Book 6 Chapter 19.9

Book 6 Chapter 19.9 - Collision

After forming a simple agreement, Su tore off a random piece of cloth from a dead temple warrior’s body, and then wrapped up the woman’s head, hanging it by his waist. He then took a deep breath, the muscles on his body starting to squirm about, and then his injuries were closed. The injured areas didn’t heal, just that they no longer affected his combat strength. The area the woman attacked, was a fatal injury for a human male, but for Su, it only served as a symbol of living as a human, not affecting his combat strength even if it was damaged.

The pair of long blades spun about a few times, returning to a reverse grip, while the short blade was inserted into his lower back as backup. The short blade’s exterior appearance wasn’t that eye-grabbing at all, but the quality of the material was even better than that of Murray’s poleaxe.

Su made his way through the hall, starting to climb upwards. He learned from the woman’s mouth that she was a high ranker, belonging to a noble family with true noble lineage, only serving Sun God Temple after the temple’s red-robed archbishop paid a tremendous price as sacrifice, and her time here was merely a short month.

After eliminating the high ranker, there were no more enemies in the temple who could fight against Su. As he climbed the staircase leading to the upper floors, the temple’s warriors charged at him with no thought of personal safety. They did indeed succeed in forcing him backwards, but with each step Su took backwards, several temple warriors’ bodies would be beheaded by the dancing twin blades. When Su withdrew from the fourth floor to the third, of the hundred temple warriors who charged at him, not a single one was able to escape alive. Thus, he stepped on the staircase covered by the temple warrior’s corpses, directly heading up to the fifth floor.

Only when he reached the eighth floor did Su encounter someone he had previously met, the red-robed warrior leader. He had ten red-robed warriors behind him, these eleven warriors holding weapons of all different types as they stood at the center of the main hall, forming a half circle around Su. The eleven well-built bodies and constantly squirming muscles formed a heavy and powerful pressure. Bright droplets of sweat trickled down from the warriors’ bodies before the battle even began, these droplets of sweat sliding along the distinct chunks of muscles before landing on the floor.

Su laughed, and then walked straight towards the red-robed warrior leader. The red-robed warrior leader’s pupils rapidly contracted. He had personally witnessed how Su fought, his instantaneous eruption of speed, overwhelming power, and unstoppable combat skill. Just the thought alone made him feel a wave of powerlessness. This type of feeling was something he had only felt from the Red Duke and a few other truly great figures. However, the battle before him was already something he could not cower from. The red-robed warrior leader released a great roar, pulled out two gorgeous curved blades from his waist, and then hacked down towards Su’s head!

In his eyes, Su’s figure suddenly became blurry. He immediately knew that Su displayed that near instantaneous movement-like battle skill, and as a result, he suddenly widened his eyes, almost instinctively crossing the blades in front of his chest! A drawn-out clank sounded, the enormous and incomparable power sending both of the red-robed warrior leader’s blades away. Immediately afterwards, he felt a wave of burning heat from his chest, and then his body felt as if it disappeared, all feeling gone. In that instant, he clearly saw Su, Su was currently moving right past his body, their shoulders almost even touching.

Su passed the red-robed warrior leader in an instant, reappearing four meters behind him. His blades were raised horizontally, and then began to spin about like pinwheels, the screaming sounds they made when passing through the air enough to drive one crazy. When the blades stopped moving, four red-robed warrior corpses appeared in his surroundings, their bodies covered in blade injuries.

Su raised his head, calmly looking at the remaining six red-robed warriors. The death of their leader and companions didn’t make their wills weaker. Just like their dead comrades, the surface of their bodies began to burn with a faint white-colored flame, their strength instantly increasing, and then with a war cry, they rushed over one after another!

Towards these red-robed warriors’ surging battle spirits, Su also felt a bit of awe.

Under the warriors’ shocked eyes, the surface of Su’s body also erupted with flames, moreover a pure faint golden color! This was the purest and most noble flame of Sun God Temple, the difference between this flame and the flames they produced only after activating the sacred elixir within them as great as the distance between two stars!

The instant the golden flames ignited, Su moved again. He rushed forward, hacked out, rushed out again, sliced about, this process repeating a total of six times, and then six red-robed warrior corpses thus appeared behind him.

The ninth floor of the temple was where the sacred altar was located, as well as the place where all types of canonical texts were located, the surface area of this place not all that great. The red-robed archbishop’s residence was also on this floor, but he only had a single room, inside a wooden bed without any decorations, as well as a table, chair, wardrobe, and bookshelf, apart from these nothing else, shockingly plain and simple. Behind the bedroom was a bathroom, inside only a large cask, from the edges that were already worn down until it was smooth and shiny one, could tell that it had already been used for many years. All household goods in the archbishop’s room were made of ordinary wood, the workmanship crude, their only merit perhaps being that they were sturdy enough, things that even a free resident who wasn’t doing all that amazing was able to get his hands on.

Behind the sacred altar was a copper door that wasn’t all that large, behind it a path that led to the altar at the top of the pyramid. While standing in front of the door, a line of reddish-gold characters carved on the side drew Su’s attention.

“Divinity, obtain the everlasting through raging flames.”

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