Book 6 Chapter 21.7

Book 6 Chapter 21.7 - Soar

A moment later, the three individuals left the private laboratory in a single file. Even though it looked a bit strange, the infantry combat system still displayed that this was a group that cared about unity. Helen who was dressed in combat clothes fully displayed her great figure that was normally hidden behind her white clothes. Her figure was well-proportioned and slender, curves not that pronounced, as if there weren’t that many special characteristics, but there were no weak points to be found either. Her legs were long and straight, her bottom sticking out just right, her chest also having just the right amount of allure. This type of body, together with her cold and beautiful face, as well as her combat suit that was full of violent aesthetics, should make her extremely alluring, but for some reason, even someone like Lafite, when he saw that figure he yearned for day and night, he would always recall Helen’s machine-like profile. Whenever this happened, he would feel as if a basin of cold water was poured over his head, all of his lust completely disappearing without a trace.

Before leaving, Helen closed the entrance into the hospital, locked it, and then hung a sign, on it written in a striking font: “Warning! Extreme danger inside, those who enter without authority have to take responsibility for the consequences. Helen.”

In this age of conflict, even the sturdiest of locks and doors only served symbolic purposes. However, Helen believed that in the eyes of those who were familiar with her, her own signature already possessed enough of a warning meaning, so not even they would dare treat this warning purely as empty air. Meanwhile, as for those who didn’t know the meaning behind the name ‘Helen’, they would become just like many of their predecessors, forever becoming a portion of history within the hospital’s darkness. Of course, if the number of idiots was large enough to the point where they could cram all of the traps, then there was nothing Helen could do.

The off-road vehicle was left in the garage, already no fuel left to start it. The three of them formed a line, slowly walking out from Dragon City. In the darkness, eyes carrying burning heat, greed, or coldness swept over the three individuals’ bodies occasionally from the cracks in the ruins. However, Lafite’s silver hair continued to flutter about the entire time, moreover releasing a faint radiance, incredibly striking in the darkness. Right now, regardless of whether it was the chairman or the empress’ people, all those who were interested in the valuable private hospital remembered Lafite’s burning silver hair. He didn’t take action that many times, and the number of individuals he killed was far less than the Black Steel captain, yet the intimidation he gave others was far stronger than Curtis’. All those who ended up in Lafite’s hands never managed to have a smooth death. During the biggest attack, Lafite caught more than twenty attackers in one go, casually killing them all in an unhurried manner around the hospital. Miserable screams sounded one after another, lasting from dusk until dawn the second day, and only then did all twenty individuals die.

In Lafite’s dictionary, the word mercy never existed. As long as it was an enemy, as long as it was someone who wanted him dead, he would make sure the other party died a death far more cruel than they could have imagined themselves. Meanwhile, those who had previously showed him hatred or berated him, most of them enjoyed a feast of death they would never forget under his hands.

That was why when Curtis was in charge of protecting the private hospital, those who didn’t know the difference between life and death would still appear at times. However, when Lafite continuously carried out a few missions, the world immediately became much quieter.

In the darkness, a pair of eyes stared at the burning silver hair from the distance, a throat making a gurgling sound. However, he didn’t dare aim at Lafite with the scope, because only heaven knew if he would sense any hostility, and from then on do something. Those high level ability users couldn’t be evaluated with normal reasoning, while Lafite was a madman among high level ability users, definitely not someone a small figure with five levels of ability like him could mess with.

Right at this time, a fine and long prick suddenly reached out from the darkness, silently piercing through the steel neck guard, snapping his cervical vertebra, and then moved up along his spine, completely crushing his brain to mush.

Snow landed on this body that was still twitching, withdrawing its tongue. The long and narrow tongue had a bit of blood and brain matter stuck to it, the taste even leaving it a bit tempted. In its evaluation system, these were all high energy, easy to absorb food. The body that collapsed, just the size alone signified large amounts of food, let alone the fact that the amount of energy stored in ability users’ bodies far surpassed that of ordinary creatures. The amount of temptation it gave Snow was extremely powerful.l

However, after some hesitation, Snow still shook its tongue, shaking off all of the flesh and blood stuck to it. It had no plans of treating the human race as food. Even though its instincts believed that apart from itself, everything else could be viewed as food, Snow still didn’t plan to do this, even though humans really were tasty.

It moved its tail about restlessly, the sharp tip easily crushing a few rocks, only after doing this was it able to suppress the feeling of hunger in its body. Snow’s feeling of hunger was determined based on the amount of energy reserves left and the upper limit of energy storage. When it was in the private hospital, its energy reserves were still slowly increasing, but the upper bound was increasing too greatly, almost increasing several fold in size each time its body was modified.

Snow gave the corpse on the ground a reluctant look, and only then did it drag its incredibly hungry body into the darkness. A minute later, another body gradually became ice-cold.

The small body moved about in the darkness, taking lives one after another, each time reluctantly moving a few circles around the corpses. Sometimes, Snow would even take a deep sniff, and then endure her hunger with great difficulty as she ran towards her next target. Snow’s method of determining targets was extremely simple, choosing those who carried hostility, as well as the stronger ones. However, it didn’t really understand these humans either. They clearly only had four or five levels of ability, so why did they dare nose around Helen’s troops? While pondering this, it produced a stinger from the weapons box, placed it in its mouth, and then forcefully blew it out.

The sharp stinger that traveled at a speed three times that of sound immediately entered an individual from the side, and then few out through the other end. It then blasted apart several concrete walls before disappearing. When the shrill sound produced by the stinger sounded, two blasts of bloody mists suddenly erupted from both sides of that person’s body, the injury widening several times. His throat released gurgling sounds, his face covered in fear and disbelief, but he didn’t even have the strength to stand up. After struggling two times, his back even more so entirely split open, body almost rupturing into two pieces!

Snow silently passed by his body and found that missing stinger. Even though it was already seriously deformed, it was still returned to the weapons box. The stinger’s destructive force was already comparable to an electromagnetic energy rifle. Snow was currently considering using less force next time; at the very least, there was no need to use such power against a sixth level ability user.

This small reaper continuously took lives in the dark night, but this obviously couldn’t escape Lafite and Curtis’ detection. The captain remained extremely quiet the entire time, while Lafite looked a bit uneasy. When he thought of his past scuffles with Snow, Lafite felt like his own beautiful hair might be in a bit of danger.

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