Book 6 Chapter 20.8

Book 6 Chapter 20.8 - Foresight

He stood up, first giving the human corpses in his surroundings a look, and then carefully examined himself. He had the appearance of a human boy, his body quite well-proportioned, his skin bright white and clean, only his fingers having bits of blood on them. Meanwhile, the injuries on these corpses clearly showed that they were all killed by him. He suddenly felt an extreme hunger, while his instincts told him that the humans before him were the best food. However, he felt hesitation. When he looked at himself again, he realized that this was the first time he saw what he looked like. No matter what angle he looked at it from, even if it was from his internal composition, he was a human, a three or four year old human boy. The only different part about him might be that his face and body were too pretty.

He suddenly squatted down, starting to dig forcefully into the ground. The ground surface was extremely hard, the earth already frozen, while his hands were extremely soft. As he dug into the earth, blood already dyed this frozen ground. A piercing pain transmitted from his fingertips, yet he didn’t mind it at all. The injuries on his body would heal, but without food, he would die quickly. As for pain, in his memories that had been covered in dust, compared to those experiments, this amount was completely negligible. Perhaps attracted to the blood, a mutated lizard suddenly made its way out from the depths of the frozen earth. The cold weather originally wasn’t this type of creature’s time of activity, but it didn’t pose it any threat. He suddenly grabbed this lizard, crushed its skull, and then threw it into his mouth, swallowing it.

A single lizard could only be called better than nothing. He was still extremely weak, his skin clearly insufficient in ensuring warmth and preventing leakage of moisture. As the cold wind constantly swept away his body heat, the precious amount of energy he had was being exhausted. As a result, he tore off the clothes on the corpses’ bodies, wrapping them strip by strip around himself.

His memories began to fall apart here. When he began to store clear memories again, he was inside an abandoned large city, crouched in a dark little alley, staring out in a daze. He didn’t know why he appeared here, nor did he know what he was going to do next. There was an expanse of darkness at the bottom of his heart, yet there were countless mournful cries and screams sounding. An overcast voice continuously tried to say something by his ears, but he couldn’t understand its contents no matter how he tried. The surface of his body that was wrapped in cloth strips looked calm, but everything within was boiling, his entire field of view a green color. He really wanted to let himself go, thus have this fear and dread come to an end so that he wouldn’t have to be scared of anything, wouldn’t need to worry about hunger, because food was everywhere. He didn’t have to fear the darkness anymore, because the darkness would be his own domain, the silence and icy coldness his companions.

Meanwhile, a sickly white flame burned within the depths of his consciousness, wishing to break free of its restraints and burn down the world he feared or hated.

Right at this time, a woman ran over from an alley, her appearance extremely panicked and frightened, looking all around before finally seeing him. She hesitated a bit, but the noise that sounded from outside the alley made her set her resolution. She suddenly threw herself at him, placed a cloth bundle into his arms, and then ran towards the other end of the alley. After leaving the alley, she stopped for a moment, released a scream, and only then did she continue running into the distance. A group of thugs swarmed over into the alley. When the woman’s vague cry entered their ears, their eyes immediately became red from excitement, shouting and hollering as they chased after her, none of them noticing his figure in the corner of the shadows.

He sat there quietly, watching everything. In the green-colored world, everything was formed from lines and surfaces of different shades of green, but their three-dimensional images were still present, even their internal compositions shown layer by layer. In his eyes, everything was an object, the rocks, ruins, thugs, and even the woman who had just passed him.

However, at this moment, a warm feeling suddenly transmitted from his bosom. He lifted the cloth parcel, opened it, and then saw a pair of angel-like, pure blue eyes. Those eyes penetrated the omnipresent green color, shattering this entirely green world. As a result, he saw all different colors once more, and also sensed that the little girl and what he defined as an ‘object’ was different. The girl was warm, soft, the feeling of life he felt from her suddenly melting the innermost area at the bottom of his heart, and then his thoughts that had already remained static for many years began to flow again.

The thugs had already departed into the distance, the crazy and cruel gathering already coming to an end. He opened up the swaddling clothes, exposing the female baby’s ear, letting her hear her mother’s final word. He didn’t know if there was any use to this, but he hoped that she could at least remember this bit. However, even if she didn’t remember, it was fine, because he would remember.

They would grow up, would obtain strength, so the day would come when he would bring her back and change the world. Before then, he had to raise her up.

His heartbeat suddenly began to beat faster, actually feeling a strange excitement. This was a completely unprecedented feeling. It was because from that moment forth, he obtained something he had to do.

Many memories that were covered in dust were lifted open, but it didn’t bring him any joy. Intead, those memories that were hiding in the darkness now only seemed more dismal and depressing. Meanwhile, the key that unlocked those memories that had been unused for a long time, was the key Dr. Rochester produced, the brand that was rooted in his innermost depths from the very start.

When he saw Su snap back from a momentary absent-mindedness, Rochester said, “I believe you now believe me. Then now, what we need to do is to discuss what to do from here on forth. I am extremely happy to see how you’ve grown, even Kanos dying under your hands, truly worthy of being my most perfect creation!”

An indifferent smile appeared on Su’s face. “You want me to help you do things? The reason that made you think this way is only because you created me in a laboratory?”

After uncovering the memories that had been covered in dust, if ‘creating’ Su was Rochester’s only reason, then Su didn’t mind destroying all of Great Sun God Temple right now. Even though there were a few auras that made him feel a bit of fear, before they reached this place, Su might very well locate where Dr. Rochester’s original body was. With this window that displayed a stunning scenery here, Su also had an escape path, so the worst result was that he could still run. A few months later, Su would bring a complete biochemical army back with him.

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