Book 6 Chapter 17.7

Book 6 Chapter 17.7 - Returning to Stillness

The moment Persephone’s face fell, her eyes starting to drift around, looking for someone to vent her anger on, the tavern’s doors were pushed open. A tall and sturdy male walked in. Even though the weather was still a bit cold, he only wore a sleeveless leather tactical vest. Two dual-barreled shotguns hung from the front, all of the empty spaces on his vest packed with bullets, so when he walked in, sounds of metal brushing against each other was unavoidable. Muscles winded about his body, his appearance making one’s scalp go numb.

When he saw Persephone, the robust male’s eyes lit up. He first greeted Persephone, and then shouted to the elder behind the counter, saying, “Two glasses of Blue Rose!”

When the two glass tubes rested on the counter, the entire tavern became quiet. Everyone looked towards the robust male, the expressions in their eyes extremely strange. The robust man didn’t really understand what was going on, feeling extremely uneasy under everyone’s gazes, however, he still pushed a glass of Blue Rose up to Persephone and said, “My treat.”

Persephone didn’t immediately reply, her eyes staring straight at this robust male, all the way until he couldn’t help but lower his head to see if something was wrong with his own body, and only then did she say slowly, “Ruddick, you recently got rich?”

The male named Ruddick clearly didn’t understand what she meant. “Rich? How could that be? I spent the last week recovering, didn’t even go out.”

“Is that so?” Persephone laughed. When she smiled, her eyes were curved, extremely beautiful. However, those who were familiar with her all knew that whenever she smiled in such a pretty manner, that was when she was about to use violence to solve a problem. Sure enough, Persephone then said, “Since you wish to treat, then pay up the bar fee first!”

While saying this, almost every single word seemed to be squeezed out from the gaps between her teeth.

Ruddick felt more and more strange, his reputation in this small town was quite outstanding. However, everyone here knew the result of provoking Persephone, and as such, he shrugged his shoulders, and then produced a brand new meat can from the bag on his waist, paying the bar fee.

Only now did the expression on Persephone’s face become a bit better, grabbing the Blue Rose and drinking it with one gulp, this time holding it in her mouth even longer before releasing a strong alcoholic breath. After finishing the alcohol, Persephone’s mood clearly became much better. She patted Ruddick’s shoulder, and then said, “Lad, you’re not bad hmm? Knowing to treat me. Alright, I can’t just drink from you for no reason, from here on out, you’ll be with me, just like how we spoke last time!”

Persephone’s deemphasized pats on the shoulder almost smashed Ruddick who was as sturdy as an iron tower straight into the ground.

The smile on Ruddick’s face immediately became even worse than crying. He was an expert with both seven levels of power and seven levels of defense, a powerful individual who could do as he pleased in this small town area; of course, this was under circumstances where he didn’t run into Persephone. His powerful abilities had to be completely displayed, and only then did he prevent himself from collapsing under Persephone’s casual pats on the shoulder and back. He just couldn’t understand how they arrived at this type of result, Persephone’s strength clearly didn’t seem to have reached seven levels.

Moreover, it seemed like the real situation last time, it was Persephone who was trying to establish her own private army, wishing to recruit Rudick, yet couldn’t pay the payment he wanted to be paid, and that was why things were dragged on until now. It should be her who was asking Ruddick for something, so why did it now sounds like it was the other way around from her words?

“Then, the payment?” Ruddick’s hand moved behind his head, doing his best to produce a harmless smile to avoid doing anything that would step over Persephone’s bottom line. She had just drank a glass of Blue Rose after all.

However, if Ruddick knew that this was her fourth glass, he definitely wouldn’t have mentioned the word ‘payment’.

When even the elder looked at Ruddick like he was looking at a dead person, who would have expected Persephone to suddenly roar with laughter, full of expression as she said, “Isn’t it just a few assault rifles? I’ll give you five of them! Every one of them with ten magazines! It’s settled!”

In present circumstances, this was definitely a great price. Of course, with Ruddick’s abilities, it was still a discounted price. The degree of discount, with present mercenary prices, was roughly thirty percent.

For some reason, when Ruddick looked at Persephone’s smile that was even more tender and beautiful than a flower, her eyes that were even more resplendent than diamonds, he couldn’t help but shiver inside. He had no choice, could only nod his head.

Persephone’s eyes moved about, and then with a smile said, “This older sis is quite happy today, the next round is on me!”

Everyone in the tavern cheered, yet not a single person truly ordered anything.

Persephone was extremely satisfied, not like a wise and virtuous woman, but in an extremely domineering manner laughed a few times. Suddenly, her body rocked back and forth, planting head first into the bar counter. Four glasses of Blue Rose, even if it was a mutated mammoth who drank them, it would still fall. Even though Persephone’s liquor capacity was unmatched, it was still only by two rounds.

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