Book 6 Chapter 19.4

Book 6 Chapter 19.4 - Collision

Back then, his instincts’ reply was that the the body composition of lower level life forms hindered Su from properly understanding the essence of the world.

Then what were higher level life forms?

A faint golden symbol appeared in Su’s consciousness, this serving as his instincts’ reply. That symbol didn’t have any information stored inside, but its existence itself was already enough to to explain everything.

Back then, Su seemed to have been convinced, but...

In the very depths of his consciousness, Su still believed that things were still different. What he was going to do, was originally to wait, wait until a year later when the great biological weapon army completely formed, and then the powerful biological army would not only be able to sweep through the northern continent, it could move through the sea and truly cover every corner of the earth. The reason why he had to wait, was because after the foragers carried out large scale reproduction, only then could they start producing the mid level biological weapons. In this era where abilities already appeared, relying on some low level biological weapons alone wasn’t enough.

However, the wait was just too great of a torment.

“I… how am I supposed to watch them die like this, endure this type of suffering?!”

Su took a deep breath. His upper body leaned back, using all of his body’s strength, his forehead smashing heavily against the stone laid walls!

The entire wall came crashing down before Su’s face!

Blood trickled down drop after drop, producing blood flowers as they splashed on the rubble, absorbed by these dry rocks soon after. They didn’t return to Su’s body on their own, all of the intruder cells slowly dying, as if they were just like ordinary human’s blood. Half his face was already covered in blood, but Su’s head was tilted downwards, having no intention of wiping at it.

He suddenly raised his head, flames raging within his green eyes!

He turned around, set out, taking three large steps, instantly breaking the sound barrier. Then, with a sudden jump, his body passed over the conical ripples in the air, moving through the air, immediately moving several hundred meters out. Under the night sky, Su’s body drew a streak through the sky like a gliding eagle. When his momentum ended, Su gradually descended from a hundred meters in the air, landing in a slum housing district, the tremendous impact making the ground within a dozen or so meter radius around him crack and rupture. He slowly stood up, and then began to walk in Xilur City’s direction, moving faster and faster, eventually running. Every single step was full of power, moreover carrying a forward momentum of no return, his figure immediately leaving Maca City, heading into the distance.

He wasn’t going to wait anymore!

In the rainforest, in the wilderness, in the highlands, in many different areas, swarm after swarm of wasps surged from their habitats, unfolding their wings and flying towards a certain direction. Shadows moved swiftly and nimbly between the ancient trees, Herkula moving one after another. They already displayed their top speed, many of them even abandoning the food they were still eating, their powerful sharp claws leaving behind streak after streak of marks on the tough and sturdy rainforest tree trunks. Some of the Herkula even leapt more than ten meters into the air, unfolding their limbs, only returning into the forest after gliding for some distance, and then continued to crazily charge forward. Aside from the few mother bodies that were currently carrying out reproduction, almost all of the Herkula and Leigna were assembling!

In Maca City’s northern rainforest, that forager was the only one who didn’t follow that instinctive summoning, it had another order that was even higher level in the sequence of orders. Right now, it had already finished its first meal, a plump pheasant. However, the place where it ate was extremely clean without any traces left behind, because not only were there no bones, even the pheasant’s feathers were devoured. The bit of blood was licked clean, its long tongue that could divide into several dozen parts at the very tip sweeping the grass and moss on the ground together into its mouth, the extremely agile forks not even letting the insects and grassroots hidden in the soil go. This meal made the forager’s belly swell up half its original size, and then it quickly and rhythmically contracted. A type of mucus was secreted from within its body, the mucus solidifying in the air, becoming sharp and sturdy bone spurs. Only when the five bony spur firing organs were filled did its stomach release a faint radiance, a sign that it was starting to make energy crystals. When the energy crystal storage was complete, the forager would enter a breeding stage, at that time producing ten eggs. The newborns would mature after ten days, and then after twenty days, they could carry out a new round of reproduction. The foragers weren’t all that large, but mid level biological weapons were much more complex than low level biological weapons, and because it was now starting to touch upon biological weapons that could store energy, the reproduction and maturity cycles became much longer. However, this wasn’t all that big of an issue. Even though the forager’s combat strength was assessed to be weak, that was merely an evaluation made when compared to the rest of the entire biological weapon system. On this entire planet, aside from the human race’s ability users, it had almost no natural predators. That was why with its twenty day reproduction cycle that would increase its numbers by ten times, in a year, in theory, the foragers’ population would reach ten to the eighteenth power!

After cleaning up its food and its meal location, the forager raised its head, its eyes locked onto an ancient tree that was so wide several people would have to stretch out their arms to wrap around its trunk. It slowly walked over to the bottom of the tree, and then bit down on the tree trunk. Its strong and powerful lower jaw and teeth that were so sharp they could chew through steel easily tore off a large piece of wood from the tree. After grinding it up in a simple manner in its mouth, the food entered its mouth, starting digestion. The forager was quite satisfied with this tree’s taste, taking another bite immediately after swallowing the first.

A moment later, an enormous ancient tree came crashing fall, the several dozen meter tall tree trunk crushing countless branches along the way. Under the curtain of night, the rainforest was dark and secluded, only a frightening rustling noise continuously sounding.

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