Book 6 Chapter 21.11

Book 6 Chapter 21.11 - Soar

In the inner areas of the Blood Parliament, the Central Biological Laboratory had already become the highest priority for protection. Howls that didn’t belong to humans would ring through the vast building complex from time to time. After the master of this place was changed, the past calm style completely changed, darkness and a blood-thirsty aura swirling about above the Central Biological Laboratory. However, under the crazy atmosphere, the speed of breakthrough was indeed more than ten times that of when Dr. Connor was in charge of this place. Strictly sealed trucks headed towards the experiment region almost every day, only, when they occasionally saw these terrifying monsters who weren’t humans or beasts being transported by the trucks, even the cold-blooded guards who had witnessed many mutated creatures before shivered all over in fear.

Right now, waves of hysterical and indignant roars were currently resounding in the main building’s surroundings, to the extent where there were even large amounts of instruments thrown out from the windows! Regardless of whether it was the guards or experiment researchers, when they saw this scene, they all kept quiet out of fear, only acting as if they didn’t see anything. It was because this massive building was now the personal laboratory of the current manager, Gardner. Meanwhile, regardless of how expensive these laboratory instruments were, even if all of the experiment equipment was smashed apart, it was none of their business. As the war continued and he obtained results again and again, Gardner’s status also increased. Right now, he was already a complete dictator in the entire laboratory base. The chairman specially allocated four high level ability users to serve as his guards, and as long as Gardner wished, he could take the life of anyone in the experiment base.

Perhaps because of many years of suppression, perhaps due to suddenly obtaining too much authority, or perhaps only because of his warped nature that could finally fully be displayed, Gardner spent most of this waking moments on edge. In the past few months, just the number of men and women personally killed by him was not less than ten. As long as they could, no one was willing to appear before him. However, they had no choice but admit that Gardner in this neurotic state was a hundred percent a genius, always having all types of unimaginable ways of thinking, and all of them could be put into practice.

However, tonight, those who were sharp sensed that Gardner was a bit different. However, as for what was different, no one could really say.

Gardner’s eyes were entirely red, currently staring at the breeding tank before him. A naked woman floated in the breeding tank, extremely beautiful, her body also healthy and strong. Her eyes were closed, currently floating up and down in culture fluid.

No matter what perspective one looked at it from, she was an excellent woman, aside from her fifty centimeter height.

She looked just like a proportionately smaller model, but not only was it detailed, she could breathe, as if she had her own life. However, right now, her bright and beautiful body was covered in injuries of varying sizes, blood currently seeping out from those injuries, to the extent where the expression of pain on her face was vivid and lifelike! If one looked carefully, one would discover that she looked completely identical to the woman Persephone dragged behind her.

Right before Gardner’s eyes, the woman’s body suddenly shook, the lower half of her mouth entirely exploding, a blast of bloody mist immediately filling the breeding tank! When he saw the woman’s beautiful appearance destroyed, Gardner suddenly began to sob, his head smashing into the breeding tank! His glossy head completely smashed apart the breeding tank, and it was also cut by the glass fragments. When Gardner raised his head, a mixture of blood and culture fluid continuously flowed down from his forehead. 

“Eight levels, eight levels! How could eight levels die, how? Elin, you have but many eighth level abilities, how could it be like this? Who killed you, who, who?!” Gardner clasped the miniature woman’s body, his cries resounding through the entire building.

Due to the three chosen bodies Dr. Connor left behind, Gardner used up the remaining amount of Su’s genetic material, thus finally creating Elin. She had many eighth level Combat Domain abilities, exceptional intelligence and a lifespan of over thirty years. She was also extremely beautiful, ‘Garden of Eden’ Project’s last and most perfect product, even more so the eruption of Gardner’s decades of suppressed intelligence. Meanwhile, Elin’s most valuable point was that she could still increase her strength through combat, just like a normal person! Only through this significance could she be viewed as a perfect life form. Meanwhile, the previous chosen could be viewed as abnormalities with human exteriors. 

From the moment her heart began to beat powerfully, Gardner discovered that he already loved her incorrigibly, loving his own creation. Meanwhile, the moment Elin walked out of the breeding tank, he impatiently threw himself over. As a creation, Elin couldn’t, nor did she know how to go against her creator.

In the following half month, Gardner didn’t take a single step out of the room. He only stayed together with Elin, living together, making love, continuously telling her about the world when they were resting, during this time inserting large amounts of information about himself, of course, all of the viewpoint starting from his point of view. Most of the time, Gardner talked without rhyme or reason, while Elin only quietly listened, using her exceptional intelligence to comprehend everything he said. One day, Gardner suddenly came to the realization that he ought to label Elin as a failure, moreover clearly record that she had already been destroyed. When he thought of this, sweat immediately soaked through his clothes!

However, it was already too late. When Gardner rushed through the door, the officer who carried the chairman’s orders already walked into the central laboratory’s doors.

As the most powerful chosen up until now, Elin was conscripted without any suspense, nor was there any room for negotiation. Under Gardner’s bitter pleas, the leader of the special forces finally agreed to let her stay one more day, and there was a three day pre-combat training arranged before she was officially sent out to fight, thus increasing her chances of survival in the war.

On Elin’s final night, Gardner didn’t carry out a final time of passion, instead frantically working through the night, producing a miniature version of Elin. This version had a natural connection with Elin herself, and if Elin was injured, then damage would appear on this version as well.

When Elin officially left for battle the first time, Gardner just stood guard over this miniature version, what followed was a day and night that almost drove him crazy. Not long after she was first injured, Gardner discovered that Elin already lost all ability to retaliate, but her body’s injuries still continued to increase one after another. This broke down the final floodgate in his heart.

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