Book 6 Chapter 2.6

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At this time, Borriello’s office was still lit. In this safe place behind the front line, he unexpectedly still had on the full body armor he wore while fighting at the front lines. His brows were tightly locked together as he breathed fiercely into this cigar, the left hand behind his back opening and closing, closing and opening. At the center of his palm was a small and exquisite communication device. As long as the button was pressed, seven of the family’s hidden troops would rush into O’Brien’s room within a few seconds. Even though the level of their abilities were far from Eileen’s, they were all assassins specialized in dealing with Magic Domain ability users. Under this assault, even if it was Eileen, she might still be seriously injured. 

The elder hesitated while sensing the blood aura that surrounded the entire room. Right at that moment, O’Brien’s face that had clearly experienced flames of war and great hardships suddenly appeared before his eyes. As such, he released a sigh, removing his thumb that was hovering over the button. 

O’Brien was already a man, he had to take responsibilities for his own decisions. 

Being overprotective wouldn’t produce people who could bear heavy responsibility. The day would come when Borriello would grow old, and when that time truly came, would he be able to hand the family over to someone who had no sense of priorities, someone who hadn’t undergone enough life and death trials? In a daze, Borriello immediately thought of the many life and death experiences that had taken place during his youth. His companions back then who were full of passion all collapsed one after another, and only when he reached his middle years did he suddenly discover that there already weren’t many of those comrades he had fought bravely together with left.

Since he wanted to inherit the family, then he would just have to have faith in him! He also had to learn to take responsibility for every decision he made, this was what Borriello thought. 

The bloody energy already extended outside the room, quietly extending towards the entire courtyard and main building. Meanwhile, Eileen’s fingertips already pierced into O’Brien’s skin. Her body suddenly trembled, and then the blood-color in her pupils instantly vanished. However, after less than a second had passed, her eyes suddenly became submerged in that redness again! Struggle could be seen from Eileen’s face, but during that second of clear-headedness, she already moved from the bed to the restroom, closing the door with a turn of her hand!

She floated in the air, berserk energy frantically surging from her body, yet all of it controlled within a range of a meter. In that instant, her body was already surrounded by lightning and flames! The crazy energy streams were suppressed, with nowhere to go, only able to return and hack at her body. The silk night clothes were immediately blasted into ashes. An expression of pain appeared on Eileen’s face. She fiercely clenched her teeth, the concentrated sounds of bones fracturing sounding from within her body, six to seven ribs breaking in that instant! The intense pain made her consciousness gradually clear up, finally suppressing the surging energy within her. 

The bathroom released a muffled peng sound. All of the energy vanished in that instant, turning into a stream of heat, but the heat couldn’t disperse, and was instead constrained by Eileen with a force field, only releasing it bit by bit out from the ventilation channel. 

crash sounded. The bathroom door was gently pushed open, and then Eileen walked out while drenched in sweat. She dried her hair with a towel before walking over to the large bed. By now, the bloodiness of this room had long withdrew, and as a result, O’Brien was woken up by the noise. When he saw that Eileen had taken a bath in the middle of the night, even though it was a bit strange, he also knew that Eileen often did things that were a bit strange. However, this time, her energy was clearly much weaker, as if she was just starting to recover from serious injuries. 

“Eileen? Are you alright?” O’Brien asked.

Eileen released a charming laugh and said, “Of course I’m fine, I’ve been trying to produce a new tenth level ability recently, this process extremely long and painful. However, you don’t have to worry, I will succeed.”

“Tenth level ability?" O’Brien sucked in a breath of cold air. A tenth level Magic Domain ability, especially a self-produced tenth level ability, as for what this represented, he who was also a magic ability user naturally couldn’t be more clear on. Regardless of whether it was the publicly recorded three thousand degree Ion Flame, or Icebound Crevice, they were both devastating large-scale abilities. Meanwhile, there was another tenth level ability recorded in the Arthur Family’s secret resources, Energy Vibration. This was an instantaneous eruption of many different types of energy, from this, the ability able to trigger the disorder of all internal energy inside of a vast area. Its single target destructive power wasn’t great, but it could create large amounts of chaotic energy streams within a region of several square kilometers, from this make all magic abilities nine levels and below lose effectiveness, produce something similar to a large-scale sealing effect. At the same time, because the energy eruption carried extremely powerful electromagnetic explosions, all electronic devices within a range of ten kilometers might be destroyed. The most frightening thing was that it had a chance of affecting ability users’ control over their internal energy, at worst even damaging their gene composition. From an objective, conclusion based standpoint, this ability had a chance of making ability users’ abilities undergo degeneration on a large scale. 

In the five great ability domains, every single tenth level ability possessed the great power of instantly reversing part of a battlefield. From certain perspectives, tenth level ability users were existences similar to tactical nuclear weapons. It was to the extent where because they could be used more than once, they posed even greater threat than tactical nuclear weapons. 

“What kind of ability will it be?” O’Brien asked. However, he didn’t expect to receive a reply. Abilities, especially high rank holy level abilities, were every ability users’ greatest secrets, possibly hidden even between those as close as within the immediate family, let alone the two of them with this kind of strange relationship. 

Who would have expected that after Eileen didn’t hesitate in the slightest, saying, “Should be a rare ability not on any ability lists. I’ll call it Deep Freeze, it can immediately cause the temperature to drop through an extraction of energy from the surroundings.” 

O’Brien was extremely shocked towards her straightforwardness, but he then thought of another problem, asking, “What about the child? Will it be affected?”

“After producing the ability, our child will be even more outstanding. Also, the child will greatly depend on your hard work!” Eileen said with a smile. She suddenly threw herself into O’Brien’s arms, gave him a light kiss on the lips, and then said, “Alright! You still have battles to fight tomorrow, so get some sleep!”

The lights dimmed one after another. The night that was originally not calm at all, obtained a peaceful conclusion. 

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