Book 6 Chapter 21.1

Book 6 Chapter 21.1 - Soar

At the top of Great Sun God Temple’s lower floors was a thousand and two hundred meters long strip runway, one able to see just how grand and magnificent Great Sun God Temple was to build a runway at the top of the snowy mountain. At the end of the runway, an old-fashioned four propeller plane was parked, the copper bodies of the propellers wiped spotless. The red-robed warrior at the end of the runway waved two small flags, and after seeing the signal, the four propellers began to operate, soon after reaching their greatest speed, the aircraft itself also starting to continuously shake as a result.

Following the release of the brakes, the aircraft began to slowly slide along the runway. Then, the four propellers began to frantically roar, the plane accelerating. However, the excessive amount of fuel the plane carried made it extremely heavy, rocking back and forth, moving up and then back down again a few times. When the runway was about to reach its end, even the red-robed warrior in charge of the plane’s takeoff was covered in sweat. The aircraft seemed to be suddenly grabbed by an invisible large hand and pushed up, rising into the sky, spreading its wings and flying high above the great sea of radiation clouds. The snowy peak was like an island in this sea of clouds as the aircraft passed it by.

The sky was extremely blue, so blue no limit could be seen. The sun in the sky released unrelenting light and heat, sending the almost liquefied heat pouring down on the clouds of radiation. Half the clouds in the sky were dyed red, making it look like a burning sea of flames.

The propellers spun about, the ear-splitting engine noises covering the roaring winds, becoming the only sound in this world. The aircraft was extremely shaky, but there were still times when the winds were calm. Whenever this happened, time and space in this entire world would feel as if it stopped. The aircraft was like a leaf, silently gliding above the sea of clouds. No speed could be felt, and there was no sense of elapsed time either.

Through the cockpit’s side window, Su silently overlooked this sea of clouds.

After undergoing emergency modifications, the old-fashioned aircraft’s cabin had completely been converted into an oil tank. Despite the fuel consumption being great, the large amount of oil was still enough to support its flight back to the northern continent, of course, on the premise that it didn’t break down on the way there.

This aircraft was already close to eighty years old, yet it was miraculously preserved until now. Meanwhile, when Rochester first designed Great Sun God Temple, he already designed a runway on the roof, moreover preparing an aircraft and all of the necessary components. The olden era aircraft had almost no electronic installations, completely mechanical in operation. The machinery’s workmanship was extremely exquisite, even the slightest movement from its wings transmitted to Su’s hands through the piloting stick.

When flying above the clouds of radiation, all electronic instruments would malfunction under the powerful electromagnetic fields, which was why the doctor didn’t add any electronic installations to this aircraft. As for navigation, if Su who had eleven levels of Perception could lose his way, then that really would be the greatest joke.

The great earth, mountain ranges, lakes, city ruins, all of these passed by beneath the sea of clouds one after the other.

In the tropical rainforest, a group of natives who were currently hunting suddenly stopped their movements, all of them continuously looking all around them in fear and alarm. A white-haired lizard suddenly raised his head, his ears moving a bit, and then climbed to the treetop with exceptional nimbleness, gazing towards the sky. The other natives also climbed up to the treetop one after another, staring with stupefied expressions towards the sky. At this time, the faint rumbling sounds in the sky already became more and more clear, the clouds of radiation also starting to stir about. The clouds suddenly revealed a crack, an enormous and aged aircraft, under countless pairs of attentive eyes, slowly moved past the sky, and then disappeared again beyond the endless radiation clouds.

All of the natives were stupefied. Only after a long time had passed did they snap back to reality. They were immediately in a flustered state, screeching as they hopped and jumped about, not knowing what they should do. Right when they were about to jump down, they were suddenly dumbstruck, their bodies going rigid, unable to display any movements.

In the forest under the tree, Herkula were currently silently running, their numbers simply endless like a black flood. Rumors regarding the Herkula had long passed between the native tribes, these vicious beasts that suddenly appeared in the rainforest as terrifying as the death god. They ate anything, were incomparably crafty, definitely wouldn’t fall for any traps, and they were much more formidable than ordinary mutated creatures. There was even a story of a Herkula wiping out an entire village’s native hunters. Now, whenever the natives hunted in the rainforest, they would all pray beforehand, praying that they wouldn’t encounter a Herkula.

However, right now, there were hundreds to over a thousand Herkula running below their very eyes, heading straight north. Just the fear they felt alone was enough to prevent the natives from making any movements.

A native suddenly couldn’t control his body, and with a bitter and miserable scream, fell from the treetop. His arms and legs flailed about, and even though his descent was quite short, the screaming sounded continuously, echoing into the distance. A Herkula suddenly raised its head, biting down on the unlucky native with a single motion, its powerful upper and lower jaws clamping down, instantly tearing off a leg. Then, with a fling of its head, the native was tossed backwards. Several Herkula jumped up one after another, dividing up that native in the air, and then when they landed, they continued crazily following the great army north. From time to time, there were some Herkula who raised their heads towards the natives that were completely petrified, but not a single one stopped to waste even a few seconds on capturing prey and eating. As for the unlucky fella, the Herkula naturally wouldn’t mind using food that dropped right by their mouths as a bit of nourishment.

Another wave of disturbance rose in the rainforest, a black expanse of Leigna flying over. Their hundreds of thousands in number simply turned them into a black cloud as they swept through the rainforest. Wherever they passed by an area, that place would become completely barren.

Soon afterwards, the entire rainforest became chaotic!

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