Book 6 Chapter 20.9

Book 6 Chapter 20.9 - Foresight

However, he didn’t expect Rochester to shake his head and say, “Of course not. Even though I did indeed create you, I believe your process of growth wasn’t a joyous one. The true reason is because of our common enemy, ‘one’ that was previously delivered from the experiment base to the southern great continent’s secret base! In your language, you can also call it apostle!”

“Apostle?” This word made Su and his instincts become more serious at the same time. “Just now, what you delivered to the secret base was ‘one’, however, based on my knowledge, there isn’t just one apostle.”

Rochester carried an all-knowing calmness, with a smile saying, “There is only a single ‘one’, but there are five apostles, perhaps even a bit more.”

“Then, what is one?”

“This is an excellent question! Starting from the very beginning until now, we’ve already researched ‘one’ for close to a hundred years, but only unraveled a small portion of its secrets, most of its mysteries still hidden beneath layers of dense fog, waiting for us to explore. In reality, even today, I still don’t know what one’s true form is. Come, let’s watch a few things first, I believe that this will help you understand our current situation better.” The silver-haired elder walked over to the wall, inputted a passcode into the wall, and then the entire wall slowly rose, revealing the enormous hall behind it. The hall was fifteen meters tall, close to a thousand square meters in surface area, enormous to the point of making one suffocate.

A silvery-white passage stretched from the elder to the center of the hall, the inside a circular silver platform, the metal feel full of new era fantasy world elements. When Rochester walked up to the platform, the kengqiang noises his footsteps made echoed through the hall, almost making one completely forget that he was only a holographic projection. He gestured to Su, having him stand on this platform as well.

The platform then slowly rose, coming to a slow stop after rising seven meters. The lighting of the hall thus dimmed, becoming completely dark, only a gentle silver lighting barely illuminating the two of them.

A streak of light streaked across the darkness, descending from the sky. It immediately turned into a stream of flames, becoming increasingly brilliant. In front of it appeared a boundless great earth, mountain ranges stretching out continuously everywhere, the peaks covered in ice and snow that didn’t melt all year round, primitive forests everywhere else. The streak of flames smashed towards the great earth, producing a powerful explosion, heat waves rushing several dozen meters into the sky, even more so igniting and destroying all trees within a several hundred meter radius. These enormous burning trees would then be directly flung more than a hundred meters out, smashing into forests and producing loud rumbling sounds.

Following the explosion, a several dozen meter diameter crater appeared on the ground, the rocks all turning into glass under the high temperature. At the very center was a broken metal vessel, a silver-colored substance continuously flowing out from its broken walls, and then began to slowly evaporate.

The scenes were suddenly sped up. When they slowed down again, a few people walked into the forest one behind the other. They wore survival apparel outdoor adventurers often wore, large backpacks on their backs, all types of special photography equipment hanging from their necks, the last person even carrying a miniature broadcasting device. They arrived at the site of explosion, and when they saw that giant crater, they couldn’t help but release gasps of surprise. However, all of them became silent at the same time, their faces filled with shock as they looked at the enormous and peculiarly shaped metal vessel at the bottom of the crater. At the very least, from the outer form and bulk, it didn’t seem to be a secret weapon the military was developing, the design style vastly different from that of human civilizations’. 

“God, what are we looking at?!” The bearded middle-aged man gasped with astonishment, continuously drawing a cross over his chest. Meanwhile, the woman at his side recovered from her shock faster than him. She grabbed the camera, adjusted the lens, and then took pictures non-stop.

The bearded leader gave the crater’s situation a look, and then said loudly, “Roddy, come down with me to take a look, Hannah, keep taking pictures, Mills, prepare to contact that reporter you are close to, tell her what we discovered. Damn it, what news service was she from again, CCB or Wired News?”

“She’s from The Post, I already told you this many times, leader!” A thin and weak looking man by the outside of this group replied.

“Alright, regardless of where she’s from, as long as she can pay high enough of a price, then we can promise her an exclusive headline! Hey, stop staring at it and come with me. Partners, we are about to become famous…” Before the bearded leader finished speaking, a rumbling machine sound could suddenly be heard from the distance. In the blink of an eye, a helicopter without any logo moved right above the treetops, hovering above the meteorite crater, the strong winds making it difficult for the adventurers to even stand steadily.

“Damn it! What are you all trying to do? My lawyer will sue you all!” The thin and weak looking Mills hollered loudly. He was blown down to the  ground by the strong winds, his head pressed heavily against the ground, blood flowing along his forehead. However, his voice was completely overwhelmed by the engine’s rumbling sound. The bearded leader raised his hand, and then the group members immediately closed their mouths, showing that he had unquestionable authority in this group. His other hand rested behind his back, making a secret gesture. The woman named Hannah immediately understood his intentions, using slight and hidden movements to insert a data transmission wire into a camera, starting to upload pictures to a certain website. However, when the first picture was only halfway uploaded, the internet was suddenly disconnected. She produced her cellphone, discovering that there was actually no signal!

The engine’s rumbling noises became louder and louder, one could see that another helicopter was flying over from several hundred meters out, a peculiar shaped pod hanging below. There was no lack of military enthusiasts among the adventurers, easily recognizing that this was an electronic warfare pod, because its shape was just too unique. However, what was the meaning of a military helicopter equipped for electronic warfare appearing in this type of barren place? The bearded leader pulled out his cellphone, saw the lack of a signal, and then a wave of coldness suddenly surged from within him. He raised his head, lifting his sunglasses that protected from the snowy ground’s blinding radiance, sizing up the people in the helicopter above him.

The armed helicopter’s side was completely opened, a fully armed soldier seated in the heavy machine gun position, the deep cold muzzle aimed at the adventurers below. There were a few others soldiers who could be seen from the open side, all of them aiming the weapons in their hands at the people below. Their clothes were completely black, their equipment quality clearly superior to that of ordinary special forces. Not only did the dark mask block the cold, it also hid their faces. Their equipment were just like the military helicopter, with no symbol of military unit to be found.

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