Book 6 Chapter 19.10

Book 6 Chapter 19.10 - Collision

The meaning of this sentence was unclear, likely the type of slogan or words religions liked to use. However, what made it special was the language used to write this sentence, a type of symbol that had complex structure, its surface flickering with reddish-golden radiance, constantly maintaining a blazing temperature. Meanwhile, this type of symbol was unexpectedly a bit similar to the symbols that emerged in the depths of Sus’ consciousness. Even though the degree of complexity was not even a millionth of a millionth of his symbols, they could also smoothly carry information, moreover allowing Su to read them. The symbols themselves carried a pronunciation and meaning, and it was able to hold information through energy changes. Even though the complexity and the amount of information it could carry didn’t have any correlation between them, these symbols and the ones in the depths of Su’s consciousness walked the same path, this was where its true significance laid.

Su then thought of the description characters he encountered back then in the underground base on the breeding tanks, ‘Herkula’ and ‘Leigna’ written in the Bisindle language without any energy load. At that time, those characters that didn’t carry energy, drawn without spatial analysis, nor did they carry any spiritual fluctuations, were even more so a type of blind imitation.

Su touched the words with his hands. The symbols were cast from a mixture of copper and other alloys, these symbols that had an energy supply maintaining a constant temperature of three hundred or so degrees. When Su’s fingers touched it, due to energy loss, the temperature decreased slightly, making the sentence immediately become a bit vague, the meaning it contained also becoming erratic. This proved that the sentence before him at least contained energy, and even though it was only used in the most primitive manner, this was equivalent to the first people’s usage of tools. Su didn’t know if the creator of Sun God Temple had anything to do with the underground palace in the past, but at the very least, from this preliminary usage of the Bisindle language, there was already a decisive step made between the two. The true Bisindle language were those symbols in the depths of Su’s consciousness, able to carry the entire development road map of biological weapons within a single symbol. This was but a road map that was formed from tens of thousands of biological weapons!

Back then, when Su and his instincts conversed, the symbol that emerged didn’t carry any meaning in itself, if one deciphered it, it was just ‘Bisindle’. Su knew how to pronounce it, but didn’t have any way of reading it. ‘Bisindle’ was a similar pronunciation that seemed right but was actually wrong, this word was actually formed from several hundred million waves overlaid upon each other, impossible to truly read with human organs. Meanwhile, Su had a vague feeling that if the day came when he truly could read this word, he feared that something might happen.

Su's hand left this sentence. He pushed open the copper door, and then walked along a long staircase, reaching the temple’s zenith altar. This was the most divine location in Sun God Temple, a place only the red-robed archbishop was able to freely enter. As for the others, regardless of how high their identities were in the world, they could only enter this place during certain ceremonial situations.

The flames in the altar continued to burn fiercely, the golden sun at the center of the platform releasing steady and unchanging heat. The dried-up and thin red-robed archbishop stood before the altar, looking rather frail, only able to prevent himself from falling by relying on a golden scepter. When Su walked out from the passage, the silently praying red-robed archbishop didn’t turn around, instead saying with a hoarse and unpleasant sounding voice, “You finally came.”

Su was a bit shocked. He narrowed his eyes slightly, coldly observing this red-robed archbishop. The archbishop’s strength wasn’t all that outstanding, and there weren’t any large amounts of energy hidden within his body either. On the contrary, in the Panoramic View, his biological reaction was extremely weak, and it undulated unpredictably, as if he might die at any time. There was no trap arranged on the zenith altar, no ambush waiting for him, only an extremely clear biological reaction within the altar’s raging flame, but it wasn’t strong to the point of posing any threat to the current Su.

Panoramic View, equivalent to nine levels of power and speed, strengthened Extreme Assault, ten levels of perception, powerful regenerative ability, body composition that was completely different from a human, over three hundred thought centers to control his body down to the cellular level, while simultaneously able to monitor several hundred hostile targets, this was the current Su. Even if he didn’t have the assistance of powerful biological weapons, he now had the ability to face and defeat Pandora head on. Meanwhile, before the sea of lower level enemies, Su was already unequalled.

When faced with the red-robed archbishop, under this type of distance, Su had confidence that as soon as the other party began to transfer the energy in his body, or was just about to chant the first syllable of an incantation, he could cut him down with a single move. That was why Su didn’t mind listening to what he had to say first, especially when the temple was clearly waiting for him.

The red-robed archbishop slowly turned around, in his left hand a thick book of sacred writing. He leaned the scepter against the edge of the altar, flipped open the sacred text, faced Su, and then said, “Do not doubt the great Sun God, it was the one that issued the decree, telling me about your arrival. I believe you should be able to read this sentence, right?”

On the page the sacred text was opened to, there was a line written with similar symbols. When translated to a meaning humans could understand, it became: Power will aggregate on my will.

When he saw this sentence, Su knew its meaning, moreover read it aloud with the purest accent. When reading it, Su immediately felt that it contained some type of mysterious power, as if it linked him up with a certain place in the depths of this world. In that instant, the entire world seemed to have woken up, an enormous and incomparable will silently emerging! Su knew that this was some type of misconception, because the world’s will truly did exist, never fading away. Only, most people couldn’t detect the existence of this type of will, instead ignorantly and unknowingly living. Right now, the power contained within this line immediately strengthened Su’s perception towards the entire world, simultaneously bring him into contact with the will of this world.

However, in that instant, what Su sensed from the entire world was endless hatred and disgust. In addition, powerful energy began to condense, preparing to use the fastest and most powerful methods to expel Su’s will. On the other side, Su’s own energy also began to undulate, his perception of the world’s will quickly reducing. The effects of reading that sentence were quickly fading, as if a snowflake that fell into a bonfire had completely melted in the blink of an eye.

This was because Su’s own ability domains weren’t enough to support this type of relationship. The energy that maintained the relationship with the will of the world came from the Mysterious Fields, unrelated to direct combat, right now, Su was completely blank in the Mysterious Fields ability domain. Even if he had powerful abilities in the Mysterious Fields, for example, True Luck, Fatal Strike, etc, it wouldn’t be very helpful for Su who already achieved cellular level control over his body and had over three hundred thought centers of processing capability, every single one of his strikes able to display the same effects as Fatal Strike. That was why from a practical perspective of developing abilities, there wasn’t even a single level of Mysterious Fields ability.

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