Book 6 Chapter 2.2

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The northwestern battle situation wasn’t affected at all after suffering the loss of Juan. Forget about a single Juan, even if more than ten Juans were lost, the Arthur Family could still afford it. The front line facing the Scorpions of Disaster was over 200 kilometers in width. The Arthur Family had over 20 alert sentries placed along this area, the main purpose to discover the Scorpions of Disasters’ invasion troops, as well as further on wiping out the main army concentrated below this line. In the era of turmoil, the combat strength of individual soldiers were tens or even over a hundred times greater, while gathering an army of numbers’ effects were extremely limited. The olden era’s battle method of continuously locking down land was already outdated. 

The one overseeing the front line was Borriello Arthur, The Arthur Family’s current family leader. When O’Brien’s whereabouts became unknown, he had no choice but to abandon his carefree rural lifestyle and wear his suit of armor, organize the army, repel the enemy, and recruit allies again. As an older generation figure, Borriello didn’t have the stunning talents of the family’s younger generation, nor did he have overwhelming strength, but his grasp over the family’s industries and general battlefield strategy still deserved praised. 

After just a single year had passed, Borriello became visibly older. The high-ranking assistants at his side all knew this, and they were all overly careful not to touch the reasoning behind this. He still stood tall and straight like a general, his voice resounding and forceful when examining his troops. Even though the Scorpions of Disaster’s great army poured over like the tide, they would still be smashed apart before him. The battlefield situation left everyone satisfied, yet at the same time unsatisfied. If O’Brien was here, he would most likely, under mobile warfare, wipe out large amounts of Scorpions of Disaster troops, not even the Scorpions of Disaster whose main strength was their numbers would be able to endure this kind of continuous blood loss. Meanwhile, if they had Persephone as their commander, the family’s army might already have their feet planted in the scorpion nest. 

They lost Persephone and O’Brien. The sudden disappearance of both sister and brother geniuses at the same time dealt the Arthur Family the biggest blow in the past two decades!

The one who missed them was not only Borriello, but also many of the Arthur Family’s high-ranking military officers, and even the successors who have continuously moved up in ranks because of their disappearance, all of them hoping to obtain news of them one day. The children of great families like these received strict training from childhood, so they all knew that the situation was looking bad. Right now, the seat of family head was a volcano; if they didn’t have the skill, just sitting on it alone would burn them to ashes. By comparison, they would rather have a strong individual overseeing it, leading the entire family peacefully through this war and into prosperity. 

At this moment, a heavy armored Borriello appeared on a guard position, using hawk-like eyes to look into the distance. There were originally ten soldiers defending this position, equipped with heavy firepower and two adaptive off-road vehicles, and now, just the ruins behind the sentry hid over a hundred elite soldiers, every single one of them equipped with many third level abilities. Meanwhile, the family’s ability users with over five levels of ability numbered twenty here. More than ten kilometers out, they had over fifty heavy artillery cannons arranged, these weapons a good tool for dealing with the enemy who focused on breeding numbers. All types of intelligence indicated that the Scorpions of Disaster will launch an important offensive in this direction. Meanwhile, Borriello who obtained news was preparing to launch an ambush, wipe out the scorpions’ assault troops in one move. 

As the twilight glow became increasingly heavy, sure enough, smoke and dust began to rise from the end of the horizon. The ground began to tremble slightly, the vague rumbling sounds like the thunder before the tempest. Two indistinct figures appeared from the darkness, rushing all the way until they reached Borriello. With a half-kneeling position, they said, “Master, we already detected that the army ahead belongs to the Scorpions of Disasters’ concocted army, the army consisting of 996 people, armored vehicles 50, main battle tanks 15, large-scale mobile armors 25, autonomous cannons 10. The troop has 20 third class commanders, five second class commanders, and one first class commander.”

Borriello nodded, indicating for the two scouts to withdraw. Even though the Scorpions of Disaster’s assault troop was of quite the large scale, it was still a bit less than what he had expected. When they entered firing range, after suffering the bombardment of several heavy artillery, their casualties would exceed one-third. At that time, the ones that posed comparatively larger threats were the second class commanders with five levels of ability and the first class commander with seven levels of ability. 

Only, in the past few months, regardless of whether it was the Scorpions of Disaster’s attack frequency or intensity, it had declined a bit. Could it be that their back end finally couldn’t keep up?

Borriello thought deeply to himself while observing the situation. The Scorpions of Disaster’s advance troop already entered the range of heavy artillery, only when their rear troops completely entered the shooting range would it be the most advantageous time to fire. The heavy artillery couldn’t eliminate the commanders, and it wouldn’t do much to those mobile suits and tanks either. However, it would be difficult for the soldier transport vehicles, cannons, and concocted human soldiers to escape disaster. There were too many concocted human soldiers, so reducing their numbers advantage would make the battle much easier. Borriello wasn’t someone who liked to take risks, he was more willing to take certain, finite victories. 

However, before Borriello gave the order, he could vaguely see that the Scorpions of Disaster soldiers in the distance suddenly stopped moving, and then a brilliant orange ball of flame rose, gradually turning into thick black smoke, turning into a small mushroom cloud as it ascended into the sky!

Borriello’s complexion changed, subconsciously wanting to ask who exactly it was that was randomly opening fire, but then he immediately realized that he didn’t hear the shrill sound of heavy artillery flying through the air. It seemed like it wasn’t that anyone under him acted against orders, but rather that a third party had joined the battlefield. 

To the Scorpions of Disaster’s side, two figures shot out from behind the ruins, unexpectedly being Eileen and O’Brien. The two of them were both surrounded by barriers of light, clearly protective force fields with many different attributes integrated.

“Scorpions of Disaster’s army? Their strength isn’t really all that, how about we completely sweep them clean?” Eileen asked, unexpectedly appearing rather docile. 

O’Brien’s hands merged, giving the mobile suit that had just turned around a push. The sudden increase in temperature detonated the ammunition inside the mobile suit, thus causing a blast of flame to rush into the skies! Only after using actions to reply to Eileen’s question did O’Brien say with a smile, “Let’s just clean them out, the other side is my family’s army, heavy artillery shells are quite expensive.”

En, okay.” Eileen answered in quite the gentle and agreeable manner. Her right hand was raised, and following the opening of her five fingers, a cloud of flames reaching over ten meters emerged, sweeping forward with shocking speed, immediately drifting over a hundred meters. Wherever the flame cloud passed, the concocted soldiers would immediately turn into torches, the armored soldier transport vehicles also exploding one after another. Only a few machine armors and tanks could safely pass through. Eileen was shockingly beautiful and alluring, but with a wave of her hand, close to a hundred lives were taken, the destructive power several times that of the already terrifying O’Brien. 

These two slaughtering machines with pleasing appearances moved shoulder to shoulder, sweeping through the Scorpions of Disaster’s battle formation like life reapers, drawing out two streaks of vacant areas through the originally neat and orderly formation. 

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