Book 6 Chapter 20.12

Book 6 Chapter 20.12 - Foresight

The accident this time made Rochester realize how dangerous ‘one’ was, and as a result, all of the base’s security measures were comprehensively reinforced. However, when the remodeling entered its final stages, an unexpected event happened. A certain portion of biological solvent underwent a strange change, producing a new ‘one’ within!

The new ‘one’ possessed similarly powerful offensive characteristics, but this time, the doctor made sufficient preparations, limiting one’s nutrition and energy supply, moreover sealing off most of its activity by keeping it at close to absolute zero in temperature. However, all of the base’s biological solvents began to activate one after another, continuously producing all types of powerful organisms. These creatures grew extremely quickly, their offensive ability also extremely great. If not for the doctor long having done preparations, starting up the defensive installations as soon as they completed their growth, the entire base might have ended up in disaster. However, this was a never ending war of attrition. As long as one existed, the new offensive organisms would be produced in an unending stream, to the extent where even after the biological solvent was consumed, these offensive organisms would be produced even from ordinary culture fluid! Left with no choice, Rochester destroyed ‘one’ again, and then all of the biological solvent immediately ceased their activation.

Several years later, ‘one’ appeared a third time. What welcomed it was a vessel that had long been prepared, and close to absolute zero temperature. In that same year, the doctor’s ‘Garden of Eden’ Project acquired unprecedented success. The three ultra experimental bodies began to produce endless evolution potential, already possessing the initial form of a perfect human.

From when the doctor obtained the second batch of startup funds to when the three ultra experimental bodies were created, ten whole years already passed. During these ten years, the doctor who had come into contact with all types of ultra life forms was like a child who was dealing with countless vicious beasts, the degree of danger far greater than playing with fire or dancing on a cliff. However, the trials were crossed one after another, dangers safely passed again and again, completely a miracle.

In this hall, the doctor’s experiences during these ten years were fully displayed in a condensed manner, the degree of danger enough to make one’s breathing stop. However, how could a miracle continue for ten years?

While looking at Su’s questioning gaze, Rochester sighed and said, “Actually, before obtaining the second batch of startup funds, I already awakened the Incomplete Foresight ability. In those ten years, whenever a major event was about to happen, he would always have a vague premonition beforehand, allowing him to make the correct choice and decision. In the later stages, when my Mysterious Fields ability developed further, the foresight became more and more accurate, just as if… as if there was a sound, a voice that mysterious and inexorably guiding me. Only when my Mysterious Fields ability reached eleven levels, possessing Foresight, did I understand that the voice I was hearing was actually the will of this world. During those ten years, there were only two things I didn’t foresee, the eruption of the war, and the escape of the experimental body.”

The scenes changed. An incomparably large breeding tank appeared before Su’s eyes, within it resting a square meter sized completely sealed petri dish. At the center of the petri dish appeared a small vortex, culture fluid currently moving downwards at a visible speed. On the display screen outside, the numbers representing electrical consumption remained high the entire time, the electrical power consumed at the center of the petri dish unexpectedly already equivalent to a small scale steelmaking electric stove.

The scene enlarged, the focal point aimed at the center of the petri dish. Now, one could clearly see culture fluid continuously rush towards the center of the vortex, and then strangely disappear without a trace, no idea where it went.

Su’s pretty brows slowly locked together. Even though he only saw a few scenes, he knew that this was the truth. Moreover, from the moment he saw the petri dish, he already felt extremely uncomfortable, sensing a mysterious fear, as well as an unsuppressable hostility that made him want to erupt with action on the spot. There was no way a projection could produce this type of powerful reaction, and there was even less of that happening from a fake image.

The scenes slowly enlarged. This time, it zoomed in to the center of the vortex, only stopping when it reached the cellular layer. The culture fluid already became giant waves, almost filling up the entire world. At the center of the vortex floated an object that wasn’t that large, built from several long structural bodies, those rectangular bodies precisely the cells that made up this core, every cell having set concaves and convexes that allowed them to connect to each other. Right now, all of the cells formed a sixteen-sided body, those cells making up the edges of the rectangular body. A formless darkness floated at the center of the sixteen-faced body, and once the culture fluid made contact with the edge of the darkness, they would completely disappear. It seemed like that darkness was a gate into another space.

The ‘one’ in the scene seemed to have sensed that someone was looking at it, quickly speeding up the speed at which it devoured culture fluid, the waves of cold destructive aura actually passing through layers of images, directly casting themselves onto Su’s body! Green flames suddenly ignited within Su’s eyes, unexpectedly firing two faint beams of radiance. His light blonde hair also rose despite there being no wind here, his body starting to adjust and vibrate, even the air around him affected, releasing pi pi pa pa cracking sounds. In that instant, Su already entered the highest level pre-battle state! He almost couldn’t control himself, almost activating Extreme Assault, moving up to ‘one’, and then destroying it with the most vicious methods.

However, his rationality reminded Su that the one he saw was merely a projection. One’s body was not in this hall, or else there was no way he wouldn’t have detected it. However, what Su was looking at wasn’t just a projection, he already knew that the scenes weren’t just recorded information, a part of it recreated through Rochester’s Mysterious Fields ability. For example, there were some abilities that could reproduce scenes that had already passed within a certain time frame. Back then, when the chairman’s son died under Su’s hands, Bevulas should have used this ability to perceive the truth.

Rochester’s achievements in the Mysterious Fields were extremely high, the greatest Su had ever seen. He not only restored the scenes of the past, he even broke through certain restrictions of time and space in the recording of scenes, connecting ‘one’ and Su to a certain degree. This was the reason why Su could feel the aura of destruction from one’s image.

From the magnified image, ‘one’ didn’t look like a biological body at all, but more like a perfectly built construct. Every cell had edges and corners, the sleekness of its exterior looking like it was meticulously polished, and the areas where the cells connected were as tight as if there wasn’t the slightest bit of difference. One had to understand that this wasn’t a tall building, but rather a microscopic image on the cellular level.

‘One’ was destroyed quickly after its second birth, this time, the doctor who had long made preparations activated the destruction sequence as soon as it tried to break out from its entrapment. Soon afterwards, one was reborn again. The microscopic forms of the two ‘one’ were completely different, to the extent where its structure would undergo substantial changes even during the same rebirth cycle. When he saw up to this point, Su finally understood the meaning behind why Rochester said he didn’t understand one’s true form at all.

When ‘one’ was reborn again, the doctor already finished all preparations. However, what he didn’t anticipate was that when it appeared again, the abnormality didn’t happen on one’s body, but rather that the ultra experimental body escaped! Back then, number one and number two were merely scattered cells swimming in culture fluid, only number three having a body the size of a puppy. When number one and two’s breeding tanks ruptured, the doctor knew that the worst had happened. The ultra experimental body to some extent carried some of one’s characteristics, able to become a perfect body from any singular cell. Meanwhile, in the cellular stage, they obtained a few more characteristics of ultra bacterium: immunity to drugs, astonishing survival ability, reproduction speed, and able to propagate through many different means. The night the ultra experimental body leaked out, Dr. Rochester made the decision to sacrifice researchers in the experiment area, seal off the experiment area, and then bring ‘one’ with him out of this place beforehand.

At this time, the hall lit up again, the compressed scenes of history coming to an end.

“Now, what I believe you should understand is that ‘one’ is our common enemy. After obtaining initial success from the experimental body, I discovered that there was a natural hostility between them, as if they were a pair of predators. In every situation, they will use every opportunity to fight, this is something that has never changed. That is why between you and ‘one’, only one side will survive in the end.” Dr. Rochester said calmly.

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