Book 6 Chapter 17.8

Book 6 Chapter 17.8 - Returning to Stillness

The elder shook his head, called over that clever youth, and then the two of them dragged Persephone over to the guest room behind the tavern, tossing her onto the bed. Drunk people were always extremely heavy, these few steps already making the elder and youth drenched in sweat. The elder wiped off the sweat covering his forehead, gave Persephone who was fast asleep on the bed a look, and then shook his head again. He produced a basin of water and a towel, having the young man clean Persephone’s boots before returning to help out in the front. After giving the instructions, he returned to the counter. This was the only tavern in the small town, so he was quite busy.

The young man dipped the towel in the water, walked over to the side of the bed, and then his movements suddenly slowed. When he looked at Persephone’s face that was stunningly beautiful, a flush of redness gradually appeared on his young face, his breathing becoming hurried. He swallowed with difficulty, his trembling hands reaching out towards Persephone’s chest. The shirt covering her chest was extremely tight, as if the buttons would fly off as soon as she breathed a bit heavier. The young man’s fingers moved straight up to the button that was fastened the tightest, this button looking like it would pop open on its own with just a light push.

As soon as his hand reached out halfway, it suddenly froze in midair, sweat pouring out profusely from his forehead, and then falling drop after drop. The young man opened his mouth, his throat releasing a whimpering sound. That enormous pistol had unknowingly when moved from Persephone’s leg into her hand, the ice-cold and enormous barrel currently pressed against the young man’s forehead!

Meanwhile, Persephone herself, was still fast asleep.

The young man’s body froze for a long time, and then his legs finally became weak, his body falling onto the ground. As soon as his hand left Persephone’s body, the enormous pistol spun around twice, returning to the gun cover by her thigh in a similarly mysterious manner. After surviving by the skin of his teeth, the young man no longer dared to think any more, immediately rushing out, almost crawling his way out of the room.

On the bed, Persephone stretched out her body, her charming eyes opening up a crack. She examined the completely empty room, a bit muddle-headed as she said to herself, “There seemed to be a pervert just now… why is there no corpse? Strange!”

At this time, the alcohol’s effects kicked in again. With a turn of her body, her two long legs supported themselves comfortably, and then she fell asleep again, the bed already having a few muddy shoe prints on it.

The young man couldn’t avoid the vicious beating this time.

When night arrived, the small town was still bustling with noise and excitement. In a time where flames of war raged everywhere, this place was like a small oasis. A few kilometers out from the small town was a lone mound, the only high point in the surroundings. A light off-road vehicle was parked at the top of this mound, a man who stood as straight as a javelin had a pair of binoculars raised, currently observing this small town registered as Leeds on his map.

This man looked to be around thirty or so years old. His neatly trimmed beard added a different type of charm to his ordinary but determined face, the black, dark golden patterned dragonrider general uniform even more so setting off his posture. His body exuded an imposingness and faint killing intent only those who had occupied a high position would have, not something any ability user could obtain after reaching a certain level of strength or position.

A moment later, he lowered the binoculars and said, “No special fortifications, but every single person is equipped with heavy firepower. Quite troublesome.”

There was another person standing behind him, from the looks of it his assistant. At this time, the assistant walked over and said, “General, if we let it go, our march will be increased by a hundred kilometers. Fuel is extremely scarce now.”

The male raised the binoculars again, gave the small town another look, and then came to a conclusion saying, “We’ll just do things like this, we are making a detour!”

The assistant disputed, “However, Leeds only has a few hundred armed residents, not an army! Flattening it for your distinguished self will only be a very slight effort!”

There was a piece of gauze stuck to the assistant’s nose, and even under the darkness of night, one could still see how high that area was swelled. It was unexpectedly the fella Persephone sent flying with a random punch.

The male lowered the binoculars, gave his assistant a look, and then said indifferently, “You’re wrong. As long as that woman is there, she can turn even a herd of sheep into lions.”

Several kilometers from the mound waited an entire fleet of military trucks, at the very front and sides protected by close to twenty armored vehicles. Meanwhile, bringing up the rear were unexpectedly four portable heavy artillery, as well as a corresponding ammunition supply vehicle. This amount of firepower was enough to deal with a battle against a small town.

The military vehicles and armored soldier transport vehicles’ engines were still running, as if they were ready to set out at any time. Meanwhile, several dozen fully armed soldiers wandered about the vehicle fleet. Upon closer inspection, one would find that the way they were scattered about and the distance between them had undergone meticulous calculation and careful arrangement, no gaps in the coverage to be found. This was clearly a well-trained and excellently equipped army, having the ability to turn around a battle situation in any location.

The male and his assistant already got into the light off-road vehicle, driving away from the hill and towards the vehicle fleet.

The night was peaceful. The male stared out the window, his side profile as if chiseled from rock, to the extent where he didn’t even blink, unknown as to what he was thinking.

The assistant looked like he was focused on driving, tactfully deciding not to dispute further on the matter of attacking Leeds.

The small town of Leeds actually didn’t have many special resources, but its pitiful amount of food and supplies still wouldn’t escape the attention of many powers both large and small. That was why in the past half year or so, battles of varying scales continuously erupted from time to time. However, as the only point of trade and rest within several hundred square kilometers, every single one of the town’s residents was willing to fight to the death for its freedom. Meanwhile, in past half year, the little town was like a lighthouse in the darkness, attracting large amounts of ability users who were weary from war and longed for peace, thus successfully surviving until this day. Leeds was the trade center of the surrounding region, and due to its location on the edge of the Blood Parliament’s general range of power, there was no way the two powers tangled in war would concentrate their main forces here, thus allowing this oasis to exist until this day. However, Leeds was constantly in imminent danger. As supplies dwindled further and further, its importance would become more and more prominent, thus drawing even more greedy eyes.

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