Book 6 Chapter 18.4

Book 6 Chapter 18.4 - Leaving

Persephone leaned backwards, making herself a bit more comfortable, and then with a somewhat easygoing smile, said, “I’m different! My face isn’t that easily tarnished, after being humiliated, how can I just let things end without getting anything back? Also, I’m quite fond of this place, don’t want to see it destroyed by the chairman’s army. The gambling character of the people here is pretty good at least, don’t you think?”

“This isn’t a reason! Older sis…” O’Brien still wanted to say something, but Persephone cut him short. She leaned close, her bright gaze staring at O’Brien, and then with a lowered voice, said, “Hey, didn’t you end up hooking up with that Eileen? How far did you guys go? Who was the one that made the first move? Also, she’s putting her clothes on the line against so many people, don’t tell me you aren’t worried at all?”

O’Brien’s face flushed slightly red, avoiding the few questions at the front and saying, “It’s fine, even if all of these people lost their pants, she still won’t have to worry about losing her shit. She wanted to win and bring back all of the guns, but there really are a lot of guns here!”

Persephone released a snort, her expression becoming a bit ugly as she said, “There are a lot of guns here, because most of them were seized by me and then sold to them.”

“... about that, older sis, why don’t you just come back with us? The scorpions have been quite restless recently.” O’Brien intelligently changed topics. He noticed the dangerous glint in Persephone’s eyes as she continuously sized up Eileen. O’Brien who was familiar with her habits knew that she was currently thinking about her probability of winning against Eileen.

“Older sis!” O’Brien cried out with a forced smile.

En? Where did we talk up to just now?” Persephone only snapped out of her thoughts now.

O’Brien looked her in the eyes, suddenly asking, “You aren’t thinking of dying, are you?”

Persephone suddenly got out of her chair, grabbing O’Brien’s collar with a single grip, and then angrily saying, “You don’t think I’m living that splendidly right now?”

“Then what if the chairmen’s people come?”


“It might be Haydn who comes, maybe others who are more formidable than Eileen. What will you do then.” O’Brien pressed further step by step.

“If I can’t win, then I’ll run! Do I look really look like that stupid of a person?” Persephone looked at O’Brien like she was looking at an idiot.

“You do!” O’Brien faced her gaze. However, even after looking at her for a long time, he still couldn’t tell if she was telling the truth or not. He released a sigh, and then said, “We will launch an attack on the chairman’s army front line soon.”

Persephone immediately stared blankly at him. “Didn’t you say that the scorpions were quite restless recently?”

“How could it just be restless? They are simply about to go crazy! From the brains of some of the fellas we captured, we learned that some kind of apostle seem to be currently reviving. That is why they are attacking all directions, not worrying about casualties at all.”

“Then why are you still trying to fight two fronts?” Persephone asked.

“Because if we do this, the chairman will be fighting three fronts.”

“If Morgan isn’t willing to support us, then once the William Family joins the war, you’ll also be fighting on three fronts!”

The atmosphere in the tavern was still extremely enthusiastic, under the roaring cheers, Eileen’s headscarf, earrings, and wristwatch were removed one after another. However, she won even more, two bags filled with weapons already already placed behind her, the third one also half filled. Despite this, everyone’s cheers only grew louder. As long as they won once more, even if she only removed her stockings, it would still be a sight that couldn’t be missed.

However, Persephone and O’Brien’s conversation had long reached a impasse. The two were extremely similar, both brimming with talent, their wills firm, making them difficult to convince. When O’Brien was still young, Persephone always settled the disputes between them through brute force, but now, these types of methods obviously couldn’t be used anymore.

Neither side could persuade the other. In the end, O’Brien stood up, and then said, “Regardless, you have to leave this place. Your objective here is obvious, it will only result in the other side concentrating their forces to wipe you out in one go!”

“I like this place.” Persephone began to act like a rascal.

O’Brien sighed. He grabbed her hand, and then helplessly said, “Older sis, properly continue living. Back then, it was you who taught me the art of war, so how can you be the one to have forgotten instead? We can’t see hope right now, but as long as we keep pressing on, the light of dawn will eventually arrive. Regardless, I believe that fella Su is still alive, and he’ll definitely return. You don’t want him to come back and not be able to see you anymore, right?”

Persephone gave the excited crowd in the tavern a look, and then said with a light sigh, “If I leave, they will all die.”

“If you remain here, they will only die even sooner!” O’Brien retorted.

Another meaningless dispute that wouldn’t have a conclusion began, ultimately breaking up in discord.

Meanwhile, the gambling in the tavern was already approaching an end. The men successfully removed Eileen’s stockings, but lost everything they could use around them to bet with, only able to watch as Eileen carried four large bags on her own, thus leaving the tavern with O’Brien. The gambling character of everyone here was all quite good, no one going back on the deal. Even if they had any different ideas, when they saw Eileen lift a several hundred kilograms bag as easily as a satchel, they all sensibly chose to give up on those thoughts.

O’Brien wasn’t in a hurry to leave, instead stopping in Leeds for another day, walking around the town and looking around, from time to time chatting with the residents. His bearing was graceful, and with powerful strength backing him, yet he behaved in a friendly manner, he gave many people a good impression. Persephone left Leeds early in the morning, heading into the wilderness to hunt for treasure. She definitely didn’t want to argue with O’Brien further. Even though she knew why O’Brien would suggest attacking the chairman, she just didn’t want to go back.

Where was Su? Where was her child? She had no idea.

Right now, she was laughing, playing around, drinking her fill, driving as she pleased, countless bullets brushing past her every day. On the outside, she constantly displayed her beauty and arrogance. However, she was empty inside.

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