Book 6 Chapter 21.6

Book 6 Chapter 21.6 - Soar

At the center of the laboratory, the signal light representing low power continuously flickered, the number displaying that in an hour, the entire laboratory’s energy source would be cut off. Helen already carried Snow out from the breeding tank, carefully inspecting every joint on its entire body. Then, after some hesitation, she imputed a command into the light screen. The series of display racks by the wall slowly slid to the side, revealing a safe. After spinning about a few times, the box’s door opened on its own, producing rows of frames from within, on them arranged all types of strange components, every one of them dark green in color. Their specially processed exteriors were dull and without light, but they could absorb all types of radar waves, possessing powerful obstruction effects against the probing of perception abilities as well. After the safe emerged, the last of the energy was used up, the entire laboratory thus entering darkness.

Right at this time, Snow woke up. Helen produced the various components from the safe, placing them on Snow one by one, fastening them in place. In the blink of an eye, there was a layer of thin and dexterous armor around Snow’s body, several sharp body outgrowths reached out from the gaps in the armor. There were places to store a weapon at its body’s side as well. This set of armor slightly affected Snow’s speed and concealment ability, but strengthened its defense and offense methods, which was why Snow’s overall battle strength was greatly increased. This was a special set of equipment Helen had completed several months ago, and only today was Snow’s final modification finished, able to use this set of equipment.

After patiently completing these things, only then did Helen raise her head to look at the time, and then bring Snow towards the dining room. Lafite and Curtis who were sitting in a lifeless manner didn’t draw Helen’s attention at all, as if they didn’t exist at all. Helen sat in her own seat, pulled the meal plate up before her, and then began to work at the black bread. She didn’t even seem to notice that there were two extra pieces of bread on her plate. Snow jumped onto the table, moved to the other side of Helen, grabbed a piece of black bread, and then began to slowly eat. Its eating process was extremely slow, a single piece of bread looking like it was going to take ten minutes to eat. Soon afterwards, Helen finished the last piece of bread. She straightened her body, and then released a breath of air. Right when she was about to say something, there was a sudden pa sound, a fingernail on her left hand suddenly cracking, almost completely fracturing.

Helen raised her left hand before her eyes, watching as blood flowed down her finger, a hint of anger and killing intent suddenly appearing on her ice-cold face. She pushed the table, and then suddenly stood up! The long table slid out an entire meter, making Lafite whose legs were propped on the table shift sideways, almost fall off his chair. Curtis’ eyes that were closed in rest opened, eyes stopping on Helen’s rear figure, a pensive look appearing on his face. Only when Helen left the dining room did he withdraw his gaze, exchanging a look with Lafite. Snow rested quietly on the table, using its tongue to lick at the breadcrumbs stuck to its blades. In reality, the blades had long become bright and clean like a mirror, but Snow still continued to lick them. Its many compound eyes continuously wandered about Lafite’s vital areas, and whenever its eyes swept past, Lafite’s silver hair would always move about. After a few times, even Lafite couldn’t endure Snow’s disturbance, turning his head to glare at it angrily. Snow’s limbs moved lightly, its body sliding across most of the table, flashing over to Curtis’ side. The captain nudged his butt, his enormous body intentionally or otherwise blocking between Lafite and Snow.

Right when Snow and Lafite who were separated by the captain’s body were glaring at each other, hurried footsteps sounded from outside the dining room; Helen walked inside. In that short bit of time, she already changed her attire. She wore a tight and upright jacket, long and slender pants, tall military boots and a standard Black Dragonrider military belt, a large caliber pistol hanging from her waist, behind her a special reduced heavy assault rifle. This was a look Helen had never displayed before, immediately leaving Lafite and Curtis stunned.

“Did I go blind?” Lafite shook his head forcefully, asking Curtis.

“If you dare speak such nonsense again, I can promise you that your prediction will very quickly become a reality.” Helen said coldly. With a wave of her hand, a large pile of equipment smashed fiercely into Lafite’s body.

Lafite’s mouth muttered about, but he didn’t dare truly let Helen hear him, only controlling it to a level she couldn’t hear while inspecting the equipment Helen tossed over. Curtis could obviously hear what Lafite was saying, but he only sat there, full of interest as he sized up Helen who suddenly changed a set of equipment. What no one expected was that an extremely alluring voice suddenly sounded, “He said, a woman without any sense of femininity, I want to see who dares marry you!”

This voice was earth-shattering, as if a fire was lit beneath Lafite’s bottom, immediately making him jump. A fierce ripple immediately filled the entire dining hall, all porcelain tableware immediately being covered in cracks, to the extent where the steel trays became clearly warped. He didn’t discover any hidden enemies, but after calming down slightly, Lafite suddenly stared at Snow, his face revealing undisguisable shock.

The equipment in Helen’s other hand was tossed over to Curtis. She produced a pair of multi-function tactical gloves, wearing them, and then carefully adjusted all types of electronic facilities. She was extremely focused, as if she didn’t hear what Snow said just now at all. However, Snow’s voice was very loud, so the more Helen acted like this, the more Lafite knew that she not only heard it, she carefully remembered it.

Curtis cracked open a wide grin, silently laughing towards Lafite, and then started to sort through the equipment Helen flung over, moreover starting to equip himself. However, soon afterwards, Lafite released another strange cry. While carrying a set of small and exquisite central processor systems made up of an earpiece, communication device, and wristwatch, he cried out, “What is this? Don’t tell me this is an infantry combat command system!”

Helen had already completed the debugging, all of the equipment already prepared. When she heard Lafite’s cry, she silently replied, “It is precisely infantry combat command system, but I already made some modifications, its functions properly increased several fold.”

Lafite then cried out, “But isn’t this standard equipment dragonriders give their subordinates? Not even official dragonrider privates would use these types of toys!”

“It’s to make my commanding easier.” Helen spoke as if it was something completely to be expected.

Lafite’s expression changed several times, but in the end, he cautiously suggested, “This.. Helen, you know, if you just tell us where we have to go, what we have to kill, it’s already enough. The other things, we can deal with ourselves, this way, you can also relax a bit, right? That big black one over there should also be thinking similarly…”

Curtis already completely equipped the infantry combat system, giving Lafite a slap straight to the face through his actions.

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