Book 6 Chapter 19.7

Book 6 Chapter 19.7 - Collision

The hall became hotter and hotter, the temperature already rising, the sulfuric smell thick to the point where low level ability users would be poisoned. The mural paintings’ images changed again, those soldiers all coming alive, arranging into all types of attacking stances. Even though until now, they were merely people in paintings, this strange scene couldn’t help but make one suspect if these valiant soldiers would jump out of the painting. Even if they couldn’t come out, these hundred or so pairs of eyes that seemed so real, carrying hostility and killing intent, were enough to make one flustered, at the very least making one raise their vigilance.

Surging heat was currently pouring out relentlessly from Su’s body, scattering in all directions. If one looked at him through infrared sight, they would discover that in this sizzling hot hall, Su’s surroundings were still covered in an expanse of dazzling light. In Su’s brain, all of his thought centers were operating at full speed, and as a result, the large amounts of heat energy were efficiently scattered from his body. The entire hall was already divided up into cubic centimeter units, the sea of data currently being calculated at high speed. Some of the feeling of having everything under his control when he ignited himself in the Land of Rest back then returned.

Towards this type of opponent, Su already developed some understanding.

“You made a fatal mistake, which was that you shouldn’t have angered me.” Su said in a calm and ice-cold voice.

His voice was still just that attractive and pleasant to listen to, but when it was spoken in that type of inhuman, ice-cold tone, it would only make one feel a deep chilliness. Ever since he entered the temple, this was the first time Su spoke.

As if in response to Su’s provocation, the short blade appeared again, the target of this attack Su’s left knee joint. If this attack hit, it would basically destroy Su’s movement ability, at the very least, this was what the attacker thought.

Just like before, when the short blade appeared, it stabbed towards its destination with a speed that wasn’t too fast or too slow, Su unable to detect anything all the way until it touched his wide trousers. Meanwhile, when Su detected it, it was already completely too late to evade unless he had more than ten levels of speed and flexibility, only then would he be able to promptly carry out evasive movements. The high frequency vibration on the blade could instantly inflict terrifying injuries, so even though it only seemed to be a light cutting motion that didn’t carry much power, with a bit of luck, it could completely remove Su’s calf.

However, when the short blade had just appeared, the long blade held in Su’s hand with a reverse grip suddenly flew out! Dazzling blade radiance flashed before Su like a streak of lightning, and then a large blast of blood gushed out!

A miserable scream sounded in the hall, and then a head appeared from nothingness. It fell onto the ground, continuously rolling, stopping only when it reached Su’s feet.

This was the head of a woman. She had an unusual blue-colored long hair, her delicate face already distorted from pain and horror. Her lips were bright red, as if blood was smeared on them, the depths of her pupils also surging with bloodiness. Even despite being stepped on, she still didn’t give up, releasing a sad and shrill scream. Four long canines suddenly reached out from her mouth, biting down fiercely towards Su’s leg!

This bite clamped down rigidly, the canines almost completely entering his body, boiling hot blood continuously sucked in by those hollow canines, while her blood also smoothly entered Su’s body. Everything went smoothly, so smoothly that it exceeded her most crazy and optimistic expectations.

The short blade appeared again, stabbing towards the right leg that stepped down on this head. However, the twin blades flew about at the same time, Su’s body shifting out with inconceivable speed, moving in a circle around the space in front of him, unknown just how many hacks and slices he released in that instant!

Miserable screams immediately sounded in the hall again, but this time, it was a duet, the existence in the void and the woman on the ground simultaneously releasing miserable screams. Large amounts of blood even more so spraying out again and again, forming an expanse of bloody mist that didn’t disperse in a several meter radius. All types of flesh fragments and body parts were continuously flung out from the void, scattering all over the place. 

At the same time, the mural paintings’ scenes also continuously warped and changed, as if matching the screaming voices in the hall. The warriors were also silently crying out, looking like they were in extreme pain, to the extent where even the shields and weapons that normally never left their hands were tossed onto the ground, their bodies swaying back and forth, twisting in angles normal people couldn’t achieve. New wounds were continuously added to the warriors’ bodies, more and more blood gathering on the ground, currently flowing along the edges of the paintings, making one wonder if they really would flow out from the painting when they reached the frame.

With a clank sound, the short blade fell onto the ground.

This was a thick square edge blade, looking like the blade of a butcher. What held the blade wasn’t a hand, but rather a few tentacles that looked similar to those of an octopus, the small suction pads covering their surface firmly attaching the short blade to the the tentacles. When the tentacles winded about each other, it formed an arm-like organ, but compared to a human arm, its ability to move at any angle without restrictions was undoubtedly the soft-bodied nature’s greatest advantage.

Following the square blade’s clanking noise, the bloody mist also began to scatter. A strange creature appeared before Su’s eyes.

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