Book 6 Chapter 19.1

Book 6 Chapter 19.1 - Collision

In the depths of the rainforest, Kebile suddenly raised his hand. The several dozen soldiers behind him immediately stopped, in that instant already finding cover. A bit later, shua shua sounds could be heard up ahead; there was clearly a line of troops moving through the forest. In the blink of an eye, a tough looking man brushed aside the shrubbery, walking out. His skin was dark, his muscles so developed his tactical vest looked like it was going to burst. There was a layer of grease applied to his skin, a camouflage turban wrapped around his head.

When he walked out of the shrubbery, he immediately stopped, carefully observing his surroundings while gesturing behind him. As a result, human figures moved about in the rainforest, more than ten strong figures flashing behind trees.

The male in the lead pulled out the short blade behind his waist, and then slowly squatted down. His hands brushed at the weeds covering the ground, and then picked up a tattered piece of cloth, carefully examining it. He suddenly raised his head, but right when he was about to cry out, a long whip already silently swept over, wrapping around his neck like a venomous snake, snapping his neck bones with a crack sound.

Gunshots immediately erupted in the rainforest. More soldiers began to move vigorously and nimbly between the forest, the sounds of daggers clashing even surpassing the gunshots. The battle was intense and short, the shouts of killing gradually fading after just a few minutes. Kebile moved through the rainforest like a black bear, killing the few enemies that were trying to escape one by one. The price of this battle was one dead and four seriously injured, but the enemy’s twenty membered troop was completely wiped out. However, this type of battle accomplishment didn’t bring Kebile any satisfaction, because they actually suffered casualties when their side had twice the number of men and even three assistants. The deaths came from the enemy’s excellent coordination and exceptional tactical skills, and not powerful abilities.

The soldiers under him piled up the enemy corpses together, and then removed the weapons and ammunition they carried. Kebile squatted down by a tall and sturdy soldier’s corpse, and then tore off the tactical vest with his bare hands to reveal the crossing spears brand on his collarbone, and then released a light sigh.

These were highland hunters, one of Marshal Debayor’s most elite troops, no wonder they were so difficult to deal with. Only, this rainforest was located west of Xilur City, quite a few kilometers from Marshal Debayor’s encampment. Kebile never expected to encounter the marshal’s army so quickly, his face becoming extremely downcast. As a former suzerain, he definitely didn’t believe that these lax borderland soldiers could compare to Debayor’s elite soldiers. Moreover, if those high level warriors under the marshal appeared, Kebile didn’t even know if he himself was their match.

However, Su’s order was extremely clear, Kebile didn’t dare show the slightest bit of disobedience. He understood clearly that as the price for obtaining powerful abilities, Su already became a master he could not disobey. As long as he displayed any ideas of disloyalty, he would immediately face the danger of genetic collapse. This wasn’t only true for Kebile, all who obtained strengthening through Su’s own blood faced a similar issue. After accepting Su’s blood, their bodies all underwent slight changes. Kebile didn’t doubt for a second that Su planted something along with the ability that was bestowed. Fighting against the marshal’s elite army at least had some hopes of survival, while the result of betraying Su was definitely death, and this process might even be extremely long.

At this time, an assistant walked over to Kebile’s side, telling him a few things with a quiet voice. Kebile turned around, seeing the three heavily injured members who were laying in a vacant area a bit further out. They continuously groaned, the enormous wounds. despite being wrapped up, quickly became blood-soaked. It was clear that they couldn’t fight anymore, even moving with the rest of the army difficult. Even if they did recover, there might still be residual effects.

Kebile’s face was downcast, his thumb moving through his throat. Right now, he didn’t need any burdens.

Sounds of explosions suddenly sounded from the distance, a raging pillar of flame visible even from far away! Concentrated gunshots ensued, but they died down soon after.

Kebile’s expression was a bit strange. With a pah sound, he spat out a mouthful of spittle, muttering, “Motherfucking… that fire playing little girl’s abilities became stronger again!”

The rainforest became more and more gloomy and frightening, mournful cries of beasts sounding from time to time, echoing through the forest. Kebile wasn’t unfamiliar with these cries, knowing that they came from those strange wolf-like creatures that had previously appeared at Su’s side. He was even more aware that they possessed frightening intelligence, to the extent where Kebile even suspected that they might even be a bit smarter than himself. Kebile obviously knew that biological weapons were Sun God Temple’s most important secrets, but he had never heard of any biological weapons being smarter than even humans. The rainforest would become these wolves’ world sooner or later, the only thing that wasn’t definite was time, while this time was set by their reproduction cycles.

Did they take two years or three years to mature? How many did each cycle produce? These mathematical problems weren’t Kebile’s strong suit, if their reproductive strength was about the same as normal mutated wolves, then that would already be astonishing enough.

When he heard these wolf howls, Kebile felt a bit more confidence in facing Marshal Debayor’s elite army. This was, as long as they didn’t leave this rainforest.

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