Book 6 Chapter 18.6

Book 6 Chapter 18.6 - Leaving

O’Brien and Eileen hurriedly returned north. Without them, the Arthur Family’s battle line would be in great danger. Powerful ability users were the heart and soul of an army, and now, the Scorpions of Disaster had indeed gone crazy, to the extent where large amounts of concocted people were carrying powerful explosives on their backs, using suicidal methods to rush into their battle line and then detonating them, wishing to take down the enemies guarding the front position in mutual destruction.

Losses received from fighting concocted people were something that would give any commander endless headaches.

The source of the Arthur Family’s headaches, the Scorpions of Disaster’s temporary brain and founder, Generalissimo Diaster also had his own problems to worry about, the self-granted title of Generalissimo unable to bring him even the slightest bit of satisfaction. Right now, he was currently seated in a wheel type armored soldier transport vehicle, heading towards the western line with the greatest speed possible. This armored vehicle had long been modified into a command vehicle, its interior stuffed with intelligence systems, as well as communication, tactical analysis, and other devices, and still had to maintain a certain degree of safety and mobility, which was why space and comfort had to be sacrificed. After giving himself the Generalissimo title, Diaster’s body weight also shot straight up, adding another few dozen kilograms. His wide and fat body even felt extremely cramped in this command vehicle, so there was even less of a chance of having a few of his favorite concocted female assistants in here.

The command vehicle moving at high speed couldn’t help but shake violently, the Generalissimo’s layers of fat continuously smashing into the car walls and even instruments. The result of crazily indulging himself on his desires made Diaster’s abilities degenerate even further, now already not much different from the lowest level ability users. The long and difficult journey made his stomach roll again and again, wishing to send the military rations that tasted as dry as wax straight back out. Smashing repeatedly against the instruments and the walls made his body ache all over, the pain feeling as if his flesh was going to split open.

Diaster cursed about everything he could think of while staring at the large screen in front of him, from time to time grabbing the cup of boiling hot chocolate at his side, trying to quell his stomach that just wouldn’t calm down. He wore a special helmet that interacted with the micro computer chip in his brain, able to send orders down to the troops’ level without taking any action.

Around the command vehicle that was moving at high speed were several hundred combat vehicles of all different types, ranging from caterpillar track main battle tanks to off-road loading towing trucks that dragged giant combat mechas, this fleet forming a stream of steel as they surged forward. This was a rare scene in the age of turmoil, all armed mobs in sight covered their heads and ran for their lives. The stray bullets that flew past their heads constantly reminded them that there was no good end for them if they ran even a bit slower. To the two sides of this river of steel, more than ten wheel type high speed off-road vehicles sped along, smoke and dust surging behind them. The two large caliber machine cannons propped on top of the vehicles roared from time to time, tearing apart everything in their field of view. Meanwhile, as for those unlucky enough to appear in the vehicle fleet’s path, if they weren’t shot down by bullets, then they were crushed to death under the caterpillar tracks.

This could be considered an enormous motorized force, the concentrated firepower and as many as twenty first class commanders a power no one could look down on. Even if it was in the Blood Parliament, even if it was General Rudolph’s personal army, he wouldn’t choose to fight head-on against this force. However, Diaster didn’t send this force that could decide a battlefield to the east, but rather to provide the western line that had already left for quite some time with long-range reinforcements.

Even though Diaster lost his strength, he wasn’t stupid, on the contrary, quite the brilliant general. The defenses of the eastern front against the Blood Parliament who were currently engaging in a civil war looked weak on the surface, as if a single fierce assault would tear through it, the problem was, what then after breaking through? Diaster refused to believe that the Blood Parliament’s high level ability users would just sit there and watch as this army advanced deeply into their territory. Meanwhile, in the west, even though it was desolate, without any fully established powers, they wouldn’t face too great of a resistance. Moreover, after the front line troops crossed the great lakes region, they discovered a relatively flourishing and developed region. Based on what he heard, this power was formed from three large-scale cities, possessing a large population and near perfect industrial system.

Manpower, industry! These were the key words for Diaster. Moreover, this power didn’t seem to have any true high-end ability users!

Diaster continuously increased the level of troops sent to the west, gradually increasing the pressure the enemy power faced, testing its strength and bottom line. However, before the scouting produced any true results, without waiting for his main army to come off the production line, he already impatiently led the already produced army westward. He didn’t have the time to wait until the army production was complete, and even though the concocted humans’ commanders had powerful abilities, a brain produced from a breeding tank and directly recorded knowledge just couldn’t compare to true intelligence and experiences.

For example, the western line’s trifling battles could still be messed up by these concocted commanders. Diaster pulled up a video recording.

The scenes were extremely blurry, still shaking intensely, the background full of violent explosion sounds. Fiery light and thick smoke pervaded the air, off-road tanks and armored soldier transport vehicles moving back and forth, concocted human soldiers firing endlessly. An off-road vehicle suddenly rushed out from the smoke, the front of the vehicle suddenly separating from the back section, exploding violently after tumbling a few times, the back section flying straight into the sky. The cross-section of the front and back of the vehicle was perfectly straight and smooth, as if it had been cup open.

A sweet, fair, and graceful figure rushed out, wind and flames surrounding her entire body as she rushed out, rushing into a group of concocted soldiers like a leopard. Then, a ring of blade radiance hacked out like lightning, suddenly sweeping through the bodies of many concocted soldiers!

After this blade flashed out, she didn’t stop for a second. After just a few movements, she already reached the center of the screen, jumping high into the air, raising that shockingly long blade above her head! In that split second, she seemed to have frozen in midair, as if the scene froze right here. Immediately afterwards, snow-white blade radiance crashed down like a waterfall, and then the screen was covered in static, complete darkness arriving soon after.

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