Book 6 Chapter 20.1

Book 6 Chapter 20.1 - Foresight

“Turns out the tenth level Mysterious Summoning is still flawed, needing eleven levels, no, maybe twelve levels, and only then can a perfect Mysterious Summoning be carried out! I really want to know what the perfect ability can summon, will it be the Sun God’s close guard?” The archbishop muttered, his eyes still burning with flames. He moved his body, and then handed the sacred text to Su with difficulty, saying, “Bring this… to the Great Sun God Temple. You can read it as you wish, the divine language inside should be beneficial to you, should be quite the excellent reward.”

Su accepted the sacred text, and then casually flipped through it. There were many passages written in the divine language, and when he saw them, Su naturally understood their meanings. However, for Su, the so-called divine language wasn’t all that interesting, and he was definitely not a runner for Sun God Temple.

As if he saw Su’s smile of mockery, the red-robed archbishop stretched out a trembling hand, grabbing the corners of Su’s pants, saying, “The Great Sun God Temple has information on the apostle, and… airplane!”

A hint of cold radiance suddenly flashed past Su’s eyes, asking, “How do you know what I am looking for?”

“There is nothing god doesn’t know! The Sun Officiant is god’s apostle in this world, he knows about you, what you want, and passed this information through the altar to me. Meanwhile, the last task assigned to me in this life, is to wait for your arrival.” The red-robed archbishop breathed in and out heavily, coughing, as if he might die at any moment. However, in the end, he still miraculously held on until this sentence was finished. He suddenly pointed at Su, and then a type of mysterious energy surged from within his body, hitting Su through some mysterious type of path. In that instant, a negative energy invaded Su’s body, but it only barely affected his skin before no longer entering further. Meanwhile, the large amount of energy that assembled linked Su up with the will of the world again, also allowing him to experience the deep hatred that couldn’t be mistaken from the will of the world again.

The red-robed archbishop laughed. Practicing the divine language year round made his voice sound like that of a half dead duck, “Haha, I know you don’t want to do these things, which is why I used ‘Fate Fracture ‘ on you! I believe you’ve already sensed the changes it has brought about!”

“Fate Fracture?” Su frowned, find the red-robed archbishop’s methods a bit difficult to comprehend.

“Correct! Fate Fracture! This is a terrifying ability one can only display with ten levels of Mysterious Fields, directly opposite of True Luck, and it surpasses True Luck’s effects! This is a type of lunar darkness attribute ability, when one is affected by it, you will be rejected by the entire world, misfortune would always accompany you! Unless… cough cough, unless you go to Great Sun God Temple and have the officiant perform the Misfortune Banishment ability…”

Su impatiently cut off the red-robed archbishop’s words, saying, “That’s all?”

The red-robed archbishop widened his eyes in shock. “Don’t tell me you don’t fear Fate Fracture?”

“Do you think something like that will be useful against me?” Su asked indifferently

“How could it be? Fate Fracture has clearly already taken effect…” The red-robed archbishop supported his body while feeling extreme shock. He reached out his hand towards Su again, looking like he wanted to display Fate Fracture a second time, only, his remaining life wasn’t enough to support the use of the ability at all. Even if he was at his peak, the price of using Fate Fracture would be that he couldn’t use any abilities for around half a year.

All the way to when his consciousness faded, the red-robed archbishop couldn’t figure out Su’s true intention. Fate Fracture indeed succeeded, moreover displaying its effects, only, the world’s will already couldn’t hate Su anymore. That was why this curse, whether it existed or not, didn’t really make that much of a difference for Su.

He no longer paid any attention to the red-robed archbishop whose body was already starting to lose temperature. Su lightly stroked the sacred text, the divine text on the cover of the book was clearly hotter than its surroundings. Meanwhile, the energy fluctuations it released, after spreading a meter or so, suddenly vanished. Meanwhile, on the golden sun at the center of the altar, there was a layer of ambiguous energy fluctuations, the fluctuations synchronized with those of the sacred text. Su thought to himself, and then he activated his tenth level Perception Domain ability, Parallel Plane Perception.

Countless streaks of fine lightning suddenly appeared above the altar without any warning, the flames abruptly increasing several times in intensity, rushing straight into the skies. It then disappeared without a trace after reaching a certain altitude, as if it was directly devoured by the void. Su released a muffled groan, his complexion immediately becoming a bit pale, two streaks of blood flowing out from his nose. This blood was a dark grey color, no trace of life within it at all, even the powerful intruder cells dying. Just this less than a second of ability activation consumed a larger half of Su’s stored energy, his body even more so receiving quite some damage from the parallel plane space’s energy storms. Meanwhile, the strange scene above the altar persisted for a bit longer, and only then did it gradually fade.

However, during that brief moment, Su already detected that the altar actually formed an entire energy field, moreover, having a relationship with many types of spatial energies. Meanwhile, the golden sun at the center of the altar that had raging flames burning about it was not only a symbolic emblem, but could also directly link up with the sun beyond the clouds of radiation through an energy line that couldn’t be seen with the naked eye.

Su’s expression became serious. It was already clear that this Sun God religion truly had some relationship with the sun.

Religion, energy, divine language, sacrifice, prophecy, and apostle, all of these mixed together, making the world he was familiar with become unfamiliar again. It was just like what a scholar from the olden era said, the more you learned, the more you discover how little you know. Su had a vague feeling that his future path, as well as his lost past memories, were perhaps linked in countless ways with everything. However, making sense of this phenomenon that didn’t conform with the olden era’s scientific knowledge and common sense was not something his current self could do, unless...

His thought centers operating at full force already gave him an answer, or perhaps an inferred conclusion: unless Su could develop 11 levels of Perception Domain ability, only then would there be a chance of understanding the nature of this world.

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