Book 6 Chapter 18.13

Book 6 Chapter 18.13 - Leaving

In the direction where Li was pointing, a Scorpion of Disaster troop was currently rushing over, clearly already settling the battle on their side. However, when that army advanced a bit, it suddenly turned around, speeding towards the distance, actually starting to run.

Several kilometers out, Diaster was given a great fright as he watched large amounts of unit cursors disappear from the screen. Those were all real mobilized forces that were armed to the teeth, and not just some icon on the computer! Yet now, it was as if someone was removing them with an eraser! From the speed at which the troops were wiped out alone, Diaster immediately had a rough guess of the strength of the new enemy, immediately ordering what remained of the army to fully retreat, the direction of retreat of course in the opposite direction of where he was. Then, Diaster severed his connection with the front line army, ordering the troops he commanded to hold their position.

Meanwhile, the command vehicle turned around, leaving at full speed under the protection of a few tanks. Diaster was going to join the newly produced main force before coming back to have a showdown against this unknown enemy; being able to live a few more days was always a good thing.

In a valley that wasn’t too far from the battlefield, three people found Li Gaolei. This man was leaning against a half scorched large tree, half a cigarette that was already wrinkled beyond belief hanging from his mouth, his head a bit crooked, as if he was taking an afternoon nap. Below his body was dark soil, close to a hundred bullet holes all over his body, nearly every single inner organ blasted rotten, every bone broken. Collapsed around this tree were over a hundred Scorpion of Disaster soldier corpses. Right by Li Gaolei’s feet laid a Scorpion of Disaster first class commander. His eyes were opened wide, the expression before death still frozen on his face. The fatal wound, was a dagger stabbed into his chest. Meanwhile, in a place a bit further away, several off-road vehicles were currently burning.

After wiping out enemies equivalent to several squadrons, Li Gaolei chose this tree, and then sat down below it. Like a feudal lord who had just finished a day of work, he lit a cigarette, and then closed his eyes in a relaxed manner.

Only, this sleep was already eternal. Meanwhile, when that cigarette had only been smoked halfway, it was soaked in and put out by blood.

Li staggered up to Li Gaolei, squatted down, removed the half cigarette from his mouth, wrapped it in paper towels, and then carefully placed it in her own close-knit pocket. Then, she stood up, quietly looking at him. Only after several minutes had passed did she walk up to an off-road vehicle that hadn’t been burned down yet, used her long blade to remove the oil tank, and then she poured the oil directly on Li Gaolei’s body and surroundings. This series of movements made the injuries on her body that had been properly patched up by Cirvanas continuously bleed, but Li seemed totally unaware. Only when she finished all of this did Li find that cigarette, light it, and then silently smoke it, smoking it to its end.

Her long and slender fingers reached out. The cigarette butt that had finished burning drew out an arc in the air, landing in the oil.

A great flame thus blazed, covering that face that had lived through many changes.

The fiery light made Li’s face fluctuate from bright to dark. When the flames reached their greatest point, Li turned around, silently leaving. Cirvanas, who was standing in the distance, lightly bit his lower lip. Madeline’s face was peaceful and ice-cold, as if she was a statue cast from steel, returning to the past when she occupied the dark holy saint throne.

When Li passed Madeline’s body, Li stopped moving. She looked at the young lady’s expressionless face, suddenly clenched her teeth, grabbed the corners of her clothes, using a hoarse voice to roar out, “Where is Su?! Where is he right now?!”

A hint of light returned to Madeline’s eyes. She lowered her head, and then with a pa sound, smacked away Li’s hand that grabbed her collar, saying, “I don’t know.”

“You don’t know? Ha! You don’t know?” Li reached out her hand to grab Madeline’s collar again, but was met with a formless force field, unable to reach forward further. Forget about how weak she was right now, even if she was at her peak, without sufficient preparation, she might as well forget about breaking past this force field. Li took two steps back, pointed at Madeline’s nose, and then said, “Back then, he brought you with him, don’t think that I don’t know! Now, you are telling me that you don’t know where he is?”

Madeline said indifferently, “Where he is has nothing to do with you.”

Li pointed at the burning tree, screaming out with everything she had, “Has nothing to do with me, but open your eyes and look! Is this not a big deal too?! Are you telling me that this doesn’t fucking matter either?!”

Icy coldness flowed through Madeline’s azure eyes, a thick killing intent slowly spreading, the air immediately filled with a heavy bloodiness that made it difficult for one to even breathe.

“You want to kill me?” Li laughed coldly, not fearing Madeline’s power or killing intent at all.

Madeline withdrew her killing intent. She looked at Li who was like a flame, and then said, “You can also be considered his woman, so I won’t kill you. However, he doesn’t owe you anything, nor does he owe me anything. In this world, he doesn’t owe anyone anything!”

After speaking, Madeline turned around, bringing Cirvanas into the distance. On the wilderness’ great earth, behind the gradually disappearing figures, only a winding sword mark marked their departure.

When the burning tree completely disappeared behind the horizon, only then did Cirvanas carefully ask, “Older sis, are we just going to leave her behind like this? Her injuries will take quite some time to recover from.”

Madeline indifferently replied, “The enemies here have already been completely killed, so she will be fine, there is no use in us staying behind. Also, she won’t like me, nor is there any way I will like her, which is why the situation now is fine. However, you, if you dare get involved in my matters again next time, there are several hundred methods from the Trials Division that can help strengthen your memory.

Cirvanas’ body shook lightly, not daring to say anymore. It was to the extent where he didn’t know where he got the bravery back then, actually daring to set a defensive force field between Li and Madeline.

Madeline suddenly stopped, making Cirvanas jump with fright! He sneaked a look at the young lady’s expression, discovering that she was thinking about something, something that seemed to be unrelated to himself, and only then did he calm down.

 Madeline shook her head, and then forcefully removed a powerful thought from her head, saying to herself, “That little thing… forget it, it is Su’s after all, so I’ll just leave it!”

However, even though she made this decision, Madeline’s expression instead became darker and darker. Whenever she thought of the little figure that immediately escaped, a mysterious pressure immediately emerged in her mind. Her many years of intuition vaguely reminded her that this decision might very likely be a mistake.

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