Book 6 Chapter 20.5

Book 6 Chapter 20.5 - Foresight

Immediately afterwards, the hundreds of divine language symbols on the copper door began to light up in a mysterious sequence. Somewhat shaky but loud rumbling of gears moving continuously sounded from within the gate, and then the several dozen half meter thick, powerful alloy cast chains wrapped around the lock components began to move, slowly pulling backwards, removing the copper door’s lock. The hall trembled, crushed rock and ashes falling from the roof from time to time.

When faced with such a grand scene, Su couldn’t help but feel a bit of admiration towards the one who came up with this temple’s ambitious design. The locked copper doors operated through a gear drive structure, not carrying any mechanical system. When the divine language symbols were activated, an enormous magnetic field would be produced, and from this, the gears would be rotated, driving the lock’s bolt to begin opening and closing. Meanwhile, if one wished to activate the divine language symbols, the old fashioned brass key around the Sun Officiant’s neck, as well as a proficiency in the divine language was a must. This also meant that only the Sun God Temple’s high level officiants had a chance of opening these two large doors.

The Sun Officiant took a few steps back, pointed at the large doors, and then said with a smile, “I definitely don’t have the strength to open the door, perhaps you can give it a try. Be careful though, even though there are leverages installed, the total weight still exceeds fifty tons.”

Su complied after hearing the officiant. He grabbed the handle, adjusted his stance, and then all of his body’s muscles suddenly went taut!

The giant copper doors released a groan, and then slowly opened, revealing the heavy darkness waiting behind them. This was a strange space that was full of darkness, without a trace of light seeping out from within. However, the darkness seemed to have substance, dense, viscous, and it continuously flowed about. The darkness didn’t seem to have any physical boundary; once one stepped inside, there would be no place to stop and rest.

“Ruler is waiting for you inside, you should go and see him! That is already no longer a place I can enter.” The Sun Officiant said.

Su looked at the mysterious world revealed through the crack in the giant gates, his perception long extending out. Together with Cross-Sectional Detection and Parallel Plane Perception, two great holy level abilities, the Panoramic View’s functions and penetrative strength were substantially increased. The darkness was a product of some type of spatial fault, not too dangerous, but able to effectively block ordinary perception abilities, protecting the space behind, not allowing any secrets to leak out. What the darkness concealed was a grand long hallway, no ambush or machinery hidden within. In reality, this was already Great Sun God Temple’s innermost depths, not needing any additional protection, the several hundred red-robed warriors and countless high level red robes more reliable than any amount of mechanisms or traps.

Meanwhile, not only was Su equipped with true holy level perception abilities, with control over his body down to a cellular level, he could easily change his own body composition, only someone like this able to infiltrate this place. But for Su, the so-called mechanisms and traps were all child’s play.

After giving the world behind the door a look, Su gave the Sun Officiant a nod, and then proceeded into the darkness within. The darkness seemed to be tangible, surging, completely devouring Su in an instant.

Su experienced a slight bit of vertigo, and then became clear-headed again, an out of sorts feeling triggered by spiritual power passing through spatial faults. However, it was just like what he had predicted, behind the dense fog formed from spatial faults was a path. Before Su, an enormous and spacious passage gradually unfolded, an eternally burning torch situated every few meters along the two walls. The ten meters tall giant passage was completely cut and formed inside the mountain belly, the wall surface covered by polished black marble. The passage was fifteen meters wide, Su who was walking at the center felt as insignificant as a mouse. Wind blew over from the depths of the passage, carrying a cold, but fresh and clean aura, displaying that there was a complete ventilation system in place.

At the end of the passage were two metal sliding doors, but they opened without needing too much strength. The lighting behind the doors became bright, the meticulously designed lighting system illuminating every corner of this place with gentle radiance. Before Su’s eyes was a complete and large-scale underground building complex, four floors in total, about ten thousand square meters in area.

At this time, an aged yet dignified voice sounded. “You finally came!”

Su’s eyes immediately landed on a corner of the ceiling. Even though the voice came from all directions, they all originated from that spot, and then resonated with the entire building complex, thus forming this ‘creator’ like vocal effect. Without batting an eyelid, a drop of blood left his fingertip, this bead of blood bouncing in an extremely nimble fashion, quickly jumping towards the hidden corner of the wall, gradually disappearing.

After seeing that Su didn’t respond, that voice sounded again. “There is no need to worry, there is no one here who can threaten you. I am waiting for you upstairs, because of some special reasons, I cannot personally welcome you. However, you should be able to accomodate this old man’s request, right? Follow the passage before you, and then you will see a staircase leading upwards…”

Based on the voice’s guidance, Su quickly reached a large room that really made one exclaim with admiration.

This was a study, the several hundred square meters space only having a few rows of bookshelves. What was even more eye-grabbing were the numerous but perfectly arranged green plants here, making one feel as if they were reading in a forest. However, the most magnificent scene was the three meters tall, dozen or so meters wide floor reaching window!

Correct, at the belly of the mountain was this enormous window, through it, one could see the pure white mountains covered in snow outside. Turns out this place had already dug through the mountain belly.

An old man stood in front of this window, on him well-fitted white clothes, his head of silver hair combed meticulously. When Su walked into the room, his eyebrows immediately frowned slightly, because the elder in front of the window wasn’t a real person, but rather a holographic projection. However, in this underground divine temple, there was a cryptic energy fluctuation that prevented Su’s Panoramic View from penetrating the walls, reaching any deeper. As a result, he couldn’t find where the old man’s main body was.

At this time, the elder turned around. He looked at Su, and then with a smile, said, “You’ve already made me wait an entire twenty years.”

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