Book 6 Chapter 19.8

Book 6 Chapter 19.8 - Collision

It had an upper body similar to a human woman, its body’s curves extremely wonderful, only, her blue-green skin made one shiver all over. There was actually another face on its belly, the face exactly the same as the human head Su stepped on. Its arms and lower body were formed from several dozen tentacles, a few tentacles of its lower body clearly possessing anti-gravity fields, and through numerous force fields, it was actually able to float in the air.

However, right now, this creature was currently on the brink of collapse. Almost every single one of its tentacles that were still intact produced a crack, and then they ruptured from the middle, blood spraying out in large amounts again. Whenever a tentacle split apart, the two faces would release painful screams at the same time. As all of the tentacles were cut open one after the other, its body that lost their support fell onto the ground, continuously squirming about, the broken tentacles forcefully striking against the ground in an attempt to maintain balance, but this only brought it even more suffering. Two bloody streaks appeared on the woman’s face, its eyes already stabbed blind. This creature only had the appearance of a woman, after the skin was cut apart, the similarly destroyed irregular tissues were revealed. Those were actually organs for distorting the force fields, an important part of its concealment ability.

The instant Su moved, the four canines that were nailed into his right leg began to rupture from the base, but they were still stabbed deeply within. The muscles in Su’s leg contracted, and then following a few pu pu sounds, the hollow canines all bounced out, the wounds also quickly closing. While looking down on the woman’s alarmed and frightened face, Su coldly said, “Don’t tell me the Temple of Darkness is full of idiots without brains? Or is it to say that arrogance and darkness already blinded your eyes, to the extent where you all don’t even know how to choose your enemies? I have absolutely no interest in you all who can only display your ability from the shadows, carrying foul-smelling blood in your bodies, yet you all challenged my dignity three times in succession! What you all need to understand is that when needed, I don’t mind collecting some more evolutionary points. Even though it might be a bit more dirty, they are still evolutionary points!”

“You... you've angered the Temple of Darkness, there won't be a good end for you! Your death will be ten thousand times more miserable than mine!” The woman screamed frantically, her voice carrying suffering, yet also resoluteness.

Su frowned slightly. He hated these types of crazy believer type enemies the most, while her body structure that was clearly different from a human’s made most torture methods ineffective. Moreover, when dealing with most high level ability users or inhuman creatures, torture was basically ineffective. Aside from completely killing her, Su was a bit stumped as for what to do. However, killing her easily like this was merely the last choice.

As he made progress in the genetic deciphering, his thought centers already reached preliminary conclusions based on this strange woman’s existence. If she fought in the open, the fighting strength she could display was a bit inferior to Red Duke Kanos, while in her home field, for example, this hall, her combat strength would even exceed the Red Duke post sacred elixir activation. However, despite this being the case, she only brought Su ten trifling evolutionary points, less than half of what the Red Duke gave him. As for the reason why, it was just as Su said, the amount of new things the Temple of Darkness’ blood could bring Su was just too little, while the energy they relied on was precisely the type that Su used the least. Purely in terms of the ability and power of blood, there might not be many biological liquids on this planet that were stronger than the intruder cells.

Don’t kill her, preserve her brain, perhaps you might be able to obtain some valuable things; this was the proposal his instincts gave him.

Preserve the brain and extract her memories? Su felt some hesitation. Even though these were methods used to deal with the enemy, the degree of cruelty was far above that of the normal meaning of torture.

Could it be that you still want to go back? His instincts said in reply to his doubt.

Su released a breath, releasing two streaks of black-colored smoke from his nostrils. He then brandished a blade like the brush stroke of a deity. When he removed the head with a single move, a new message simultaneously appeared in his consciousness: instincts assimilation degree 20%. At the same time, due to an overload of processing ability, more than twenty thought centers were burned down, the black smoke a result of the destruction.

However, the price that was paid was worth it, because he immediately accurately calculated the most likely position of the enemy, thus allowing him to deliver the follow-up strike. If not for this, before seeing that creature’s original form, no matter how rich his imagination was, he still wouldn’t have imagined that she was hidden right before his eyes, that she was using her long tentacles to hold the short blade and attack him from behind.

He squatted down, lifting the woman’s head up. Then, he cut open his palm, smearing the blood that seeped out over the injury on her neck. She released a shrill scream, her voice that fluctuated between high and low pitches extremely strange. The wound on her neck continuously released smoke, quickly charring, only leaving behind a few openings. Her vitality was exceptionally tenacious, able to live for at least another few dozen hours after the injury was sealed. Meanwhile, during this time, Su’s blood would continuously stimulate her life force, maintaining her brain’s activity.

Su brought the head before his face, looking straight into her eyes, and then said with an ice-cold and serious voice, “What you need to consider right now isn’t my end, but rather two choices. The first is to continue angering me, and then die in suffering after I obtain everything I want, the second is to work with me, tell me everything I want to know, this way you can die easily. If you can make me happy enough, I might even consider letting you live, as well as grant you a new body.”

When Su’s blood entered her, the woman’s craziness immediately disappeared without a trace, a hint of fear occasionally flashing past her eyes that looked at Su. A while later, she said, “If the second choice can guarantee my survival, and my new body is not much weaker than my former body, then I am willing to seriously reconsider.”

“Then you need to serve me, just like how you served the Temple of Darkness.” Su said with a flat tone.

The woman said, “Activating me will require large amounts of energy.”

“Energy is not an issue.”

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