Book 6 Chapter 20.2

Book 6 Chapter 20.2 - Foresight

Su didn’t feel like he had to pay the Great Sun God Temple a visit, but it didn’t seem to be quite the time to return to the northern continent either, the main reason was because his strength was still not great enough. He didn’t have any methods to attack the apostle who could move through spatial faults, and he couldn’t defeat Serendela either, to the extent where the power the Lord of the Frozen Sea Pridekla displayed could easily overwhelm him. Meanwhile, in the Blood Parliament, the Spider Empress was still mysterious, Dark Red Castle’s Spreader of Darkness also possessing strength Su couldn’t see through. There was also Pandora, she always gave Su a strange feeling, that her body hid too many secrets.

Apostle… whenever he thought of this world, Su felt an unsuppressable hostility from the depths of his instincts. The apostles and himself were natural enemies. Aside from one side being completely destroyed, there were no other possibilities. The problem laid in the fact that Su didn’t even know himself where the hostility came from. Could it be that it really was as his instincts said, that this was the innate nature of an ultra life form? Su felt like this really was senseless, but he understood clearly that when he truly faced the apostle, this hostility that came from the depths of his heart really might take control of his actions.

After Su decided he wasn’t going to wait any longer, his instincts gave him a second option outside of constructing a biological empire, which was to merge with it as fast as possible. Only then would he have a chance of defeating the apostle.

The sacred text was flipped to the last page, displaying a map, on it displayed the route from Xilur to Great Sun God Temple. Su silently looked at this diagram for a bit, and then closed the sacred text. When he was about to leave the altar, a woman’s voice suddenly sounded from behind his waist: “Give me a body… I… I can’t hold on any longer.”

If the woman didn’t speak up, Su would have almost forgot about her. However, seeing as how she already told him all of the secrets she knew about the Temple of Darkness, Su didn’t mind giving her a body. He was always someone who cared about his promises.

Su’s eyes landed on the dead giant Herkula’s body. Following its death and energy dissipation, the flames around its body already disappeared, but the body was still hot. Su thought for a bit, and then placed the woman’s head on the Herkula’s corpse, and then he cut open his wrist, scattering an expanse of blood over it.

As soon as the blood landed on the Herkula’s wounds, it immediately began to boil, turning the flesh into basic nutrients. At the same time, the injury around the woman’s neck was also opened up again, large amounts of winding flesh wisps and flesh buds crazily growing, deeply inserting themselves into the Herkula’s corpse. The woman screamed out, as if in extreme pain, but it was also as if there was endless joy mixed in as well, sinking bit by bit into the Herkula’s body just like that, completely entering inside soon after.

The surface of the Herkula corpse began to violently rise and fall, as if there were tens of thousands of bugs inside. Su stood by the side of the altar, overlooking the chaotic Xilur City, producing a cigarette from who knew where, silently smoking it.

Xilur City was a mess, strong free soldiers with abilities rising into the sky from time to time in search of the intruder. However, right now, they still didn’t dare search Sun God Temple. This was a holy location, a place that even those with noble statuses could only visit once or twice a year.

Behind Su, all types of fine sounds continuously sounded. The woman had a regeneration speed similar to a biological weapon, and this ability was even more so amplified a hundred times over by the special catalyst Su secreted from his body, which was why Su didn’t have to wait that long.

The cigarette quickly reached its end. Su took a deep breath, and then flicked the cigarette butt into the distance. At the same time, he inwardly set his resolution.

Right at this time, a crashing noise sounded behind him. A great crack suddenly appeared on the surface of the Herkula’s body. A pair of delicate and beautiful hands reached out from within, grabbing the edges of the crack, and then forcefully tore at it, ripping the crack wider. A fair and seductive naked body walked out from the Herkula’s remains. 

She didn't have a stitch of clothing on her, entire body dripping wet, full of nutrient fluid, her head of long blue hair also sticking to her head and neck. Her appearance was still beautiful, and it was full of a bewitching and crazy type of allure, her purple-black lips declaring her fondness of dark arts. When the two long legs walked out from the giant beast, the body that was displayed was not only of a similar height to Su, even the woman’s private parts were revealed without any reservations.

Correct, not only did she completely turn into a human woman shaped body, she also completely replicated all of a human woman’s characteristics.

The woman walked up to Su, and then carried out an act of courtesy from the olden era’s middle ages. With a deep and erotic voice, said, “Feltina greets her master.”

Su turned around, his eyes ice-cold as they scanned over her entire body, with a cold voice saying, “How pointless.”

The woman smiled faintly, not taking an offense, instead walking over and saying, “As long as it can please master, I can pay any price.”

However, Su’s ice-cold gaze made her stop in her location, not daring to take another step forward.

“But you are completely useless to me.” Su said. After speaking, he walked up to the edge of the altar, and then jumped off, his body drawing out a graceful arc, descending several dozen meters, disappearing into the forest. One could vaguely make out a streak of waves that was currently heading straight south.

Feltina took two steps forward, but in the end didn’t dare to truly follow behind. She returned to the Herkula’s corpse, reached out her sharp fingernails, and then ripped off large pieces of skin. After covering herself, her body gradually disappeared, fading into nothingness.

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