anything the entire time, only putting away his languid smile, his silver hair’s radiance also gradually going out. Darkness surrounded everything once more. Several kilometers in front of them, a fierce-looking male lowered his binoculars, appearing a bit hesitant. However, when he saw his subordinates who chose to leap into battle one after the other, he obtained a bit more confidence. With over fifty elite special forces members, he didn’t believe he couldn’t defeat these three individuals. He had information on the other party in his hands. Helen didn’t have any abilities, Curtis had many seventh level abilities, while the most dangerous one was the silver-haired male named Lafite, having ten levels of Mental Domain ability. At the very least, in theory, his troops’ combat strength exceeded the enemy, Lafite being the only one who was troublesome to deal with. He clenched his teeth, and then set his resolution. He finally obtained this rare chance tonight, if he could kill these three, then his status before the chairman might shoot straight up.

At this time, an assistant walked over from behind him, asking for instructions with a suppressed voice. The male clenched his teeth, and then made an attack signal. The assistant immediately moved his arm a few times in the air, pointing towards a direction. Seven or eight individuals rushed out from both the right and left side, breaking away from the group and gradually heading forward.

Several kilometers out, the three individuals were still walking with speeds that weren’t rushed or too slow. However, the speed was slow to the point of making one feel a bit anxious. The only change was that the assault rifle was removed from Helen’s back, and a shockingly long gun barrel was attached.

Ten minutes later, a muffled gunshot shattered the silence, and then the fiery light that rose and fell even more so tore apart the darkness. Vigorous and nimble terrifying figures flashed out from the darkness, throwing themselves over fiercely. The concise and vicious tactical movements that were like wind and lightning belonged to the chairman’s special forces!

When faced with these powerful enemies, the reactions Helen’s party of three displayed was quite strange. Curtis’ large mouth cracked open, laughing loudly. Lafite forcefully combed through his silver hair with his hand, his laugh a bit hysterical. Only Helen was a bit more normal, setting up a frame on the ground, and then supported the assault rifle, taking aim at the enemy with this type of stance. Even though they were in the dark, her actions still made her a glaring target.

One side was made of well trained elites, while the other was made up of madmen and a newbie, this battle looking to be a completely lopsided one.

When the intense battle barely begun, the special forces troops who held up the rear were thrown into disorder. A small figure flew about as fast as lightning, extremely shrill screaming noises completely covering their cries before death. Meanwhile, when the soldiers rushing at the front had just began their assault, they all became stupefied. It was because their targets, Curtis and Lafite, had unknowingly when already vanished! This was the last confusion they would feel in this life.

Helen stood at the center of the battlefield just like that, miraculously not a single person treating her as a target. The special forces soldiers had at least four levels of ability, so Helen without any abilities was automatically overlooked.

No one knew just how many commands Helen issued to Curtis and Lafite through the infantry tactical system in those few minutes. Only, when the battle ended, Curtis and Lafite both exchanged a look of disbelief, tacitly choosing to remain silent. Meanwhile, that commander with the fierce appearance dodged three sharp stingers in panic, but was unable to avoid the fourth, his stomach immediately being impaled. Right when he was about to endure the injury and flee, his head suddenly moved backwards, the space between his brows releasing a string of blood! He straightened his head with difficulty, gave the direction where the bullet was fired from a look, perfectly seeing the standing Helen. She was still maintaining an aiming stance, only, the muzzle was already tilted slightly up, clearly feeling that there was no need to add a second shot. Snow’s stinger was a deadly blow, but Helen’s shot directly took his life.

This was the first shot she took this entire night, as well as the battle’s final shot.

The commander fell on his back, breathing heavily, his eyes gradually losing expression, only thinking, “How could I have died under her hands, I… I have but eight levels…”

The group of three returned with Lafite taking the lead, Helen at the center, and Curtis holding up the rear. They made their way through the corpses covering the ground, stepping on the blood that was still warm, continuing under the darkness of night.

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