Book 6 Chapter 20.12

Book 6 Chapter 20.12 - Foresight

The accident this time made Rochester realize how dangerous ‘one’ was, and as a result, all of the base’s security measures were comprehensively reinforced. However, when the remodeling entered its final stages, an unexpected event happened. A certain portion of biological solvent underwent a strange change, producing a new ‘one’ within!

The new ‘one’ possessed similarly powerful offensive characteristics, but this time, the doctor made sufficient preparations, limiting one’s nutrition and energy supply, moreover sealing off most of its activity by keeping it at close to absolute zero in temperature. However, all of the base’s biological solvents began to activate one after another, continuously producing all types of powerful organisms. These creatures grew extremely quickly, their offensive ability also extremely great. If not for the doctor long having done preparations, starting up the defensive installations as soon as they completed...

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