Book 6 Chapter 18.2

Book 6 Chapter 18.2 - Leaving

Rudolph didn’t get angry, instead becoming completely cool-headed. However, those who were familiar with him knew that this was a sign of him entering a battle state. He wasn’t looking at O’Brien, instead placing his gaze on the woman’s body. He had long seen that this woman possessed devastating strength that was even more powerful than the unfathomable O’Brien. When she saw Rudolph’s gaze shift over, the woman pursed her lips, and then giggled cutely like a little girl who didn’t know the ways of the world. She actually raised her head towards the sky, pretending to be uninvolved.

Rudolph’s battle intent that was immediately raised to its peak was completely fruitless, unable to lock onto her at all. He was immediately shocked, but his expression remained unchanged, and then looked towards O’Brien, saying, “Killing me means an all out war between the Arthur and William Family. Have you already finished your preparations?”

O’Brien took a step forward, removed his cloak, and then casually flung it towards the woman. With a smile, he said, “You don’t need to worry about her, Eileen won’t interfere with our battle. As for the war between the two families, what of it? Could it be that you already made your preparations?”

“Eileen?!” Rudolph’s face was full of shock. He looked at that woman for a long time, and only then did he turn back to O’Brien, coldly saying, “If she doesn’t interfere, will you be able to win against me?”

When faced with Rudolph’s almost tangible killing intent, O’Brien seemed completely unaffected. Every inch of his body seemed to be in a relaxed stance, without the slightest sign of preparing for battle. He still continued to speak as if he was just engaging in idle chatting. “If it is purely in terms of combat strength, then it is roughly fifty-fifty between us. However, I have been struggling between life and death this entire time, while you have spent more time in the command role as a general, so if we fight to the death, then the odds of success between us is seventy-thirty, enough to bet on!”

Rudolph still maintained a battle stance. Before the casually standing Eileen and O’Brien, this seemed a bit laughable. However, since Rudolph already knew that woman was Eileen, even if O’Brien said she wouldn’t take action, how could he dare lower his guard? If they suddenly joined forces and attacked, he would at least have room to retaliate. For people who have reached his level of status, was there any significance left in face?

“Why have you come looking for me?” Rudolph asked. He already guessed a portion of the reasoning, but still wanted to confirm it.

O’Brien laughed in mockery, saying, “There doesn’t have to be a battle between us, at the very least, not yet. However, you should know who is inside Leeds. If you still aren’t willing to make a detour and insist on attacking Leeds, then I can only kill you here first, and then wipe out your army together with Eileen.”

Rudolph gave O’Brien a long look, and then slowly withdrew his battle stance, saying, “If it is only this reason, then we will make a detour. However, it is best if you advise her to leave a bit sooner.”

“That is not something you need to concern yourself with.”

Rudolph returned to the off-road vehicle and slammed the car door, while Eileen and O’Brien already moved out of the way. When moving past O’Brien, Rudolph lowered the car window, saying in a profound tone, “You will definitely feel regret for the decision you made today.”

O’Brien laughed, and then said, “The one who regrets should be you. After tonight, even that thirty percent chance will be gone.”

Rudolph didn’t reply. He winded up the window, and then the off-road vehicle sped towards the army that was ready and waiting. While watching the off-road vehicle leave, Eileen suddenly said, “Really going to let him go? I still feel like we should just kill them off! It won’t even be that much trouble.”

O’Brien only shook his head.

In the off-road vehicle, Rudolph lit a cigarette, and then took a deep hit, only then did he discover his hand was involuntarily shaking. This was the result of a mixture of anger, fear, and humiliation. Even though he didn’t have any intention of attacking Leeds, not wanting to do something, and then being forced to not do something, were two completely different things.

The night was extremely peaceful. The off-road vehicle quickly moved under the darkness, the assistant doing his best to stably control the off-road vehicle with the damaged steering wheel, remaining completely silent the entire time. In the darkness and peacefulness, Rudolph suddenly said with a slow voice, “Snatched Eileen, and now Persephone even publicly appeared, these two slaps to the face really are loud and clear!”

The assistant roughly guessed at what Rudolph’s words were implying. He couldn’t help but break out into a cold shudder, pretending as if he didn’t hear anything.

When Persephone woke up, the sky was already completely dark. She forcefully shook her head a few times, and only then did she realize that she was in the back guest room of the tavern. Her battle instincts told her that it was already three in the morning, but the tavern ahead was still extremely noisy, roars of laughter sounding from time to time.

What was going on? Persephone was a bit surprised. In the past, whenever it went past midnight, even the most excited guests would obediently return to sleep. They were definitely not in peaceful times, so preserving their strength was closely tied to whether or not they would survive, let alone the fact that they couldn’t completely rest even when sleeping, needing to divert some energy to vigilance. Leeds’ prosperity and peace were both built on the foundation of flames and blood.

She dragged her legs off the bed with some difficulty, her head still aching and pounding. Meanwhile, her stomach was rolling, constantly trying to send what was inside back out. This was the feeling of being drunk. Persephone hated this type of feeling, but she had no choice but to endure it. Blue Rose’s alcoholic effects were long and continuous, not that easy to get rid of, nor was it like ordinary alcohol, something that abilities could eliminate, these precisely what made its price so expensive. In reality, it wasn’t pure alcohol, instead having trace amounts of neurotoxin mixed in, only then could it knock out the bodies of ability users who were tougher than polar bears.

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