Book 6 Chapter 18.1

Book 6 Chapter 18.1 - Leaving

Things began to change a month ago. At that time, Persephone had just arrived at Leeds, moreover decided to take up long term residence here. Ever since then, the powers that attacked Leeds experienced a nightmarish month, every single attack resulting in giving away lives and supplies. Their secret strongholds were discovered by her one after the other and completely wiped out, a large amount of the goods turning into capital used for her to drink in Leeds’ inn. Meanwhile, Persephone's beauty and laughter also illuminated the little town, igniting the hope and courage of everyone here.

In this land of chaos, Persephone flourished in a wanton and reckless manner, as if she had returned to her teenage years. The past her was just this unrestrained and aggressive, using her beauty to solve small problems, violence to solve big ones, forcibly squeezing herself into the old and young men on the sixth floor of Black Dragonrider General Headquarters, establishing an office table that could be considered her own.

If she wasn’t female, she might have long been viewed as the optimal candidate for General Morgan’s successor.

When the male thought of these past matters, he was momentarily distracted. Right at this moment, the off-road vehicle suddenly shook, and then it came to an emergency stop! The brake released a screeching sound that was so loud it sounded like it was going to collapse, the tires grinding fiercely into the ground, producing two roiling streaks of dust. The male’s moment of distraction sent him flying out from his seat, smashing towards the front window. He released a snort, left hand reaching forward like lightning, pressing against the windshield, and then his hand that was covered in a glove unexpectedly completely moved through it!

He raised his head, giving the assistant a vicious look before staring forward.

The assistant’s hands were tightly gripping the steering wheel, completely unaware that the steering wheel in his hands was already completely deformed under his strength. He was breathing heavily in and out, sweat pouring out profusely, eyes bulging out from his sockets as he stared rigidly at the woman who suddenly appeared in front of the vehicle.

This was an extremely stunning woman, the black dragonrider military uniform perfectly setting off her figure. She was quite tall, legs standing on the curb of the road in front of the off-road vehicle, body leaning at an exaggerated angle, to the extent where her head was past the center of the off-road vehicle. Her right hand reached towards the off-road vehicle, five fingers opened up, and then maintained this type of position, not moving in the slightest like a statue.

Her face was extremely beautiful, large eyes even carrying a bit of naughtiness and innocence, her appearance extremely harmless. Even under the darkness of night, one could still see that her hand was extremely beautiful as if it was sculpted from ivory, a bit of faint light even flowing about its surroundings. Even though her leaning posture was bit exaggerated, her relaxed and unhurried appearance made it look as if she was just stopping a vehicle to hitch a ride.

However, the assistant had a completely different feeling. When the focal point of his gaze landed on the woman’s five fingers, his entire body couldn’t help but shudder. He was the only one who could feel that kind of pressure. This woman seemed to have suddenly appeared from nothing, and the moment she appeared, it was her current posture, her current position. In that instant, the assistant knew that he definitely couldn’t allow the off-road vehicle to make contact with her hand, or else anything might happen! In that instant, he seemed to have erupted with all of his potential, immediately stepping viciously on the break!

When the off-road vehicle finally came to a stop, there was already less than fifteen centimeters between the front engine cover and that beautiful hand of the death god!

Only a few seconds later did the emotion of fear smoothly transmit to his brain. Sweat poured down the assistant’s face, his entire body weak as it leaned into his seat. The male sitting in the passenger seat didn’t pay the assistant any attention, instead opening the car door and getting off the vehicle.

The woman suddenly stood up perfectly straight, not requiring any transition between her leaning and straight posture, as if it was all just one motion. The male’s expression changed slightly, legs staggered one before the other, assuming the Black Dragonrider’s standard unarmed combat stance. His thick brows locked together, his eyes completely serious as he stared unblinkingly at her.

However, the woman suddenly smiled sweetly, sticking out her tongue in a cute manner. “Don’t stare at me like that, the one who is looking for you isn’t me.”

An extremely young man appeared from the darkness. He had been standing there the entire time, only now coming into view after the darkness around him scattered. He had a pure and bright face, his short gray hair slowly flying in the night wind. He looked just like a larger boy, but his body vaguely released a forcefulness only possible after walking between life and death through blood and flames.

The male sized up the young man who appeared from the darkness, but didn’t lower his guard, slowly saying, “O’Brien?”

The young man chuckled. He stood there in a relaxed manner, saying, “I am quite happy that you recognize me. However, what I wish to know, is why you are you here, General Rudolph?”

“Military advance.” Rudolph answered. Even though the other party’s way of speaking was almost disrespectful, he still chose to keep his bearing.

“Where?” O’Brien asked.

Rudolph furrowed his brows, coldly replying, “This isn’t something you need to know.”

“Fine, I don’t care where you go, as long as you make a detour around Leeds.” O’Brien spoke in a seemingly absent-minded manner.

Rudolph suddenly erupted with anger, and then he gradually calmed down. He slowly said, “And if I do not make a detour?”

“Then you can die here.”

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