Book 6 Chapter 21.12

Book 6 Chapter 21.12 - Soar

Gardner rushed into his own office, and then after inputting a long and tedious string of code, he opened up a strictly sealed safe, producing two frozen fluid loaded syringes from within.

While holding the two syringes, Gardner raised his head to look at the large screen before him. His office room was extremely large, the screen that covered an entire wall continuously displaying the analysis diagram of the gene lock. Presently, three-fourths of the extremely complex gene lock had already been unraveled, now only having a portion that remained locked. Tens of thousands of gene fragments floated about, moreover moving about irregularly. The number that was displayed at the lower right corner of the screen was 65535, this number that represented the amount of already unraveled genetic code fragments. Meanwhile, the amount Gardner truly understood didn’t...

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