Book 6 Chapter 18.7

Book 6 Chapter 18.7 - Leaving

Diaster had already watched this short video many times, and every time he watched it, the powerful scene would make him unable to breath for quite some time. After a long time had passed, he finally released a sigh, feeling a bit dizzy. He then gulped down a large mouthful of chocolate, replenishing his body with a bit of energy.

The scene began to slowly rewind, stopping at that scene where her body was bent at the waist, taking a striding step, the moment the blade swept out. While looking at those steady eyes, her short maroon hair that flew about like a raging flame, as well as her curvy body that was filled with strength, a flush of redness slowly emerged on Diaster’s face, with a hoarse voice saying, “Only this is a true woman!”

It was precisely because of this woman that brought about the destruction of seven of his squads, as well as who knew how many scattered soldiers. The newest data analysis displayed that she had merely six levels of ability, and this was still the result after the recent battles. However, close to ten first class commanders died under her hands, as well as more than thirty second class commanders who had strength comparable to herself.

This woman, along with that long blade, already became the embodiment of the death god.

Diaster already watched several dozen videos of her, yet just couldn’t figure out why so many troops died under her hands. Her blade skills were simple and trained, and with just a few hacks and slashes, no one could stop her. She didn’t have a body of steel; she did get tired, get injured, yet whenever she was in critical situation, that seductive and slim body would always erupt with tremendous power to cut down the last enemy.

Perhaps Pandora would know about her blade method or ability secrets, but Diaster would rather have more than ten thousand concocted soldiers die than beg her for help. From the moment Pandora personally removed her mother’s head, she was no longer his daughter, and he was definitely not willing to be her father.

Diaster headed west urgently to personally capture her before the deadline, catch this woman that made his imaginations run wild, and then pour out the last flames of his life on her body. When the final judgment day arrived, he knew that his own life would also come to an end.

A bit of red light suddenly lit up on the corner of his screen, drawing Diaster’s attention. This was the alarm that a branch of the army had suffered an attack. He opened the tactical map, discovering that the alarm’s location originated from the forwardmost position of the western line. Diaster immediately zoomed in, and then the cursors that represented combat units appeared one after another, to the extent where there were markings even for the concocted soldiers. With just a sweep of his eyes, Diaster knew that this was a standard small combat squad. Moreover, from the speed and manner in which different cursors flickered about, he immediately knew that it was her again!

However, this time, it wasn’t that simple. When Diaster looked at the battlefield environment and army distribution, his mouth immediately cracked open into a wide grin.

The small combat squad was currently resisting her attacks with great difficulty, and in another ten or so minutes, they will be completely wiped out. However, a few kilometers out, two squadrons of soldiers were currently heading over at full speed! They were like a pair of metal pliers, clamping down towards the target in the middle. There were a total of five first class commanders and over forty second and third class commanders in these three squadrons, the scale far greater than the norm. This type of power was already enough to completely suppress her.

Diaster zoomed out of the map, revealing all of the troops in the surrounding regions, immediately discovering that the first and second class commanders of the surrounding troops had already been transferred out, only a few third class commanders still holding their position. Turns out the small squad that suddenly rushed out was just bait.

Diaster fished out the list of commanding authority, discovering that authority over all of the troops in this region was temporarily gathered in the hands of a class one commander. It was precisely him who issued this order to bait the enemy and then use concentrated high-end combat strength to annihilate the enemy, the plan looking like it was about to show results.

Who said high intelligence concocted humans were all idiots? At the very least, this commander was an exception. The smile on Diaster’s face froze, and then he began to think to himself. He was seriously contemplating whether or not he should erase this first class commander forever. His brain alone was already enough for the Scorpions of Disaster, a second one wasn’t needed.

Li’s hands dropped below her ribs, the long blade’s cutting edge pointing straight ahead. She suddenly released a shout, and then with a few steps, she already reached top speed, charging straight towards a wheel type tank! The tank’s cannon was currently aimed straight at her, to the extent where one could even see the glint of an artillery shell within! The shooter in the tank looked into the aiming lens in disbelief, the crosshair currently aiming perfectly between Li’s brows. Before he even thought anything further, the fire button was already pushed!

The mouth of the cannon immediately released a ball of fire. However, Li already gracefully soared into the air, passing over the tank. Meanwhile, the two meter long blade already completely inserted itself into the main cannon’s barrel!

The tank shook a few times, and then the gun turret suddenly released a few wisps of flames. The roof was blasted off, spinning as it shot several meters into the air.

Li spun twice in the air, already turned around when she landed. She exerted force again, breaking into a run like an agile leopard, instantly rushing up to the burning tank. She reached out her hand, grabbing the handle of the long blade that was sticking out from the gun turret, borrowing her momentum to pull out the long blade.

Li landed, turned around, and then stood still. She held the blade with both hands, the cutting edge pointing diagonally at the ground as she calmly faced these enemies who outnumbered her several tenfold. On the battlefield, there was wind, fire, scorched earth, and blood. Her head of short hair was also like both blood and fire.

A number of larger caliber bullets whistled as they flew over, blasting the ground until dust flew everywhere. Li had long disappeared from her original location, but there was still a string of blood that burst into the air. Only after cutting down several concocted soldiers did Li notice that there was a wound added to her waist. She didn’t even bother patching it up. With a few rolls, she avoided the streams of bullets, and then rushed towards an armored infantry tank. 

She had a vague feeling that this squad of scorpions would be especially difficult to deal with.

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