Book 6 Chapter 21.10

Book 6 Chapter 21.10 - Soar

The elder behind the counter obviously recognized how frightening Persephone was, also knowing that she was definitely not someone who could be rashly offended. However, even though the elder who managed to live to his age didn’t have any outstanding abilities, he had the skills to understand human emotions and how to deal with different situations, knowing that the more things were like this, the more he couldn't remain silent, and even more so couldn’t reveal any different expressions. Treating her like a normal bar guest was the best way to deal with this situation.

That was why he reached out his head to take a look, and then absent-mindedly asked, “Who is this woman?”

Persephone gulped down another mouthful of alcohol, gargled it a bit in her mouth, and then what was spat out was half a cup of warm pink alcohol. When she heard the elder’s question, she said indifferently, “Her? She’s just a dog under Bevulas, man-made, but indeed quite formidable.”


The elder and those in the surroundings first felt a bit of confusion, because the Blood Parliament’s chairman was someone who was separated far from their lives. In the present, where information wasn’t all that widespread, the number of refugees in the wilderness who heard of the name Bevulas was definitely in the small minority. Apart from the elder, the expressions of two other individuals suddenly changed, and then they silently withdrew from the crowd, slowly moving towards the entrance. The elder’s expression remained silent, but the hand that was wiping the wine glass couldn’t help but start shaking.

The entire bottle of alcohol was finished, the burning alcohol making Persephone’s head feel a bit heavy. However, the fiery feeling warmed her body that had become ice-cold from blood loss. The alcohol also made her mind become a bit more sluggish, the vicious injuries hidden under her clothes also no longer hurting as much.

Persephone produced a few syringes from her jacket’s pocket, placed them on the counter, and then said to the elder, “These are for you, exchange for a barrel of oil, diesel fuel, or any other whatever fuel!”

The elder’s eyelids jumped, his great knowledge and experiences immediately allowing him to recognize the origins of these syringes: Black Dragonrider standard battlefield first aid medicine. In the wilderness, these things were definitely not commonly seen, they were life-saving goods. Forget about a barrel of fuel, they were enough to even exchange for a ton. 

However, this gray-haired woman’s body was clearly seriously injured, so why didn’t she use them on her own body? The elder carried doubt, but knew that this wasn’t something he ought to know. Without batting an eyelid, he used his large hand to cover these vials of medication, and then when his hand withdrew, the table was already empty. He gave the helpers working in the back kitchen a few orders, and then a few minutes later, a barrel of excellent quality fuel was placed in front of Persephone. Persephone didn’t lean over, instead using the heel of her leather boots to lightly tap against the barrel of oil. The rustproof steel plate manufactured oil barrel was then entirely cut open, the cut as neat as if a blade had sliced through it.

When she smelled the strong scent of gasoline, Persephone was clearly extremely satisfied with the quality of the oil. She didn’t expect this type of inhabited area to have fuel grade gasoline. Because gasoline burned rather cleanly, it left her quite pleased. The elder understood the techniques of doing business well. He already made quite the profit from this transaction, so there was no need to play any tricks on the fuel, and as such, the best goods were directly brought out.

Persephone’s foot moved, as if she accidentally kicked over the barrel of oil. The gasoline suddenly splashed out, pouring on the counter, quite a bit directly splashing onto her body. Her foot gently moved out, nimbly setting the barrel of oil upright again. When they saw the remaining large half of gasoline, the expressions of the people in the bar changed once more, many of them silently putting out the cigarettes in their mouths.

Persephone’s left leg was still propped up high on the bar chair, her right leg stepping on the barrel of gasoline. The right hand holding the Magnum moved about at her side, her left hand grabbing the bottle of alcohol, from time to time gulping down a large mouthful.

Suddenly, with a loud bang sound, the Magnum released fiery light once more. The bullet smashed into the woman’s thigh, making her, who had just crawled up, fall down once more!

The woman seemed to have realized that there was no chance for her to escape anymore, and as a result, she raised her head with difficulty to stare at Persephone, her voice full of bitter resentment as she said, “Even if you kill me, you still can’t run! The chairman will definitely catch you, and then turn your body into a plaything, having over a hundred man viciously rape you every day! At that time, it won’t matter if you are dead or alive, what matters then is that you will have endless men, even when you are dead, not knowing anything anymore, there will still be countless men in line to fuck you, you will be even lower than a female swine…”

A vicious string of curses poured out from this woman’s mouth, but it was then cut short by the Magnum’s powerful gunshot. The powerful bullet smashed into her row of teeth, moreover tearing up her mouth and tongue.

This shot blasted the woman’s mouth rotten, but Persephone looked as if nothing happened, raising the bottle of alcohol from time to time, pouring down a mouthful of strong alcohol down her throat. The blood that surged was forcibly washed down by the fiery alcohol, her internal injuries and many wounds repeatedly twitching in pain. Persephone only felt her body wasn’t all that heavy, gradually becoming lighter. She who was always vigilant unexpectedly didn’t notice that the bar had already become much more spacious and empty, many people silently withdrawing.

The music continued, the powerful beats battering down like waves, making it hard for Persephone to breathe. No one could hear her muttering, “You piece of shit! Not leaving behind any news after leaving, don’t even know if you are dead or alive. However, right now, none of that is important, I can’t do any more for you either. Sigh, can’t do bad things after all! Madeline, I’m sorry for stealing the man you wanted, I did it on purpose from the very start. I was scared that I might miss out on that fella, didn’t know if I’ll ever meet someone like him again. Sigh, that fella… I was originally looking forward to the day when he would press me underneath…”

A powerful stabbing pain made Persephone frown, and it also made her a bit more clear-headed. She raised her head to give the dying woman on the ground a look, and then released a cold laugh.

“Don’t worry, even if I die, they still won’t get this body!” Persephone thought coldly. The tip of her boots tapped against the barrel of fuel again and again, the fuel inside swirling about.

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