Book 6 Chapter 2.3

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The continuing battle lost all suspense. The two high level magic ability users possessed incomparable destructive force. In terms of large-scale destructive power, the Magic Domain possessed a tremendous advantage over other ability domains. 

Even if O’Brien was the only one on the battlefield, observers would already feel that he was a hundred percent a humanoid killing machine, not even the main battle tanks and heavily armored mobile suits able to take two hits from his high level magic attacks. Moreover, O’Brien released magic attacks one after another, as if the energy inside of him was inexhaustible. Raging winds, bladed wheels, lightning, flames, all of them flew out from his body while flickering with radiance. O’Brien’s young and handsome face was full of seriousness, but there was an inconcealable disturbed expression. What he attacked viciously were all tanks, mobile suits, autonomous cannons, and tactical units that posed greater threat, most of the ordinary soldiers intentionally or otherwise ignored. Everyone knew that the Scorpions of Disaster soldiers were concocted beings, moreover people with fear and other emotions castrated. However, they still had humanoid appearances, so when taking large amounts of lives, O’Brien’s hands would still tremble a bit. 

However, compared to Eileen, O’Brien couldn’t be more cultured and refined. 

Eileen’s attacks were simple and without tricks, until now only displaying the high temperature flame cloud, the tactics quite monotonous. However, when her hands brandished about, flame clouds appeared, expanse after expanse before moving out. All Magic Domain ability users knew that the flame cloud was just the simple combination of Flame and Wind Control abilities, any individual with some talent and who had abilities reaching the fifth level able to use. Eileen’s flame cloud was the same in theory, only, the temperature of the flame clouds she released was a bit high, the range also a bit larger, and they linked up together one after another, drifting in all directions. 

The high temperature flame clouds were the concocted soldiers’ nemesis. Just being surrounded by it for more than a second would completely ignite these soldiers who lacked protection! Even the armored tanks or main battle tanks, after coming into contact with several flame clouds, would have their engines explode from the high temperature gas that seeped in. Only the fully protected, all terrain heavy mobile armors could safely survive in the close to thousand degree flame clouds. However, it wasn’t that Eileen had no way of dealing with them, she just wished to give O’Brien something to do. 

Regardless of how many people fell under the flame clouds, or how resounding the miserable cries were, Eileen’s sweet smile never changed. 

The Scorpions of Disaster’s first class commander leapt out from the armored command vehicle, roaring as he rushed at O’Brien. As soon as he leapt out from the vehicle, his arms brandished about, and then a small sphere of lightning blasted viciously towards O’Brien! This commander was also a Magic Domain ability user, moreover reaching seven levels. The Scorpions of Disaster commanders were specially bred, individuals who didn’t undergo fear and emotional alteration. After all, castrating emotions dealt quite the big blow to the concocted individuals’ intelligence, not suited to the needs of a battlefield commander. This first class commander didn’t run like the other second class commanders, his ability to make discerning judgments clearly greater, long realizing O’Brien and Eileen’s power, knowing that there was no way they could run from their hands. In that case, he might as well just risk it all, who knows, he might just inflict some injuries onto the enemy then. That was why he avoided Eileen, choosing to take on O’Brien. 

O’Brien’s left hand moved, three balls of electricity simultaneously condensing, blasting over. After neutralizing the incoming sphere of lightning, there was still one that remained, blasting towards that commander. The commander didn’t dare take a hit from the lightning sphere, but only after firing three streaks of electricity in succession did he counteract that ball of lightning. Between the two, the energy streams formed by magic abilities caused steel to melt, all plants to burn to ashes! 

O’Brien walked forward steadily. When the energy stream he operated steadily suppressed the other side, it then went against the flow, submerging that commander after less than half a minute of stalemate!

Even though O’Brien still looked like a slightly older boy, his combat style was domineering to the extreme: destroy the enemy head on through a torrent of energy. 

Meanwhile, Eileen seemed somewhat strange. She stood in the raging flames, watching as the second class commanders ran in disorder, sweetly smiling as she snapped her fingers five times. Whenever the sharp and clear sounds could be heard, a commander’s body stopped moving, and then ranging flames would rise from their bodies, instantly turning into blazing torches!

As for those third class commanders that were more common, they already fell under the two’s indiscriminate attacks. 

For most of the battle, the Arthur Family’s troops were merely observers. Only when Borriello recognized that one of them was his own son did he order his own troops to attack. Meanwhile, at this time, the Scorpions of Disaster’s armored units had all been destroyed, only the task to pursue and attack the defeated troops and sweeping the battlefield remained.

When he saw O’Brien who he had lost communication with for a long time, Borriello didn’t say much, only giving him a manly embrace. O’Brien’s face was still delicate, pretty, and full of radiance, but he already vaguely began to display a sense of imposingness, the corners of his eyes revealing some traces of wind and frost. 

“You’re back?” Borriello asked.


“Then that’s good.”

The conversation between father and son was exceptionally simple. Only at this time did Borriello raise his head, giving Eileen who was calmly standing behind O’Brien a look. When she saw Borriello look over, Eileen returned a simple and elegant smile. The current her looked quite like the elegant noble lady who experienced a proper upbringing, yet still carried a bit of childishness, nothing like how she previously looked, with several hundred lives falling under those snow-white hands. 

Borriello’s pupils contracted slightly, and he then said with a moderate tone, “Eileen, if I don’t recall correctly, you are ranked third under Bevulas’ extreme ability users, while our Arthur Family is currently standing under the empress’ banner. As such, may I hear the purpose in your visit?”

Eileen revealed a light smile and said, “I already have nothing to do with the chairman. As for the concrete reasoning…” She raised her hand, pointing towards O’Brien. 

O’Brien gave Eileen a look. The other party shrugged, indicating that he could speak as he wished. O’Brien thought for a bit, and then said to Borriello, “Eileen… is now my woman.”

He spoke these words calmly, and also firmly. 

A hint of strange light flashed through Borriello’s eyes. He looked towards Eileen again, reached out his right hand, and then said, “Then, I welcome you to the Arthur Family!”

Eileen smiled sweetly, reached out her hand, and then firmly held that generous and firm large hand. Her hand was long and slender, exquisite, yet possessed a bone-piercing coldness. 

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