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Juan was just an ordinary Black Dragonrider second lieutenant. His abilities weren’t bad, four levels in Magic Domain and four levels of weapon control in the Mental Domain, making him much stronger on a battlefield than in individual fights. He was still quite young with good prospects, at the very least, the assessment test he took inside the family clearly reported that he had the potential to develop five levels of weapon control. Mental Domain abilities didn’t seem as powerful as magic, but in team fights and bigger battlefields, it could display tremendous use. For the entire family, he was a rare genius. 

Juan was the child of a branched bloodline in the Arthur Family, the amount of resources he could obtain not much, but enough to allow him to fully develop his abilities, to the extent where he even had the chance of obtaining the rank of lieutenant commander in the dragonriders. Only, with the war developing to this state, one’s rankings in the Black Dragonrider had already to a great degree lost its uses. After the entire Blood Parliament was divided into two large camps, the Black Dragonriders lost the ability to exchange for natural resources. The goods for exchange were mostly supplied by different families, while the Black Dragonriders production bases’ output was quite limited. Without enough things to exchange for, authority thus lost its meaning. 

Juan was hoping for the war to end a bit sooner so he could return to his past peaceful lifestyle. No, even if the war ended, his past lifestyle would still no longer exist. The Arthur Family continuously produced four babies during this war, the potential to produce at least four levels of ability detected immediately from birth. This made Juan who had just reached 20 years of age feel a mysterious threat. Four levels of ability wasn’t all that frightening, what was frightening was that the proportion of newborns being ability users was becoming higher and higher. Perhaps in another decade, Juan who could be considered to be carefully nurtured would become a reliable source of military strength, while another decade after that, he would become a dispensable side character.

While letting his thoughts run wild, he found a place with its back to the wind and lit a cigarette. Following a wave of his hand, his ten subordinates scattered on their own, occupied favorable positions, and then stood guard. For as far as the eyes could see, there were scorched earth and ruins. The electric pole that still towered in the distance was full of scavenging crows. 

“This damned place!” Juan cursed in disgust. He hated the wilderness, and he hated war. Each time he came to the wilderness, he would always feel a strange sense of fear. He would often feel the misconception that he was the only one left in this entire world, without food, without a place to live, cold, tired, unknown where the finish line even rested. There was only bewilderment, a complete sense of loss. And now, this type of feeling once again enveloped him. 

In reality, this wasn’t the front line, the range of activity from the Scorpions of Disasters’ regular range of activity still over a hundred kilometers. Juan’s mission was to prevent the small troops of Scorpions of Disaster soldiers from outflanking and infiltrating their family’s territory. Even though the result of trying to infiltrate here was a dead end, the suicidal tactics the Scorpions of Disaster soldiers often displayed were already quite famous, so encountering a small suicidal troop wasn’t all that strange. 

The weather was still cold and damp, making one feel extremely uncomfortable. Just as Juan’s thoughts ran wild, the cigarette in his hands suddenly went out! The moment he wanted to curse out, he sensed something, immediately turning his head!

Behind him calmly stood a young lady, black hair, black eyes. Her small round face was exquisite and fine, in her eyes a perplexed look, staring at Juan in a daze. She wore a black long dress, the bottom in shreds, revealing two full and snow-white thighs. She was exceptionally beautiful, and also exuded this sense of innocence, as if she was a young lady who couldn’t find her home after the destruction of the world. 

However, her beauty didn’t bring Juan joy or desire, but rather complete fear!

“You…” Juan wanted to ask her who she was, but his following words were completely stuck in his throat. His eyes were completely round, he watched as this young lady slowly reached her hand over, gripped his throat, and then casually pinched. Then, Juan felt as if his own body became extremely, extremely light, light to the extent where he couldn’t feel any weight. From start to finish, he couldn’t control his body at all, only able to clearly experience the course of death. 

Fortunately, darkness finally descended, erasing Juan’s final consciousness. 

“Sixth sheep, hunt complete.” Pandora flung Juan’s head into the knapsack, and then carried it behind her again. This was a bag with two shoulder straps, quite large, and it was full and bulging. When Pandora carried it on her back, it was as if she was a young lady still going to middle school. 

The young lady with the bag on her back turned around, walking towards the depths of the Arthur Family’s territory. In the desolate wilderness, her figure gave others an unspeakable feeling of mourning and coldness. 

Several minutes later, the subordinates who hadn't received new orders from start until now arrived at the place where Juan was resting, only seeing a headless corpse. Even though they did everything they could, the subordinates still couldn’t find any traces from this scene.

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