Book 6 Chapter 2.5

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Borriello gave O’Brien’s shoulder a pat, and then said, “Having your own thoughts, having the courage to pursue them without a fear of failure, this is the true bloodline of the Arthur Family! It is good as long as you’re back, the family’s military strength will still be under your command. I will remain as the family head for now as to avoid a few fellas acting without knowing their own place, as now isn’t the time to deal with any internal strife. The armed forces and war tactics will all be your responsibility, that way, I’ll have my hands freed up to contact some old friends.”

O’Brien remained silent for a bit, and then said, “How should we deal with the Scorpions of Disaster? Should we leave them be?”

“No!” Borriello’s attitude was unusually firm. “As long as either Bevulas or the empress’ side falls, both sides who participated in this internal struggle still have a chance of reconciling, but the Scorpions of Disaster and the Holy Crusaders are different, they are enemies of all of humanity! That is why before weighing the price to pay, you have to do your utmost to wipe out their army and weaken their strength. When the internal war ends, it will be time for the parliament to completely annihilate the Scorpions of Disaster.”

The night gradually deepened, but there were still a few windows bright from lights. Apart from the staff officers whose shift would take them through the entire night, the light in O’Brien’s bedroom was on as well.

Under the table lamp’s gentle lightning, O’Brien’s back was lying on the bed, staring fixedly at the ceiling, currently thinking something. Eileen’s naked body was resting by O’Brien’s side, similarly lost in thought. They had just carried out the most intimate movements, but the two of them didn’t snuggle up against each other, Eileen also completely lacking the innocent gentle beauty she displayed before everyone during daytime. The her lost in her thoughts displayed an abnormally pale beauty, making one feel moved, but at the same time, a great fear. 

Based on the original agreement, O’Brien and Eileen would make love every 48 hours, stopping only when Eileen obtained the ideal number of posterity. As usual, everything between the two was still done out of routine business, yet tonight, there seemed to be some changes. The battle was especially intense, neither side wishing to end after just once, and as such, only after struggling for more than an hour did they rest. Not only O’Brien, but even Eileen felt a bit tired. In reality, once one’s power reached their levels, as long as they were willing to control themselves, forget about an hour, even if they went at it for an entire day and night, they still wouldn’t feel fatigue. The reason why they felt fatigue, was completely the result of indulgence.  

“Thinking about the Scorpions of Disaster?” Eileen asked.

En, we can’t blindly defend, we should launch a counterattack tomorrow. However, our current military strength seems to be lacking a bit, transferring troops over will also need time.” O’Brien said.

“Military strength? Is that necessary? Isn’t it enough if just the two of us go?” Eileen asked, a bit confused. 

O'Brien laughed and said, “There’s no way the two of us can do everything. The family’s soldiers need to be tempered, commanders need to be nurtured, all types of weapon systems need to be examined and improved on the battlefield. Also, only on a large scale battlefield can tactics that allow ability users with all types of different abilities and the army to coordinate with each other be discovered. We have to maintain the frequency and intensity of attacks against the Scorpions of Disaster, continuously weaken its strength. If we allow it to recover and develop for a year, at that time, what we would end up facing might be a great concocted creature army with numbers so massive it would be impossible to stop. However, it really is strange, how can the Scorpions of Disaster have so much energy and resources, create an army on this type of scale? En, it definitely has a core base, we have to find it…”

For the sake of the next day’s battle, even though he didn’t feel any fatigue, there were too many things that had to be dealt with, so O’Brien still forced himself to sleep. Meanwhile, Eileen similarly entered a land of dreams. 

The room gradually became ruled by a strange and absolute quietness. 

In the quietness, Eileen suddenly opened her eyes! Her pupils unexpectedly displayed a strange dark redness, like blood that was about to congeal. Meanwhile, the instant she opened her eyes, a thin layer of bloody light suddenly covered this room! 

The night continued to remain absolutely quiet. 

However, when the undisguised rich killing intent covered the room, O’Brien not only didn’t wake up from his dreams, he instead entered a deeper state of sleep. The killing intent that pervaded the entire room wasn’t that simple, it also had the effects of numbing prey, making O’Brien’s consciousness more and more murky. Even if he was facing the crisis of death, he still wouldn’t wake up. 

Eileen sat up, leaning over and moving towards O’Brien, the red in her pupils becoming more and more bewitching. She suddenly laughed, her laugh strange and seductive, the row of teeth that was revealed flickering with bloody light. Her hand was placed lightly over O’Brien’s heart, her fingertips releasing sharp blades. Even though she was a Magic Domain ability user, for the sake of supporting the crazy energy of magics, her body also had equivalent to six levels of strengthening. This claw could easily dig out O’Brien’s heart. 

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