Book 6 Chapter 19.5

Book 6 Chapter 19.5 - Collision

The absolute speed of Su’s sprint wasn’t that fast, but he never stopped, running straight towards Xilur, not fearing any terrain obstacles.

He made his way through the rainforest, crossing great rivers, and then climbed over the precipitous mountain walls, entering the plateau. Xilur City finally appeared in his field of view.

As he approached Xilur City, Su had also encountered a minor hindrance, fifty elite soldiers led by two eighth level valiant warriors. The orderly uniform and excellent tactical proficiency meant that they either came from some type of trump card army or some great noble’s elite private army, but Su didn’t care much about where they came from, instead directly entering battle, because they just happened to be in Su’s way.

The three hundred sixty thought centers allowed Su to process even more information at the same time in battle, while monitoring every single enemy and their control of their bodies down to the cellular level, he even had enough time to senselessly think about the wind direction and temperature’s effects on the battle situation. Meanwhile, the power of Extreme Assault, whose effective distance was reduced to ten meters, was even more so inconceivably great. When Su moved past the army, he immediately drew out more than ten afterimages, the postures of every afterimage different, all of them the moment he released a killing blow, these images even freezing in the air! When the afterimages shattered, a whole twenty soldiers lost their lives. Only the two high level soldiers barely managed to see Su continuously change speed at an inconceivable speed more than ten times, weaving from one end of the soldiers to the other. When Su made his way through the soldiers, not a single soldier displayed any reaction, all of them still looking in the direction where Su first set out from.

What followed were two more streaks, and then the entire army, including the two high level soldiers reached the end of their lives. Meanwhile, for Su, he obtained another twenty evolutionary points. Right now, he had a new extremely special ability: Perfect Utilization. Through sufficient data analysis, he could substantially increase the amount of evolutionary points he obtained through combat and slaughter.

Slaughtering this troop of soldiers didn’t slow down Su’s advance, and he unexpectedly rescued Yelicie and the soldiers who were fighting bravely in the forest. The small army equipped with high-end military force was originally sent into the rainforest to eliminate the rebel army in Xilur CIty’s surroundings.

Su didn’t take the small incident along the way to heart, once again breaking into a sprint, his strong and powerful steps like those of a galloping steed, every movement full of explosive power. However, two meter and a half long blades hung from his waist, the special weapons of the two high level warriors, every single one of these alloy gold cast curved blades fifty kilograms in weight, the power they unleashed in battle incomparable. Even though the weight was too light, not very convenient to use, they still allowed Su to display greater strength than when he used the poleaxe.

While running, Su’s line of sight already locked onto the Sun God Temple resting halfway up the mountain.

He had to first take down Sun God Temple, and then from there have a high chance of obtaining clues related to the apostle. This was the first suggestion his instincts gave Su, or perhaps it could be said to be an order, as Su had no alternative.

What was an apostle? Not even his instincts were clear on this, only believing that it was some type of existence similar to an ultra life form. Su already felt that there was some type of mysterious and natural hostility between himself and the apostles, but he couldn’t determine the source of this hostility at all. However, from his instincts’ perspective, this was something extremely easily understood, because on this celestial body, all ultra life forms would become Su’s enemy in the end. As for the reason why, it was because this was the innate nature of ultra life forms.

Xilur City was extremely large, the size double that of Maca. If one wanted to enter Sun God Temple, they would have to travel through the city first, or else one would have to make a detour of several dozen kilometers. Su didn’t slow down his own speed, nor did he plan to make a detour, instead heading straight towards Xilur City’s gates! The warriors guarding the gate saw Su from the distance, shouting loudly in warning while raising the alarm. However, Su suddenly increased speed, rushing straight past the warriors like a gust of wind. Only when he appeared a hundred meters out, did the warriors slowly fall.

Blood then blossomed.

Xilur City quickly erupted into chaos. Most of the city knew that someone had invaded, and that it was an extremely powerful individual. A few free soldiers just happened to be in Su’s way, the result of trying to intercept him was the same as that of the warriors guarding the entrance. The free citizens who were a bit further away couldn’t catch up to Su’s speed at all. When most of the city was in chaos, Su had already entered the temple’s main entrance. Behind him, shrine warriors with developed muscles were currently clutching their throats, their faces full of horror as their bodies became weak, collapsing. Blood quickly spurted out from the gaps between their fingers, flowing down their chests, producing a red puddle on the ground.

This Sun God Temple built on the mountain was a stepped pyramid. Behind the main entrance was an enormous space stretching over a thousand square meters, the entire space unexpectedly not having a single pillar, displaying the building’s high level of architecture. Outside and inside the doors were two different worlds. After entering through the main entrance, Su immediately felt a blazing energy wrap around him, as if he was being roasted by several great flames simultaneously. The air in the temple carried a strong sulfuric smell; if one closed their eyes, they might have the illusion that they were standing on a volcano.

Su gripped the blades backwards, walking step by step just like that towards the center of this hall. His footsteps echoed through the spacious hall, his blades dragged along the ground, continuously grinding against the rough rock surface, releasing a rough and ear-piercing sound. The hall was completely empty, but in the Panoramic View, the ten red-robed warriors who gave off powerful life energy auras were currently gathered at the top floor of the temple, while the several hundred different types of warriors and clerics were also on an upper floor, the odd job workers and slaves remaining in a few large rooms in the first floor basement. Su was currently in the temple’s first floor, aside from the two warriors guarding the temple entrance, there was actually not a single person here. Everything inside Sun God Temple was neat and orderly, everything clearly being carefully arranged, as if they were waiting for Su’s arrival.

However, was there really no one in this hall?

Su suddenly stopped moving, focusing his attention before him. In his line of sight and even in his Panoramic View, he didn’t see anything abnormal, but there was a water droplet that appeared from thin air several meters in front of him, fell, and then landed on the rock surface, producing a great crown shaped splash before being completely absorbed by the dry rock surface. The instant Su saw the water droplet, Su already obtained its composition data, moreover knowing that this was sweat released by a human.

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