Book 6 Chapter 18.8

Book 6 Chapter 18.8 - Leaving

On a small hill not too far out, Li Gaolei was currently lying on a branch somewhat lazily, quietly looking at the sky. The gunshots and cannon sounds could still be heard all the way here, and from the gunshots’ concentration alone, one could tell how tense the battle was. When Li Gaolei first heard these sounds, even he felt nervous, but now, he had already learned to calm down and find peace, this way able to optimally maintain his own stamina. Li Gaolei looked into the sky, but a beautiful figure was jumping before his eyes. Even if he didn’t use his eyes, he could still imagine how Li was fighting, to the extent where it was precise down to the last detail.

On the distant horizon, a line of smoke and dust suddenly rose. Then, tanks full of soldiers emerged, speeding in this direction.

Li Gaolei suddenly stood up, his eyes narrowing slightly, staring at the enemy that suddenly appeared. Several dozen tanks were arranged in a line, currently rushing over at extreme speed. Even the soldier transport off-road vehicles, after having machine guns attached to their roofs, became terrifying murderous weapons. In addition, Li Gaolei saw more than a single off-road command vehicle, commanders standing perfectly straight on them. No matter how the off-road vehicles shook and jumped, the two commanders seemed like they were nailed to the car. The perfectly straight stance and dangerous aura gave away their identities, first class commanders, which were also the most dangerous enemies Li Gaolei had faced from the Scorpions of Disaster!

When he saws the hundreds of enemies and two first class commanders, Li Gaolei’s pupils rapidly contacted! He didn’t excel at individual combat, his few high level abilities all focused on group survival. With his present abilities and abundant combat experience, he could win over a single first class commander at most. If two appeared at the same time, then he had to run, let alone the fact that the were even more second and third class commanders, as well as hundreds of concocted soldiers!

The scope of this Scorpions of Disaster army was several times that of the small squads they previously encountered, and with their direction of advance, they were heading precisely towards the battlefield Li was fighting intensely in. Just from how they were advancing at full speed, it was clear that they definitely weren’t just passing by.

Trap! This thought flashed past Li Gaolei’s brain.

He jumped down from the tree, entering a half squat at the top of the hill, and then watched as the Scorpions of Disaster soldiers rushed past in front of the mountain. He quietly produced a large caliber sniper rifle from his back, activated the scope, and then loaded the gun, supporting it in his hands.

The tanks moved past the scope’s crosshairs, one after another, to the extent where even the vivid and lifelike scorpion markings on the soldiers’ helmets could clearly be seen. Soon after, a command vehicle appeared in the scope. The crosshairs first stopped by the commander’s chest, and then it nudged downwards, aiming at the ventilation opening on the engine’s cover. The first class commander sensed something, suddenly turning around. His cold gaze passed straight through the sniper rifle’s scope, directly clashing with Li Gaolei’s eyes!

The moment the commander turned around, Li Gaolei pulled the trigger. In that instant, a thought calmly appeared in his mind: Doesn’t seem like I’ll be able to get away this time.

When he saw the rifle muzzle’s fiery light, the commander’s body immediately flipped backwards, instantly moving back more than ten meters, and then entered a half squatting stance, landing heavily on the ground. With the commander’s instantaneous reaction speed, even if the bullet fired from the sniper rifle in Li Gaolei’s hands had twice its initial speed, it still wouldn’t be able to injure him. However, the command vehicle suddenly stopped, a burst of flames erupting from the engine soon after, and then a series of explosions immediately followed. This shot’s goal wasn’t to hit the commander, but rather to stop this highly adaptable off-road command vehicle!

Li Gaolei’s hands were extremely steady, the coordination his four levels of weapon control proficiency brought his body effectively neutralizing the effects of the recoil force on his accuracy. His fingers continuously pressed the trigger, unloading the five bullets in the magazine at a constant speed. Then, he inserted a new cartridge of bullets with a single hand, his other hand pulling out the pistol behind his back, firing a brightly colored signal bullet into the air.

The signal bullet burned in the air, drawing out a streak of rich red color in the cloud-filled, dark gray backdrop. 

Li who had completely lost herself in the fighting suddenly raised her head, an expression of shock flashing past her face. This was the signal Li Gaolei and herself arranged to express extreme danger and mandatory retreat.

There was danger? Then what about Li Gaolei?

Li’s ears trembled lightly, already receiving the sniper rifle gunshots. She immediately retracted her gaze, just in time to see the concocted human commander in the opposing command vehicle raise his head towards the skies at that bright red trajectory, his face revealing a pensive look. Li’s mind immediately jumped! She originally already had a vague feeling that this commander was quite different from the commanders she encountered in the past, and now, this further proved her suspicions. It was because concocted humans always had blank faces, never showing any expressions.

Li clenched her teeth, and then while dragging the long blade, suddenly rushed straight at the commander! Even though there were a hundred meters separating them, she could still clearly see that the commander first displayed shock, and then actually revealed a smile of disdain. In past battles, Li would only aim for the commanders after wiping out all of the concocted human soldiers and destroying all of the tanks. This was the first time she made an exception. The fact that the commander revealed shock meant that he had seriously studied Li’s past battles.

He wasn’t an ordinary concocted human!

Li forcefully suppressed the shock she felt, only rushing out a few steps, and then made a diagonal turn. The long blade’s edge flew out, cutting open the wheel type off-road vehicle’s front tires, and then turned around to rush towards the direction where the signal bullet was fired.

Li just couldn’t stop feeling worry for Li Gaolei.

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