Book 6 Chapter 18.12

Book 6 Chapter 18.12 - Leaving

Li was shocked, barely able to open her eyes. What she saw was a sweet little face, on it forever imprinted an unchanging smile. However, this smile in Li’s eyes, was extremely gentle and beautiful. For no other reason but intuition, Li suddenly sat up and blurted out, “Little Luo!”

Little Luo who had already turned into a young girl looked at Li, revealing a grin. Her movements were stiff and unnatural, as if she wanted to bite something, but Li understood her intentions, that she was laughing. Even though her little face was covered in dark ashes, she still looked just that sweet.

Li’s eyes immediately shifted from Little Luo’s face to her chest, and then her face immediately became deathly pale. Little Luo’s chest was almost completely blasted rotten, to the extent where...

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