Book 6 Chapter 20.7

Book 6 Chapter 20.7 - Foresight

In reality, the doctor had long possessed the Incomplete Foresight ability. Before the news conference happened, this ability appeared on Rochester through a talent awakening method. All the way until the war erupted, the doctor was the first, as well as the only ability user. However, his true abilities did not only consist of the level one Magic Domain Flame ability, but there was also as high as six levels of Mysterious Fields, and talent reaching Imperfect Foresight.

All of the doctor’s backups had some type of mysterious connection. Inside the seven secret bases, the third and seventh bases’ backups activated at the same time, while number three’s backup’s speed of development was faster than that of number seven, which was why after some time, number seven backup stopped the duplication process, entering a dormant state. When number three’s backup completed its entire cloning process and walked out from the secret base, the first thing it did was seek out base number 7, and then completely absorb all of the backup. The so-called backups were all like Dr. Rochester himself, equipped with astonishing talent in the Mysterious Fields Domain.

Both base number three and base number seven had large amounts of information, and as the one in charge of the olden era federation’s greatest projects, the doctor simultaneously grasped the highest level of authority in over ten secret research bases. When he made his decision to hold the news conference and publically announce the existence of abilities to the world, a disastrous leak happened in the central base located in the depths of the northern forest region. The doctor successfully escaped, and he sealed up the base, then arranging for his trusted aide to send ‘one’ to the secret base in the south.

Meanwhile, the doctor himself hurriedly headed for the news conference site. History paused for a moment here, and then it continued forward.

As the doctor spoke, the hidden history unfolded once more, but even more secrets were still hidden under a heavy dark haze, for example, how did the war begin.

Su said indifferently, “Quite the miraculous experience. However, what does any of this have to do with me?”

The elder didn’t mind Su’s coldness at all, saying, “Because we have a common enemy, and also because you are my greatest creation, my child.”

Su didn’t reply, instead waiting for his next words.

“First of all, let us complete a verification procedure.” A light screen appeared before Rochester. He reached out his hand and tapped on the light screen, and then several beams of light fired down from the ceiling, producing a number that was several thousand digits long.

Pointing at the number, Rochester said, “This is the genetic code that was implanted when you were created. It doesn’t have any other use other than a marking, a marking that you can recognize no matter how you evolved. Right now, can you provide me with another drop of your blood? After being hit by a laser of a special frequency, the genetic code should then be displayed.”

Su looked at Rochester, and only after waiting a bit did he walk over to the glass dish, releasing a drop of blood inside. A few mechanical arms nimbly processed the blood, smearing it onto a slide, moreover soaking it in a special solution for a minute. A powerful laser shone down from the ceiling, illuminating the slide. Under the high energy laser, one could see that the blood was quickly changing color, and immediately afterwards, the laser passed through it. As the refraction was enlarged, the laser produced densely packed digits in the air. With a single glance, he knew that it was completely identical to the code Rochester had previously provided!

He thought back to the green-colored dream that had haunted him ever since he was young, as well as the absolutely necessary, difficult to explain suffering, Su just couldn’t develop any good opinions of this elegant and graceful looking elder before him, the pioneer of a new era, as well as his own creator, Dr. Rochester.

When he was in the underground base, Su already knew that the memories of his dreams were definitely from inside breeding tanks, and it was definitely not just a single year. It was unknown just how many experiments he had experienced, every experiment bringing him unendurable suffering, yet he had no way of resisting, to the extent where he didn’t even know how, only able to silently accept it all, allowing those outside to watch him with eyes of looking at a monster. They coldly discussed all details related to him, including the details in the depths of his genes. Meanwhile, during the experiment process, many times, he would discover that all of his own perception was cut off, only his consciousness left alone. At that time, what surrounded Su was only endless darkness and silence, not the slightest bit of sound, no light, no tactile sensations, absolutely nothing, only a consciousness that was awake.

He was simply about to go crazy, but even this was impossible. 

That was why after he experienced the first dark space, he learned how much he should actually be cherishing the suffering of those experiments. However, things didn’t go as his will wished at all, the experiments continued, placing him into a dark space again and again, entering awake, coming out awake, the only thing that couldn’t be measured, was his feeling towards time. Sometimes, it seemed like only an instant passed in the darkness, yet sometimes, it was as if entire generations went by.

Unknowingly when, he already stopped being afraid of the dark space. Regardless of whether he was entering or leaving, he would just watch, not showing any mental or emotional fluctuations. There was no fear, no dread, no joy, becoming just like an aloof spectator, coldly watching everything that happened to himself, as if he was watching someone else putting on a performance. Only, he remembered everything, including every single person that appeared before his field of view.

After he entered the dark space once more, his memories were discontinued. When his consciousness was restored, he discovered that the world around him had already underwent a complete change. The world above his head was unprecedentedly wide, heavy clouds looming over a thousand meters above him, meanwhile, everything around him even more so stretched as far as the eye could see, just from a single look telling him that this place was measured in the square kilometers, a completely different notion from the ten thousand square meter hall he had previously resided in.

Just the feeling of having an unobstructed view filled him with incomparable joy, a feeling similar to an eagle leaving a small cage for the first time. The air carried a strong stench, the radiation even more so irritating his body, the feeling extremely clear. When the wind blew past, it was as if an invisible hand touched him. Even the endless wilderness, tattered abandoned houses, and lonely towering electrical towers filled him with endless interest. However, the curiosity only continued for an extremely brief amount of time before he felt a trace of indescribable fear. He didn’t know what he was scared of, but this fear woke up some memories of the past. When he just tried to recall the dark space, his consciousness immediately became blank, all of his memories at that moment completely forgotten, the feeling of indifference and icy coldness once again occupying his consciousness.

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