Book 6 Chapter 20.9

Book 6 Chapter 20.9 - Foresight

However, he didn’t expect Rochester to shake his head and say, “Of course not. Even though I did indeed create you, I believe your process of growth wasn’t a joyous one. The true reason is because of our common enemy, ‘one’ that was previously delivered from the experiment base to the southern great continent’s secret base! In your language, you can also call it apostle!”

“Apostle?” This word made Su and his instincts become more serious at the same time. “Just now, what you delivered to the secret base was ‘one’, however, based on my knowledge, there isn’t just one apostle.”

Rochester carried an all-knowing calmness, with a smile saying, “There is only a single ‘one’, but there are five apostles, perhaps even a bit m...

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