Book 6 Chapter 20.6

Book 6 Chapter 20.6 - Foresight

“Twenty years?”

Twenty years ago, Su’s memories were still blank white. Afterwards, he suddenly appeared in the wilderness, as if he belonged to that wild, cruel, and barren world right from the very beginning. Meanwhile, the elder’s appearance looked so familiar, yet Su just couldn’t recall where he saw that face before.

When he saw Su’s contemplative appearance, the elder chuckled, and then said, “Indeed, an entire twenty years. If you don’t mind, I wish to do a little test first to verify if you are the one I have been waiting for, even though my intuition has already given me my answer.”

The elder snapped his fingers, and then the floor immediately opened up, revealing a silver workstation, on it a transparent glass dish. The mechanical arm on the surface rose, bringing a test tube up to the glass dish, and then opened it up. White-colored low temperature gas began to pour out from the test tube, and then a frozen drop of blood landed in the glass dish. A moment later, this drop of blood already dissolved, moreover displaying extremely frightening characteristics, unexpectedly moving about inside the glass dish as if it had life, to the extent where it could even jump. The only reason it didn’t jump out was because the glass dish was tall enough.

The moment he saw that drop of blood, Su immediately understood the elder’s intention. The cells in the drop of blood possessed frightening vitality, extremely similar to the intruder cells within him. Moreover, that drop of blood was roaring faintly, unexpectedly issuing a challenge against him. Su’s finger pointed out, and then a drop of his own blood flew out, landing in the glass dish.

The two droplets of blood immediately carried out a vicious cavalry-like duel, viciously smashing together, unexpectedly releasing a clear pa sound!

The cellular level battle was extremely fierce, the droplets of blood as if they were boiling, but the intense battle ended in the blink of an eye. A drop of blood that had doubled in size jumped high into the air from the glass jar, changing its trajectory mid air, and then shot out like a needle, immediately returning to Su’s fingertip, thus entering his body.

This battle couldn’t be considered evenly matched at all. The intruder cells that originated from Su’s body directly and efficiently devoured all of their enemies, and then turned the other party into nutrients to strengthen itself, thus returning after a total victory, this victory not carrying the slightest bit of suspense. The elder who watched this entire process knew that this wasn’t a battle on the same level at all.

Su quietly stood there. After winning this miniature battle, his body involuntarily gave off a type of unstoppable feeling, waiting for the elder’s response.

The elder’s expression was complex. He released a deep sigh, and then said, “Twenty years! I conducted twenty years of research, even making decisive breakthroughs in the research of the Bisindle language, yet unable to reach the level of life morphology research before the war erupted. Perhaps the perfect creature truly was a momentary favor of god, the same result impossible to replicate after the divine favor ran out! After several decades of research, I originally thought that I created another perfect biological body, yet i never expected that before you, who can be considered a true perfect life form, it would be so weak, weak to the point of being unable to endure a single blow.”

The elder’s sigh carried the great changes of history, the great gap in time even more so making one feel shock. Su suddenly recalled where he saw this elder before. It wasn’t in the depths of his consciousness, nor was it from the dreams he had deliberately forgotten, but rather from a certain perfectly preserved olden era newspaper. The elder’s portrait was engraved on the first page of the newspaper.

Even though his assimilation with his instincts already reached 35%, Su still sucked in a breath of cold air, impossible to conceal his shock. “You are Rochester! The father of abilities?!”

A bitter and helpless smile unexpectedly appeared on the elder’s face. “If time really can be turned backwards, I definitely wouldn’t have opened the gate to abilities. However, fate cannot be gone against. If it wasn’t me, perhaps someone else would have opened up this gate of calamity. This is but an unchangeable fate.”

He didn’t pay the elder’s sigh of feeling any attention, instead only staring at the elder’s projection, asking, “You are still alive?”

The crux of the issue was that all the way until now, Su only saw a projection, not the true Rochester. Moreover, with Sun Empire’s biochemistry technology, forget about plastic surgery, even genetic cloning was a completely insignificant task, creating a few Rochesters was completely possible. However, the result after gathering all known information, carrying out a full analysis with all of his thought centers was that Su’s suspicions might very well be true.

The elder clearly sank into his past memories, saying with a sigh, “I am Rochester, but you can also say that Rochester has already died. That day when the news conference was held, I sensed a powerful uneasiness, so I already made arrangements ahead of time, placing backups of my brain with complete genes and memories in several secret reserve bases, and only then did I attend the news conference. I originally expected to face an assassin from the government or another country, but I never never expected that what was waiting for me was actually a nuclear missile!”

The nuclear war that suddenly erupted almost completely destroyed human civilization, but the seeds of civilization were scattered throughout various continents’ secret bases, underground bunkers, as well as countless privately defended areas. The blast waves and raging flames obliterated Dr. Rochester who had just publicly announced the epoch-marking discovery to the entire world, but it also destroyed the signal releasing device the doctor placed in his body. Once a week had passed without receiving a signal, secret bases would begin to defrost the backups of his brain based on preset procedures one after another, moreover clone the doctor’s body, ultimately replicating his brain and memories.

This process was complex and long.

The war destroyed five of the seven secret bases the doctor had installed, while the elder before Su was the backup that came from secret base number three. The backup and original Rochester didn’t have any differences, seemingly also inheriting the doctor’s almost miraculous foresight abilities. After the ability system was completely sorted out, new era ability users all knew that Foresight was an ability that originated from the Mysteriou Fields, just that it was extremely rare, and its level extremely high. Even the incomplete Foresight was a ninth level ability user. Meanwhile, before the news conference began, Dr. Rochester already nearly completely foresaw his own fate: burned to ashes in raging flames, and then woken from darkness. Between destruction and rebirth, was the dividing line between the olden era and new era.

The accuracy of this type of foresight, was already caught up with Incomplete Foresight.

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