Book 6 Chapter 19.11

Book 6 Chapter 19.11 - Collision

When he heard Su’s reading, the red-robed archbishop’s eyes immediately lit up, so excited his entire body began to tremble. “As expected, the purest divine language as expected! The syllables I have studied and contemplated for several decades, actually pronounced this clearly! Sun God! I thank your esteemed self for letting me hear the true divine language before the end of my life!”

The corners of Su’s lips tilted upwards as he watched this somewhat incoherently speaking red-robed archbishop, waiting for the next words.

After speaking endless praise for the Sun God, the red-robed archbishop finally calmed down. He looked at Su and said, “Thank you for your patience. However, knowing the divine language does not mean that you are the Sun God’s disciple, on the contrary, you are the Sun God’s most dangerous enemy. However, in the end, you will enter the great Sun God Temple, this cannot be prevented. Meanwhile, the Sun God’s apostle in the human world, the great divine temple’s sun sacrificial rites, the divine temple’s Sun Officiant, is also prepared to meet you. However, after hearing the true divine language, it has allowed my comprehension of the divine power to make new breakthroughs. Are you willing to give me the time and chance to display the true Mysterious Summoning?”

Su immediately recalled some information he had previously seen. Mysterious Summoning, this was an ability that only existed in theory, a ninth level ability belonging to the Mysterious Fields. After successfully displaying it, one could summon allied forces from a foreign world, moreover sending them against an enemy. The rate of success of this ability when performed at the ninth level was extremely low, rumored that most of the time, what was summoned wasn’t the so-called foreign world allied forces, but rather some nearby wandering wild beasts. Other times, it would temporarily place one’s own will into nearby ability users or humans, thus achieving a ‘summoning’ effect.

An author specialized in research of the Mysterious Fields believed that Mysterious Summoning’s true form should be a tenth level ability, with even eleventh level being a possibility. Nine levels of Mysterious Fields was completely not enough to support the tremendous requirements needed, thus making the ninth level form of Mysterious Summoning a nearly useless rubbish ability. However, the author who wrote this information only had nine levels of Mysterious Fields ability himself, so towards tenth level or higher abilities, he could only rely on theoretical principles. However, the so-called theoretical derivation was only effective in the other four domains, the results of trying to do this with the Mysterious Fields that didn’t have much theoretical foundation to begin with was pretty much the same as fantasizing.

Su obviously wouldn’t believe that the red-robed archbishop only had the ninth level Mysterious Summoning, but he was also quite curious to see what the Mysterious Summoning managed to summon. Regardless of what it summoned, there was no way they would be stronger than the development road map of all types of biological weapons, especially the most powerful war weapons.

When the red-robed archbishop saw Su nodded, he thus turned around to face the altar, starting to focus on reading the Sun God Temple’s praise litany. During this process, tremendous amounts of energy were unexpectedly really transferred by the red-robed archbishop’s frail and weak body, moreover affecting the energy that had accumulated for many years on the altar. When the praise poems finished, the red-robed archbishop suddenly straightened his body, using a voice that was almost the same as Su’s to loudly shout, “Power! Will aggregate on my will!”

The laws of power contained within this sentence were immediately activated, energy surging from the archbishop’s body. After linking up with the world, power was extracted from every direction, gathering inside the altar’s raging flame. Su sensed that sphere of life aura quickly becoming stronger, moreover beginning to powerfully pulse. However, this type of aura brought Su an extremely familiar feeling, making the expression on his face become a bit strange.

Meanwhile, the red-robed archbishop’s face that was so shriveled it was like a skull was quickly aging even more. When he used up all of his power and collapsed, a tremendous roar suddenly sounded from within the altar, and then a giant creature covered in raging flames leapt out, landing before Su!

Su’s expression was rather strange. He carefully looked at this enormous beast, not expecting the red-robed archbishop’s tenth level Mysterious Summoning to really summon foreign world reinforcements.

Only, if one overlooked its four meter height and flames raging about its body, this enormous beast, regardless of whether it was its outer form or internal composition, it was clearly a complete Herkula that had its body enlarged several dozen times.

The battle didn't give him too much pressure. After just a few offensive and defensive moves, Su’s twin blades deeply entered into the upper back of the burning Herkula, the meter and a half long blade’s edge perfectly making contact with its most important core organ, which was also the thought center that controlled all movements. The high frequency vibration on the blade immediately began to take effect, making it completely explode. Its enormous body came to a crashing fall, its four limbs twitching about, unable to stand up again. Su pulled out the twin blades, and then stabbed inside from a different angle, destroying the thought center that controlled intelligence, thus fully concluding this Herkula’s fate.

This complete, gigantified Herkula that was equipped with flame ability talent and possessed several different characteristics at the same time possessed strength that was more than ten times that of the true biological weapon version. However, no matter how powerful it was, it was still only a Herkula. Forget about its strength being increased ten times, even if another ten times was added, Su could still easily slaughter it.

As the first biological creature he concocted, moreover even carrying out reduction revisions on the original blueprint, Su understood the Herkula’s composition like the back of his hand, to the extent where the enormous genetic composition was even engraved in his mind. However, what left Su surprised was that this Herkula was actually a true biological body, and not a projection similar to the apostle. This made Su develop a bit of curiosity towards Mysterious Summoning. However, why would the red-robed archbishop summon a Herkula? Could it be that the foreign world was not merely something subjectively thought up, but was actually crawling with Herkula?

Despite seeing the powerful flame Herkula directly and efficiently cut down by Su, the red-robed archbishop was still so excited his entire face was red. He deeply sensed this Herkula’s power, and as a summoned ally, it could even compare to a ninth level ability user. The reason why it was defeated only proved that Su’s strength was too great.

Su walked around the Herkula that was carrying out its final struggle, and then squatted down by the red-robed archbishop, asking, “Is there anything else you wish to say?” He already saw that the archbishop was nearing the end of his life, successfully performing the Mysterious Summoning even more so sucked his body’s last bit of energy dry.

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