Book 6 Chapter 21.5

Book 6 Chapter 21.5 - Soar

As she looked at Snow who was playing dead, Helen didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but there was a type of warmth that welled up from the very depths of her heart. She quietly fastened the glass cover, watching as culture fluid slowly submerged Snow’s small body. In reality, with Snow’s constitution, anesthetics and toxins already couldn’t do much. Whenever this time came, Snow would always carry out self-hypnotism, giving up control over its body. In general, the importance an ultra life form attached to control over their own body was far greater than the importance women who were willing to die to preserve their chastity felt towards their virginity.

Snow’s body slowly floated up, starting to release large amounts of bubbles from its body’s surface, its body starting to change at a visible rate. Helen quietly sat on the side, watching silently, peacefully, not thinking anything. For her, the slightest bit of time was a tremendous resource, but right now, she was more willing to waste the most precious time to just quietly sit there, watch and accompany Snow. From a certain standpoint, this could also be considered being with her.

Right now, she felt peaceful and happy.

Snow was currently transforming, a pair of blades gradually extending out, becoming more and more sharp, sharp bony spurs also starting to reach out from its body. At both sides of its abdomen, many crystals were forming one after another, the three limbs that were used for movement becoming more slender and powerful, its swelling abdomen that stored anti-gravity organs was currently being loaded. Meanwhile, its compound eyes’ dilation was a sign of a substantial strengthening of the Force Field ability.

Snow’s combat strength was increasing exponentially. Meanwhile, from the human race’s view of aesthetics, Snow was also becoming exponentially uglier.

Helen suddenly covered her mouth, her body shaking, tears unexpectedly flowing uncontrollably. It was because she knew that Snow wanted to become like a human, because this would make it more like her. Snow’s intelligence was definitely not inferior to powerful intelligent systems, nor would it be any inferior to any wise men. Snow was intelligent, it was making its own choice. It was because a large portion of its transformations was not within Helen’s preset procedures. Snow sensed that an enemy was currently approaching, which was why it chose to become uglier, choosing to become more powerful.

Only at this moment did Helen set her resolution. Even if it was just for this moment of happiness and peace, she didn’t mind killing all those who dared disturb her right now.


Following a creak sound, the side door of the hospital was roughly pulled open. The steel door was already blasted until it clearly distorted, and there were a dozen or so glaring bullet holes on the door as well. However, those who left behind these traces on the steel door had long become corpses, and then became food for mob-like scavengers. Curtis never had a habit of being lenient on his enemies. He stood in front of the door, gave the surroundings a look, and only then did he squeeze his wide body through with difficulty, closing the door with a crash sound.

Everything within five hundred meters of the private hospital had already become a pure land, already several days since any fighting had happened. This five hundred meter range was a formless boundary, regardless of which side the armed personnel were from, whenever they passed this boundary, then there was a chance that they might suffer Curtis’ vicious attacks. At the very least, until now, there weren’t many who could escape alive from under Curtis’ hands. This type of battle continued day after day, Captain Curtis also gradually releasing killing intent, his killing methods becoming more fierce, making all enemies tremble with fear, none of them understanding why the captain’s temper during this period was so bad.

Through the dark corridor, Curtis walked into the dining room, throwing himself into a folding chair. The chair that had been reinforced with steel still groaned about, its original form clearly changing somewhat under that massive body’s pressure. Seated on the other side of the dining room was Lafite. His legs were crossed on the table, eyes fixated on the small ventilation shutter on the wall, expression a bit lifeless. With a crash sound, Curtis threw a bag packed with bullets onto the ground, cursing with a low voice, “So fucking unlucky, didn’t find anyone. Why did those fellas suddenly all become cowards? Is there anything else to eat?”

However, Curtis’ eyes swept over the empty meal platter on the table, and then no longer asked again. There were still a few pieces of black bread on a plate, but that was Helen’s share, and it was the portion the two men tacitly agreed to leave behind.

Lafite moved his body sluggishly, and then asked, “Are we supposed to just continue staying here like this? I feel like even my bones are starting to rust.”

“Of course, she hasn’t completed her matters yet. Once she is done, I reckon we can leave this place.” Curtis said. Right now, his stomach suddenly released a rumbling of hunger. He slapped his stomach, and then said, “The feeling of an empty stomach really isn’t that good, damn war! However, unless there are any special reasons, Helen still likely wouldn’t be willing to join the battle. Otherwise, even if it is just opening up a hospital, with her skills, how could making money be any easier? As long as those fellas with broken arms and legs can be treated, they might be willing to sell even their underwear!”

Lafite said indifferently, “Don’t worry, something that will make her set her resolution will happen soon!”

Curtis gave Lafite a look, asking, “And how do you know this? Could it be that you and her already have some type of special relationship? Heng, it isn’t me looking down on you, you also know that this is completely a joke!”

“Based on my intuition.” Lafite still had a profound expression on his face.

Pah! A thick clump of spittle blasted a small hole open in the ground, serving as Curtis’ reply to Lafite.

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