Book 6 Chapter 19.2

Book 6 Chapter 19.2 - Collision

In the rainforest depths, the raging inferno produced an area of death. Over a hundred large trees were burnt black, while the bushes and vines on the ground even more so couldn’t escape destruction. The corpses of several dozen small animals were already charred black, with another dozen or so corpses that still maintained different stances, clearly in extreme pain before their deaths. There were some areas where the flames had not died out yet, strands of cyan-colored smoke continuously rising from them.

Yelicie was on the ground beneath a tree, her face deathly pale, breathing with difficulty. She pressed her hand tightly against her abdomen, but blood continuously flowed out from between her fingers. Her dress was completely torn into shreds, revealing two long and slender legs. Only, her left leg had a few bullet wounds, one perfectly on her knee, making her calf twist at an extremely unnatural angle. Every breath she took brought her pain that was difficult to endure, but she still quietly sat there just like that.

A burst of rushed assault rifle sounds could suddenly be heard from not too far away. What followed immediately afterwards was a sharp and clear pistol sound, then everything became quiet. A moment later, the elder dragged a corpse over, the small silver pistol in his hands still hot.

“All of them were here.” The elder said. He produced a map from his bosom and gave it a look, and then said, “We have two days to rest and recover. There shouldn’t be any more hounds within several dozen kilometers around us.

Yelicie already couldn’t speak, only barely able to nod her head. She raised her head, a hint of green color flickering in her eyes. Her mouth moved slightly, silently saying something. Several minutes later, a few branches and leaves moved about, a Herkula jumping out from a treetop. This was one of the earliest batches of Herkula. Even though its body composition wasn’t much different from the later generations, intelligence flickered about in his eyes. Even though the Hekula’s intelligence were comparable to humans, knowledge still needed time to be learned. It walked over to Yelicie’s side, carefully examined her body, forcefully sniffed, and then raised its head to release a long howl.

Buzzing sounds could be heard from the rainforest, over a hundred Leigna flying over. What was different from normal Leigna was that the dozen or so Leigna at the center had much larger stomachs, their flying clearly not as agile, quite different from the vicious looking Leigna around them. These dozen or so Leigna landed on Yelicie’s body, and then they searched out injuries one after another, and then made their way inside. The frightening wound on her stomach even more so had four or five Leigna enter at the same time. Soon afterwards, a few Leigna crawled out, carrying bullets in their mouthparts. They spat out the bullets, and then bit down on the flesh around the injuries, continuously injecting the nutrients and high energy liquid the human body needed, making the wound on her stomach quickly dry out. When they emptied all of the liquid in their bellies, they began to fly in a wobbling manner, disappearing into the rainforest depths.

Yelicie was already no longer bleeding from her injuries, her flesh even more so growing slowly at a visible speed, quite a bit of color returning to her face. Only when the Herkula saw this did it release a low howl, leaping out, disappearing in an instant. At this time, the elder walked over, straightened Yelicie’s calf, and then used the cloth strips he removed from the enemy soldiers’ uniform to bind her wounds. This process was extremely painful, in fact, even more painful than when the numerous Leigna treated her body, but Yelicie didn’t release a single groan of pain the entire time. This life and death battle brought her large amounts of evolutionary points, and with her ability potential long opened up to eight levels, as long as there were enough evolutionary points, new abilities would form on their own one after another. These days, aside from when she needed to be treated, she would almost always be searching out and attacking Marshal Debayor’s troops. Meanwhile, the crazy power she displayed when fighting was enough to leave even Kebile frightened.

Perhaps because she had some of Su’s nature, the speed at which she obtained evolutionary points was much higher than that of an ordinary ability user as well, just that this process of growth was excessively painful, not something humans could endure. Even now, when the elder who had witnessed endless trials and hardships treated her injuries, his hands would also occasionally tremble.

Life and death struggles happened from time to time in Xilur City’s surroundings. Meanwhile, Maca City seemed to have sank into a dense fog, without the slightest bit of news again. The great army Xilur sent out seemed to have disappeared into thin air, from this, the empire’s higher levels all knew that something might have already happened to Duke Kanos.

In the mist-shrouded Maca City, for many days, Su sat at the top floor of the pyramid, not speaking or moving. When the weather was good, whenever Maca City’s residents left their homes, they would always be able to see the figure at the top of the pyramid.

For some reason, during these few days Su remained in Maca City, the city’s residents all felt ill at ease, as if they were watching something extremely frightening play out. Apart from those who received clear-cut orders, everyone stopped their work, choosing to hide at home. They weren’t idling away their time, bu were instead alarmed and panicked. Su didn’t have anyone guard the city’s paths, and Maca City didn’t have walls either. If the residents wanted to leave the city, they could do as they wished, yet no one dared to take a single step. It was as if the not too distant forest hid some type of extremely terrifying monsters. The night was extremely peaceful, but no one could sleep. In their eyes, it was as if something was hiding in every shadow, currently struggling fiercely, wishing to crawl out. Only when they were tired to the extreme would they be able to sleep a bit, but they would often wake again with screams from nightmares.

There were soldiers on patrol at night, but in the city residents’ eyes, the patrolling soldiers’ movements seemed extremely strange and rigid, the shadows they cast on the ground often not matching their bodies.

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