Book 6 Chapter 21.2

Book 6 Chapter 21.2 - Soar

Countless animals, regardless of whether they were large like giant swamp crocodiles or small like insects, left their homes, starting to frantically run. All types of wild beasts gathered together, forming another type of fleeing beast flood. Even creatures that were originally natural enemies were running side by side right now.

At the center of the rainforest, the black flood was currently silently swarming over, chasing after the aircraft in the sky. All creatures who dare stand in their way would be instantly torn apart. What followed closely behind the Herkula was the even more frightening swarm of Leigna. When one looked down from the sky, the green continent seemed to have been painted over, becoming fault zones that completely lacked color. Meanwhile, on the other side of the rainforest, a small group of foragers were currently running at a speed that wasn’t too rushed. There were only twenty one of them, their sizes not that large either, but no mutated creatures who had their territories invaded upon dared to attack them. At this time, the foragers no longer concealed their auras, steadily releasing the presence of a powerful individual at the top of this planet’s food chain, an aura that was enough to make all vicious beasts retreat. As mid level biological weapons, the foragers’ status in the entire biological army was far greater than the Herkula or Leigna’s. They normally wouldn’t associate with the latter, and even when moving together, they latter would only serve as their soldiers and cannon fodder.

However, regardless, this wave of biological army flood still surged north, moreover leaving behind a thick stroke on the great earth that signified their path of advance.

When night fell, the old-fashioned aircraft already rumbled past the great sea. The coastal reef was craggy, the great sea producing dark turbid waves that smashed viciously against the reef, releasing waves of rumbling noises. The great sea shrouded under the darkness of night roared about, but a dark figure appeared at the tall coastal edge. From the silhouette, that was a wolf-shaped creature. It raised its head, releasing a long roar, and then jumped out, its body drawing out a bold and powerful arc through the night sky, leaping over a hundred meters, throwing itself deep into the great sea!

Even more Herkula appeared at the seacoast. They didn’t stop at all, jumping into the great sea one after another, swimming towards the other shore they couldn’t see at all. What followed were the black cloud-like Leigna. They were much smaller than the Herkula, their endurance also much weaker. At this point, there were already many Leigna who exhausted their stamina, dropping into the sea. However, the remaining Leigna were still frantically beating their wings, facing the crazy ocean winds, flying north.

All of the Herkula gathered into an orderly formation, advancing through the ocean’s waves. When one looked down from above, it was as if an enormous and incomparable sea of beasts was passing by the boundless great sea.

At this very moment, the flames of war engulfing the northern continent not only didn’t cease, it instead became more and more vicious. The consequences war brought were already fully displayed, even Dragon City that was previously a pure land couldn’t avoid being affected.

To the south of Dragon City rested a massive factory. The factory’s defense couldn’t be considered extremely strict, the close to a hundred armed soldiers, even though it already wasn’t a small power, compared to the value of the factory, their intimidation power was still a bit lacking. The factory occupied tens of thousands of square meters, so for only a hundred soldiers to defend such a large area, it really was a bit thin. However, the striking Morgan Family insignia towering outside the factory was enough to make anyone drooling for this place think thrice. This was a synthetic food factory, and due to its location at the center of crossroads, it immediately became the center of both sides’ battlefronts. Due to the Morgan Family maintaining a neutral position this entire time, having massive military force here would only invite unnecessary trouble, and as a result, there was only a symbolic defense in place.

The night was extremely dark. Under the cover of the clouds of radiation, when night came, it was close to absolutely darkness. However, darkness didn’t bring ability users too much hindrance, night vision was almost ubiquitous among them. Two soldiers were standing on a sentry position, their arms and legs moving about in boredom. In this era, night was always a bit cold. The flames of war never affected this place, spending too much time peacefully long making these guards lose their heart of vigilance. In their hearts, they firmly believed that no one would be stupid enough to start a war against the Morgan Family. Moreover, this synthetic food factory wasn’t completely the Morgan Family’s property, the Blood Parliament was the greatest shareholder behind the scenes.

However, what they didn’t know was that there were already over ten scopes that had them locked within their crosshairs.

Muffled gunshots sounded at nearly the same moment, blood immediately gushing out from either the guards’ heads or bodies. In the darkness, hundreds of figures leapt out from their places of hiding, throwing themselves towards the factory! Ear-splitting alarm sounds swiftly sounded, the guards who were still sleeping jumping out from their beds, grabbing their weapons and rushing out from their dorms. However, as soon as they left the doors, they were mowed down by a hail of bullets. The few guards who were fortunate enough to survive withdrew into their dormitories, borrowing the terrain to frantically resist while sending out news of the attack.

The fierce gunshots shattered the peace of this night. The number of attackers was numerous, but their weapons and equipment were varied, their tactical achievements far inferior to the guards, the command also seeming quite messy. Even though the ambush succeeded and they occupied the absolute advantage, the intruders still used close to an hour before completely occupying the food factory, and they couldn’t even stop the guards from burning down a food compounding workshop out of desperation.

Dragonrider General Headquarters still remained quiet. In the old-fashioned building, warm lighting continuously flowed out from several windows. The number of staff members in general headquarters was already becoming fewer and fewer. As the war continued, the Black Dragonriders’ purpose for existence was currently disappearing. Many of the dragonriders separately joined the two sides, the number of Black Dragonriders under Morgan also became fewer and fewer in number. Apart from the family’s members, only a few dragonriders like Lieutenant Colonel Julio who was born a commoner still stayed in the Black Dragonriders.

It was already late into the night. General Morgan still didn’t decide to sleep. He sat on the sofa, currently flipping through a book pertaining to olden era history. The coffee on the side table continuously released wisps of pure fragrance, in the current times, this was definitely excessive luxury. Outside the office table, the beautiful and sexy female secretary was sitting behind the office table, twirling her fountain pen out of boredom, clearly a bit sleepy. At this moment, the telephone on the table suddenly sounded, giving her a scare, to the extent where she accidentally knocked over a cup of coffee. She wiped at the spilled coffee in panic while hurriedly grabbing the telephone receiver.

When she heard a few words, her expression immediately changed. She tore off a piece of paper, quickly recording the key points, and then walked into General Morgan’s office, placing the note in front of the general.

After giving the note a quick loot, General Morgan’s hands trembled slightly, and then said, “Itiya food compounding factory suffered an ambush, already falling? Very good, they finally went this far.”

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