Book 6 Chapter 21.4

Book 6 Chapter 21.4 - Soar

After cutting off communications with General Morgan, Helen sat there alone, unknown what she was thinking. The massive laboratory only had a single desk lamp lit, the weak lightning only illuminating a small square meter of area. Helen’s blonde hair was tied in a ponytail, her beautiful side profile giving off a type of mysterious beauty. At this time, a small head reached out from the darkness behind her, looked around, and then gently leapt onto her lap, crawling up. It then rested on her shoulders, using its head to gently rub against Helen’s face.

“Hungry?” Helen gently patted Snow’s head.

Unexpectedly, Snow actually released a fine voice. “Yes, really hungry, I never ate until I became full! However, aren’t there many enemies outside? Can’t I just eat them?”

Snow’s voice was a bit masculine, bit possessed a strange charm, indescribably pleasant to listen to. Meanwhile, this charm beneath that voice was something Helen had only heard from one other person before. Perhaps due to some unknown fluctuation from the base of her heart, when Helen was designing Snow’s voice, she was extremely strict with the data and technology to restore that type of charm, and then hid it within Snow’s tones of voice. Snow’s voice was formed from tens of thousands of different tones of voice, so if one wanted to find and recreate that strand of charming voice, there really weren’t many who could do such a thing in this world. Even if someone could do this, who would be so senseless as to actually do it?

In fact, for Snow, this was a rather senseless task to begin with. Snow would much rather compound through the light waves released from its compound eyes, or use high frequency sound waves beyond the scope of what the human ear could pick up to communicate. The efficiency of these two types of interaction was hundreds to over a thousand times greater than human speech. Even if it was through sound, if Snow used her own method to cry out once, the amount of information stored within the tens of thousands of vocal tones would be equivalent to that of a novel.

However, Snow was still curious, secretly learning human speech, even though Helen understood its cries and could completely decipher the light wave signals from its compound eyes. Apart from Helen, not even Curtis or Lafite had ever heard it talk.

When she heard Snow’s words, Helen released a rare chuckle, and then said, “Forgot again?”

Snow curled up, then released two light sounds, showing how pitiful it was before saying, “Aren’t they enemies? Why can’t I eat them? Mama won’t let me go out, but won’t let me eat the things in here. I’m hungry…”

Helen laughed helplessly, tapped Snow on the head, and then said, “Don’t bother mama. You still have one last place that needs to be completed. Right, tell mama what is your favorite method of attack?”

“Extreme Assault and cutting!” Snow replied without any hesitation.

“Extreme Assault?” Helen stared blankly for a moment, and soon after, nodded her head, starting to work in front of the dim light screen before her without batting an eyelid.

Snow quietly laid on Helen’s shoulder, watching her work. Her compound eyes recorded all of the data on the screen, occasionally crying out to express her own opinion. It also had things it didn’t understand, for example, Helen clearly had methods of entering data that were more efficient, for example, directly connecting the intelligence system to her own body, so why did she still have to carry out such primitive importing methods? However, even though the human structure seemed to be lagging behind and primitive in its eyes, with far too many areas that could be improved, it was still extremely drawn to it, because that was its mother’s form. As for its paternal body, it had never met him before, so it was full of curiosity. Only, no matter how it asked, Helen didn’t reply to this question, only telling it that it didn’t have a paternal body.

Snow obviously didn’t believe this. Ever since it was only an initial form made of a few cells, what it feared the most was its paternal body, that paternal body it had never met before. Only now did the fear it felt towards its paternal body gradually fade somewhat, and that was because it always remained at Helen’s side, feeling like Helen could protect it.

The modification work was detailed and long, but under Helen and Snow’s joint efforts, the rate of progress became miraculously fast. Finally, Helen stretched out her tired body, lifted Snow up, and then said, “Get up little guy! Time to get to work. We only have enough energy to carry out a final modification!”

After obediently being fastened to the experimental platform, before the glass cover was fastened in place, Snow moved her head to the side, suddenly saying, “Mama, when this battle ends, I want to become like you. Even in human form, Snow can still be just as strong.”

Helen stared blankly, and said with a gentle and tender voice, “You’re saying nonsense again. Your current appearance is extremely beautiful, only this is the beauty a perfect life form should have. Aren’t you always saying how the human race is extremely primitive and weak, not having any sense of beauty?”

“But mama is a human.”

“Alright, we’ll talk about this matter later. Right now, be good and carry out the body modification. Also, don’t think about battles, what battles are there?”

“Of course these are battles!” Snow said seriously, “It is because there is already killing intent on Mama’s body!”

“Who said? Mama’s the most gentle!” Helen boasted shamelessly.

“Mama is the most terrifying!”

“The word terrifying isn’t used as praise.”

“But it is the closest fitting in translation! It is because I feel like even the paternal body will be scared of Mama!”


“... uh, the experiment is about to start right? I’m already prepared!”

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